Harry Potter fans, this Netflix movie is for you

news culture Harry Potter fans, this Netflix movie is for you

We are right in the middle of the end of the year celebrations, and it is often at this time that the public wraps up in a plaid and watches Harry Potter. The work is cult, but there are also alternatives, including one that might appeal to Harry Potter fans.

Where are the heroes and villains of fairy tales trained?

Schools of magic, fantasy, castles full of nooks, secret rooms and mysteries, that’s nothing new. But when all elements are skilfully combined, and that they give birth to a solid universe and strong characters, it works. It worked for Harry Potterbut also for The School for Good and Evil, a novel published in 2013 by Soman Chainani and oriented young adult. In this universe, the school of magic was created by two twins named Rhian and Rafal in order to train those who will become the heroes of fairy tales (the Evers), and those who will become the villains (the Nevers).

Unfortunately, Rafal is unhappy that the Evil and totally submissive got it right, and attacks his brother using blood magic. The place is forgotten by ordinary mortals, and it is only many years later that two young girls discover the place. Sophie and Agatha share the same passion for magical worlds, but not in the same way. Sophie dreams of becoming a princess to escape her everyday life, and Agatha, more austere, has everything of a young witch. One evening, when a red moon shines in the sky, they are attracted to school by supernatural force.

Unfortunately for the two friends, once there, Sophie is sent to the School of Evil, and Agatha to the School of Good. The two girls will do everything so that the decision is reversed and that they are transferred, but according to their teacher, only a kiss of love can change things. But that’s not the worst part, because a terrible threat, visibly linked to Sophie, resurfaces. This entity intends to destroy the schools and the world, and the two friends find themselves embarked on a quest that will seal the fate of the world.

A big cast, a solid universe, and a project saved by Netflix

The literary saga is divided into 7 volumesbut as soon as the first one was released, the adaptation rights were bought by Roth/Kirschenbaum Films and Jane Startz Productions, under the leadership of Universal Pictures. Unfortunately, the project went into endless development. In 2017, Netflix has announced that it has taken over and appointed Paul Feig to direct. After several years of production and post-production, the film was released on Netflix on October 19.

Worn by Sophie Anne Caruso, Sofia Wylie, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron or even Rob Delaney, the film first receives a warm welcome, in particular thanks to its cast. However, the overall reviews are overall quite negative, pointing to poorly controlled storytelling which does not pay homage to the romantic adventure. However, the universe, characters, general plot and general magical atmosphere should definitely appeal to Harry Potter fans in search of new stories, because entertainment remains globally of good quality !

Harry Potter fans, this Netflix movie is for you