Ghostbusters: The Main Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Fighting off supernatural threats takes a degree of bravado, with these spectral entities proving a terrifying presence to the inhabitants of the ghost hunters universe. Luckily, Sony Pictures’ iconic film series features plenty of fearless characters ready to take on the world’s most devious ghosts.

These daring heroes have committed some of the noblest deeds, through their ghost hunters franchisees. While some of these ghost-hunting individuals seem indifferent to paranormal activity, others seem a little less certain, showing a greater reluctance to confront these deeply unpleasant, world-terrifying specters.

12 Ray Stantz

As one of the founding members of Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz’s enthusiasm for the supernatural is infectious throughout the comic franchise. His career as a ghost hunter sees him encounter all kinds of ghosts while maintaining his strong passion for all things paranormal.

On the surface, Ray seems particularly brave, as he takes on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and helps defeat Vigo the Carpathians. The excitable Ghostbuster isn’t quite as bold as he seems though, his encounter with Casper the friendly ghost leaving him terrified of the spectral being. Ray refuses to capture Casper and flees the scene, displaying a looser side to his personality.

11 Peter Venkman

Portrayed by Bill Murray, Peter Venkman is highly regarded by fans as the best ghost hunters character, with his witty commentary while investigating hauntings providing plenty of enjoyment for viewers. However, Peter’s comedic schtick is, in reality, a mask for his true feelings, as he seems a bit less confident than a few of his colleagues.

As Peter stands up to bullish Walter Peck and helps defeat Gozer with his colleagues, he also acts terrified upon meeting Slimer for the first time. The sarcastic scientist showing a rare sign of weakness causes him to be “glued” to the mischievous ghost (highlighting a more helpless side to Venkman’s character).

ten Patty Tolan

With her welcoming and talkative personality, Patty Tolan is a unique character within Ghostbusters: Answer the call. The subway worker is thrown into the world of the Ghostbusters during her first paranormal encounter at her workplace, and proves to be a brave presence throughout the feature film.

Patty shows great courage in her ghostly dealings, as she helps capture Mayhem and slaps Rowan’s spirit out of the possessed Abby Yates. However, she also displays a scared demeanor during her experience with a haunted dummy, revealing a more vulnerable side to the talkative history buff.

9 Erin Gilbert

As co-author of theGhosts of our pastErin Gilbert has a keen interest in the supernatural. The determined scientist has a long and storied history of spooky happenings, having first encountered a ghost as a little girl, and is therefore well-prepared for her ghost-hunting duties.

Erin seems excited upon discovering the ghost of Gertrude Aldridge, as her hysterical reaction is recorded by Abby for the world to see. The scientist also bravely leaps through a dimensional portal to save her friend Abby from an uncertain fate, displaying a bold approach to her role as a ghost hunter. Despite these signs of bravery, Erin is easily spooked by Jillian’s sudden appearance, suggesting that she may not be as confident as she seems.

8 Lucky Domingo

Acting as Trevor’s love interest, Lucky is a sweet and endearing presence throughout. Ghostbusters From Beyond. The friendly waitress seems oblivious to the ghostly happenings, as she joins Trevor and Phoebe in the fight against the paranormal threat to Summerville.

Although Lucky takes a less proactive role in ghost hunting duties, she still seems somewhat confident under these unusual circumstances. The waitress not only sneaks her friends into her father’s prison so they can retrieve their ghost hunting gear, but she also helps rescue Callie, who has been possessed by Zuul, reflecting a strong and defiant personality.

7 Trevor Spengler

Arrived with his family in the small American town of Summerville, Trevor’s determined attempts to win Lucky’s affection make him one of the friendliest characters in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. His bravery in the world of romance is also shown in his supernatural encounters, as he joins Phoebe and Podcast in their fight against ghosts.

