Hailee Steinfeld sends message of support to Jeremy Renner after his accident

Hailee Steinfeld sends message of support to Jeremy Renner after his accident

It was recently revealed that Jeremy Renner he had suffered a complicated accident that had taken him straight to the hospital and was recovering after going through an emergency operation. Details about the incident have been released little by little, but for now his family and friends are focused on his recovery. The actor uploaded a photo to instagram to thank his fans for their support and now a Marvel colleague appears to wish him the best. Is about Hailee Steinfeldwith whom Renner shared credits in Hawkeye (87%)individual series of the character that also worked to present a new heroine who will take the title of the character.

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Jeremy Renner first appeared in the MCU in a small cameo in Thor (77%), where it became clear that he was working under the command of Nick Fury. Despite this introduction that excited the connoisseurs, it was The Avengers (92%) the tape that really established him as one of the pillars of this cinematic universe. The actor was not very happy with the narrative decision to have Hawkeye as Loki’s assistant for a good part of the film because the villain controlled him mentally, so there was a time when the interpreter was not sure if he would return to the role. or not.

Despite not having supernatural abilities, the hero’s abilities definitely made him very interesting, the same was true of his relationship with Black Widow and his attitude towards superheroes that he clearly couldn’t beat easily. Hawkeye always found a way to stand out in his own way and his fans were quite satisfied with the adaptation. Renner also found new reasons to return and although Avengers: Age of Ultron (75%) It has always been a tape that divides the fans a lot, at least it worked to give more development to his character.

Hawkeye was always an important part of the team and he even managed to have great moments in Avengers: Endgame (95%), but there was still much to explore about his past, his line of work, and his personal and family life. When Marvel decided to launch exclusive projects for Disney Plus, the hero was an obvious choice to have his own series. hawkeye It premiered at the end of 2021 and the dynamic between Renner and Steinfeld, who plays Kate Bishop, became a favorite with the public. On the other hand, another of her great virtues was bringing back Vincent D’Onofrio like Kingpin.

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Hawkeye It is not one of the best-rated UCM series, but it is one of the most loved by the public, partly because of the arrival of a new character and partly because of the Christmas touch in the story. Clearly the idea was to introduce Kate Bishop as part of a new generation of Avengers, but the path of Hawkeye/Clint Barton himself is still up in the air. Now what Jeremy Renner going through a very difficult time Hailee Steinfeld decided to show her support with a social media post. In her Instagram stories, the actress shared the photo of the actor in the hospital:

Come on mate! Thank God you are healing. We send you love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Although it is not yet known exactly what happened, some details about the accident are known. It is known that it occurred at the beginning of the year and that Jeremy Renner he was struck by his own snowplow while helping a neighbor whose car was trapped in the snow. The accident left him seriously injured and he had to be taken to the emergency hospital for an operation. For a few moments his condition was considered critical but stable, and now it looks like he can begin the long recovery process. The actor will surely talk more about it at some point, but for now he is focused on resting.

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Hailee Steinfeld sends message of support to Jeremy Renner after his accident