HISTORY premieres the second season of “Inexplicable Latin America” ​​

Hosted by Mexican actor, producer and director Humberto Zurita, a new season of the series has arrived that delves into the most protected mysteries and secrets of Latin America, a land full of natural and cultural riches and unique stories that are inexplicable to us. .

This second season will give light to mysteries such as those of sorcerers, sorcerers and shamans, cases of ghosts and cursed dolls, miracles linked to God, immortal figures and strange deaths, as well as the history of peoples with indecipherable mystiques.

Great premiere: “Inexplicable Latin America” ​​- Second Season, Sunday, October 9 at 9:55 p.m. COL – Available on HISTORY On Demand and HISTORY Play.

HISTORY premieres for all of Latin America the second season of its original production INEXPLICABLE LATINOAMÉRICA, the series based on the successful original HISTORY franchise “INEXPLICABLE con William Shatner”, which delves into the most mysterious events in the region and will reveal new facts surprising about the unexplained.

Latin America is a land full of natural and cultural riches, with all kinds of incredible and strange stories, intertwined between the mystical, the popular and the occult; and the series INEXPLICABLE LATIN AMERICA delves into many of these stories, some well-known and others less so, that still have no explanation. In this new eight-episode season, the host in charge of revealing the most protected mysteries and secrets in Latin America is Humberto Zurita, who replaces the host of the first season, the Colombian actor who triumphs in Hollywood John Leguizamo.

The new season of INEXPLICABLE LATINOAMÉRICA, a co-production of History with Betaplus and Volga productions, will delve into, among other topics, the history of strange characters from the region, ghost stories and very particular creatures. The episode dedicated to iconic shamans, sorcerers and sorcerers, and which narrates cases such as Pachita, the Mexican healer Bárbara Guerrero; the Argentine politician with roots in black witchcraft and esotericism José López Rega, known as “El Brujo”; or that of the Tupyara monks, who claim to have the power to heal serious illnesses such as cancer or leukemia, is the one that will start this second season. As for supernatural stories, the series will discover the chronicle of the Argentine policewoman María Florencia Ledesma who assures that she was attacked by a ghost; the case of the eight-year-old Argentinian boy Ariel López, who, after having suffered an accident with an electric shock, assures that he can perceive and communicate with entities that are on another plane; the tragedy of Hacienda Meiendorff, among others. In addition, another episode this season will be dedicated exclusively to cursed dolls, such as the living mannequin in Pascuala Esperanza’s wedding dress store in Chiguagua, Mexico; the demonic possession-spreading voodoo doll called Grisi Siknis in Nicaragua; the “Angel of Death” of the Rivadavia hospital in Argentina, a statue that was the image of a winged woman who threw roses on an imaginary tomb and that, near where it was placed for the first time, hospital patients began to die without explanation .

On the other hand, INEXPLICABLE LATINOAMÉRICA will also touch on the most impressive stories about immortal beings, as well as cases about the strangest deaths in the region. In Cuba, for example, there is a ritual that is based on that of the priests of ancient Sumeria, which consisted of extracting the soul from one body and putting it in another. It is about the paleros, men and women who started in a religion that mixes different beliefs, but whose power resides in a cauldron in which they keep the soul of a dead person. In addition, this episode about immortal beings will deal with the veneration of the dead in Mexico, where two nights each year, the cities and towns of the country commemorate the Mesoamerican tradition in which the deceased were not mourned, but parties were organized for them. guide them on their journey to the underworld. About strange deaths, this production will remember “El Caso Josué” in Mexico, about a young man who claimed to have made a pact with the devil; will present the story of Eloísa Luján, a cook from Villa la Angostura, Argentina, who was in charge of tasting the food of a mysterious man before he ate it and who, it is rumored, was Adolf Hitler; will tell the legend of Pedro Infante, the iconic actor and musician who died in a plane crash but is rumored to have faked his own death; and, among other stories of deaths, it will present the case of the satanic sisters from the Saavedra neighborhood, Gabriela and Silvina, who were declared incompetent for the tragic death of their father, stabbed to death 150 times.

