Hotel Geneve: history, mysterious facts and distinguished visitors

The Hotel Geneve is one of the emblematic places in the downtown area of ​​CDMX. Its corridors have fascinating stories to tell us.

The Hotel Geneve in the Zona Rosa of CDMX is famous for a unique event in the history of Mexico: it was the place that the former president visited Porfirio Diaz when he found out about the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution that would culminate in the end of his extensive government.

Diaz was a regular visitor from this place where he was one of the pampered guests. When he found out that the Mexican people were rising up in arms, he went to the hotel where the cream and cream of national and foreign businessmen. The goal was pretend to the eyes of the world that nothing turbulent was happening within the country. How wrong I was.

Díaz had breakfast next to his family in what is currently an elegant space surrounded by stained glass which serves as a space for events. It is not known exactly where his table was located at that time, but that is the least of it.

Photo: Rodrigo Ayala (Very interesting)

Very distinguished visitors

This and many other historical anecdotes are told by our guide at the Hotel Geneve, Ariel Mendozawho owns the best kept secrets of this site that works like a time capsule.

We cannot be better treated: before starting the tour, Ariel invites us to ring a bell that is reserved for distinguished visitors to this enclosure.

“Very interesting, it deserves a special tour. The magazine is a distinguished visitor and that is why we invite them to ring the bell”, he tells us.

In this way, we feel at the level of characters hosted on this site in the past: Sir Winston Churchill, Paul Newman, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Filippa Giordano, Sophia Loren, Malala Yousafzai, among others.

One of the many curiosities of the hotel is a telephone which is located in a huge room surrounded by books and paintings, and crowned by a spectacular chandelier at the top. Diaz’s voice can be heard on the phone issuing a message to Thomas Alva Edisonthanking the phonograph that the inventor gave him.

Photography: Rodrigo Ayala (Very Interesting)

“Mr. Thomas Alva Eddison, dear and good friend. I am referring to your pleasant July 8th, I too, like you, remember with pleasure the time when I had the intention of meeting him and learning about his daring experiments, making me participate in his unwavering faith in the great future of physical science”.

Photo: Rodrigo Ayala (Very interesting)

Encounters with the… supernatural?

When walking through the long corridors of the hotel it is easy to let your imagination fly and think about whether there are legends or supernatural stories that occurred in the place. Ariel tells us with a mysterious gesture that, indeed, there are some mysterious and inexplicable events that occurred in the bowels of the Geneve.

When the pandemic started in 2020, the hotel closed its doors temporarily. The lights were turned off and the windows boarded up. Some employees came to keep watch. Ariel tells us that the guards claimed to receive calls to their posts that came from the rooms, which was inexplicable, since there were no guests staying. When the guards picked up, static was heard.

She also told us about the terrifying experience of a flight attendant staying at the hotel: she was talking via video call with a relative. Suddenly, he told her that behind her was a boy jumping and playing in his room.

We insist that you tell us something more about what happened on this site. Ariel is encouraged to tell us about an experience she had in her own flesh: a colleague of hers asked her to receive a visitor who wanted to tour the hotel.

Passing through one of the many rooms at the Hotel Geneve, Ariel tells us that she felt a strange sensation that gave him goosebumps. He froze. His companion told him that if he felt fine to which Ariel responded negatively:

“You are before a presence that you cannot see,” the visitor told him, who had mediumistic abilities. “He is a person who lived here and does not want to leave the hotel.”

Photo: Rodrigo Ayala (Very interesting)

Our guide told us that it is something that I had never experienced. However, the visitor stressed that the hotel invisible forces they were many, but all positive.

I guess every hotel has its ghosts and stories linked to the mysterious as an essential part of their evolution.

Descent and exit to the light of the Hotel Geneve

From there we headed to one of the parts least frequented by hotel visitors: the basements. Ariel explains to us that in some small warehouses that are located in a long and narrow corridor the servants of the most distinguished guests slept. It is difficult to imagine how they managed to accommodate themselves in such small spaces.

Photo: Rodrigo Ayala (Very interesting)

The basements are more of an almost industrial area full of machinery than a dark and gloomy place. Still, you breathe hotel longevity and the multiple vibes it retains.

The tour ends in that old-looking lobby where foreign tourists come to see an essential part of CDMX. We said goodbye to Ariel, our friendly guide, with the joy of having been, for at least an hour, a part of the history of the Hotel Geneve.


Hotel Geneve: history, mysterious facts and distinguished visitors