Hard West 2 Review

At the beginning of this month of August, the latest from Devolver Digital and Ice Code Games arrived. Touch the analysis Hard West 2an RPG set in a very particular Far West.

Analysis Hard West 2: general data

Hello people! At the beginning of August I left to Steam (€24.99) the latest installment of Ice Code Games, distributed by Devolver Digital. Touch the analysis Hard West 2the long-awaited sequel to the turn-based strategy RPG set in a fanciful Wild West. If you have not yet read the first impressions that he left us, you can browse them by clicking here.

For those who do not know the universe of Hard Westthe video game is set in the American Wild West, but with a fantastic theme. For this second installment, the protagonists, already superhuman, must recover their souls. Since the demon Mammon has stolen them after losing a card game with them. With this premise we begin an adventure where fantasy opens the way with bullets.

History is one of the strengths

As I mentioned before, the story takes us to a very particular American West. With the introduction that we could already try in the demo, the demon steals our souls after a game of cards. As a consequence, we wake up very changed and we will have to reorganize our gang to recover what has been stolen from us.

Along the way, we will have to explore the different scenarios that are presented to us. Each one will have towns to visit, topographic landmarks to investigate, etc. In between, we will have to make decisions that will forge the personal relationships that we have with each member of the band. Depending on them, loyalties will be different, the better we get along with them, we can expand the decision options. In addition, the more we develop it, the more data we know about them (which gives depth to the narrative).

The style of the narration and its light-hearted tone suits the gameplay very well. Also, the fact that we can improve the skills of our characters through the configuration of poker hands is great.

Combat leaves a bittersweet taste

Hard West 2 Review

The combat is without a doubt the fundamental pillar on which the entire game is based. Despite the title of the section, I already anticipate that it is fine. It’s fun, dynamic and challenging. Which forces us to think very well about our movements because mistakes are paid dearly. Before starting the combats, it will be necessary to prepare the resources and weapons with which our four characters will go (leaving two on the bench). You have to plan your resources very well since the shops in the towns do not renew your belongings.

This last one is important because imagine that you deplete the bandages of a store and then spend them in combat. The health of the characters does not regenerate (unless we spend supplies in the camp or go to the doctor). Along with this, planning when to use the skills of our characters, knowing where to shoot at all times…

However, the combat can become very unfair. It is not bad that the difficulty is challenging, but in some cases the punishment can be very severe. When there is an enemy who no matter what happens does not miss any shots and is located in a well-covered area, he can destroy us. Even some enemy abilities can be very frustrating as they are completely unstoppable (and have great range).

A decent graphic section

Hard West 2 Review

The graphic section is quite decent. I have found some animation mini-glitches, but in general it runs correctly. When we have to explore, the map can be seen from a close isometric perspective, which is very good, or from an overhead view, which favors seeing things more widely..

In combat, the animations that they have included for each character are very good because it gives personality to each character. In addition, they are recognized by them when they make streaks (bravado) of deaths, “becoming more powerful”. In the cinematics, the drawn art looks very good, being what I highlight the most in the general artistic section of the game.


It is a game distributed by Devolver Digital with a world very similar to the one they presented with Weird West (a Wild West fantasy with supernatural events). If you already played that one, it might look like Hard West 2 It can be repetitive due to the theme. However, nothing is further from reality; Hard West 2 It has a very good story with the advantage of not being forced to play the first installment to enjoy it.

The strongest point, although with the comments already mentioned, is the combat. Along with decision-making, it’s what’s most fun about the game, continually alerting us to the movements of the enemy AI. With its nearly 20 hours, it is one of the great releases of this summer.

Hard West 2 review. PC game key provided by Cosmocover.
  • A funny story with a gañan tone.
  • Resource management when planning combat.
  • The role and decision making.
  • Combat can be very unfair.
  • Some parts have a slower development that cuts the pace.
  • Some main mission could be secondary (unnecessary straw).

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Hard West 2 Review