But in addition to mysterious stories about characters, strange figures and creatures, this series also delves into the enigmas of different peoples of the region. In this season, we will learn the stories of: Yarumal, the town of Alzheimer’s, a region of Colombia in which its inhabitants were punished with this disease that caused memory loss, lack of mobility and mental deterioration; the Patagonian giants; Vilcabamba, the town of longevity, located in Ecuador, where most of its inhabitants are over 100 years old; the region of Candido Godoi, in Brazil, a particular town in which 35% of its inhabitants are twins, and whose singular phenomenon is related to the intervention of Jofef Mengele, a doctor and Nazi official, who carried out atrocious experiments on the region to demonstrate the superiority of the Aryan race, being Cándido Godoi the main human laboratory of the man nicknamed “The Angel of Death”; and Catemaco, nicknamed the “village of witches”, located in Veracruz, Mexico, where it is claimed that the most powerful witches in the country live, and that they have even been visited by politicians and recognized personalities from all over Mexico for years.

Another theme that cannot be left out of the agenda of the inexplicable is that of God, of the miracles linked to his figure, and of all the earthly messengers who ensure that they receive his messages. Among these stories, INEXPLICABLE LATINOAMÉRICA will delve into that of the indigenous Juan Diego, from the region of Mexico, and his encounter with the Virgin Mary; In addition, it will narrate the inexplicable story of the incorrupt body of Father Marianito, from Colombia, famous for producing miracles before his faithful, and whose buried remains were found without any sign of decomposition after 10 years of being found out; will delve into the incredible case of a fire in a crop field in Santa Fe, Argentina, which destroyed the entire place except for a small altar with a cross that remained untouched in the midst of the disaster; and will penetrate the mystery of the “Lancia host” in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

Finally, INEXPLICABLE LATINOAMERICA will also deal with issues of travelers in time, space and the human mind, presenting the “Star Map” of the Incas and its resemblance to the astrophysicist and scientist Carl Sagan’s plaque; Banjhu, the strange man who showed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in Peru in 1969 to provide Ecuadorians with Peruvian military information; the story of Rudolph Fentz, the man who is said to have traveled 75 years into the future; and, among others, the story of Father Jeringas, the Mexican father Héctor Orozco who used plastic syringes to sprinkle his faithful with holy water and who they claim possesses the gift of bilocation (being located in two places at the same time).




Sorcerers, witches, shamans. each culture has found a nickname to name these men and women who seem to be able to modify reality and our perception of it. But does magic really exist? Or is it just our way of calling everything that is still INEXPLICABLE to us?



More than 75% of the world’s population believes in the existence of God. And there are hundreds, thousands, of men and women around the world who claim to receive messages from him. If he spoke to you… Do you think he could hear you?



Dolls are the most common toys in almost every house. However, they always generate panic. Is it because we see reflected in their cold gazes and impassive gestures a preview of our own death?


Ghost stories have existed in all cultures and at all times. Maybe it’s humanity’s relentless desire to last forever. Or maybe it’s proof that there really is something else on the other side.


Thinking about what your own death will be like is a much more recurring fantasy than you think. Unfortunately, fate plays its own cards and sometimes arrives surrounded by mysteries that will last, even long after we are gone.


Is there anything more desired by humanity than to achieve eternal life? For centuries, medicine has been dedicated to researching immortality. However, we seem to be still far from achieving it. Although of course, sometimes, it is not science that has the answer.


Latin America is full of hidden towns and many of them keep secrets so inexplicable that not even the most advanced science has been able to decipher them. But when it does, our lives will change forever.


The human is essentially an explorer, although not all trips require packing or even leaving home. Perhaps the answers we seek will come when we understand time and space, but above all, the human mind.

HISTORY premieres the second season of “Inexplicable Latin America” ​​- Technocio