Trevor willingly drives the Ecto-1 in pursuit of Muncher, speeding through the streets of Summerville without hesitation. Furthermore, it also proves instrumental in Gozer’s defeat, if he uses his proton pack to charge up the ghost traps, allowing the paranormal god and his terror hounds to be banished to the afterlife.

6 Abby Yates

With her decision to release “Ghosts From Our Past” via Amazon, Abby Yates is helping to bring the Answer the call Ghostbusters together. The driven and passionate scientist is also one of the bravest people on the team, as she takes on particularly dangerous tasks.

Along with her spectral experiments, Abby agrees to test Jillian’s equipment, which, with its nuclear power, holds particularly perilous potential. The avid Ghostbuster also happily battles the ghost-infested streets of New York City, bravely battering the spectral beings with his proton gloves, before confronting Rowan in his gigantic form (representing a bold take on his paranormal occupation).

5 Winston Zeddemore

As the original team’s only Ghostbuster with no scientific credentials, Winston Zeddemore plays more of an “everybody” role in the 1984 classic. Despite his less-informed outlook, however, Winston seems visibly relaxed about his duties as Ghostbusting, in light of receiving “a regular paycheck.”

His full-time ghosthunting job sees Winston encounter all sorts of spooky happenings, which he takes in his stride. The laid-back Ghostbusters employee takes on everything from supernatural gods to living paintings with a somewhat positive outlook, demonstrating a confident attitude in the face of extreme danger.

4 Podcast

Wonderfully eccentric and infectiously cheerful, Podcast’s strong passion for unexplained mysteries makes him a very endearing character throughout. Life after death. The young podcaster’s bravery also knows no bounds, as he explores the Shandor mine with his friend Phoebe.

The podcast’s bold attitude leads the boy to investigate the abandoned slaughterhouse with Egon Spengler’s grandson upon hearing the sounds of Muncher. The brave young boy also joins Phoebe and Trevor in hunting down Muncher when the ghost escapes, and later takes down an entire army of mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Men, making him one of the most fearless individuals in the world. franchise.

3 Jillian Holtzmann

With her eccentric and aloof personality, Jillian Holtzmann is one of the most underrated aspects of the Ghostbusters 2016. Her striking intelligence also lends itself well to her bravery during hauntings, her vast knowledge leaving her uniquely prepared for ghostly encounters.

Jillian appears completely unfazed for most of the film, as she casually munch on Pringles during Gertrude’s spectral appearance. The outgoing scientist also uses extremely dangerous nuclear materials to build the Ghostbusters’ proton weapons and shows little concern about the paranormal invasion of New York, proving to be a strong and composed presence during the Ghostbusters’ encounter with Rowan. .

2 Phoebe Spengler

As the granddaughter of Egon Spengler, Phoebe is revealed to be the afterlife smartest character throughout the film’s run. The youngster’s clever approach to Ghostbusting results in the schoolgirl showing great confidence as she faces many ghosts and specters throughout the film.

Phoebe doesn’t seem bothered by the presence of her late grandfather, who assists her from beyond the grave. The young child not only uses the proton pack during the film’s climax, but she also voluntarily ejects herself from the Ecto-1 into the gunner’s seat as she confronts Muncher and helps stop Gozer and his Terror Dogs. , showing a particularly bold streak.

1 Egon Spengler

Appearing as a social outcast, Egon Spengler befriends his fellow Ghostbusters, as he supplies his co-workers with their remarkable gear. Egon’s clear intelligence isn’t his only attribute to the team, however, as he also displays a defiant attitude towards ghosts, gods, and the Marshmallow Men.

These brave acts see Egon daringly navigate through incredibly risky territory, as he traverses streams of protons despite warning that it could cause “total proton inversion”. The knowledgeable scientist seems particularly defiant in the afterlife opening scene, as he stands fearlessly at the farm gate after being hunted down by Zuul, ready to meet his demise. Even in death, Egon shows a brave streak, as he defies his own death to help the Ghostbusters and his grandchildren defeat Gozer once more.

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