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Vampires are great legendary creatures that wield massive influence on our big and small screens. Although they are categorized as horror movies, they appeal to people with their mystery and their power to create a sense of excitement. Find out how vampire stories have inspired cinema.

vampire stories

The legend of the vampire has gone through different eras. There is a diversity of beliefs and tales about these creatures. According to the stories, the causes of the appearance of vampires vary from continent to continent.

The first known story evokes the name of Swear Grando or Giure Grando, a peasant from a small village in Istria. Died in 1656, he came out of his grave 16 years after his death to knock on the door of the people of the village.

Their different characteristics

The characteristics of vampires are different from one story to another. This has allowed the scriptwriters to write several stories that arouse people’s interest. While some vampires are allergic to garlic, for example, others are sensitive to the sun or can’t stand blessed objects.

According to myths, vampires love blood and animals including bats. Stronger than humans, they are recognized by their supernatural physiognomy which is scary in the movies.

Dracula, a cult character

Cult character of cinema, Dracula is a legend inspired by a real figure. Born on May 26, 1897, this fictional character was created by writer Bram Stoker in a novel called Dracula.

The story of Dracula is inspired by that of Prince Vlad of Romania. This first version of the story evokes the power of an immortal vampire, a bloodthirsty aristocrat. His main objective is to eliminate those who had killed his father.

The influence of vampires in cinema

After Dracula, there are a large number of vampire films that evolve over time. The first vampire film was shown silent and in black and white, the directors are currently using different sounds and special effects.

Moreover, the scenarios are very varied. We see romantic vampires like those in Twilight Where underworld as well as half-human vampires like the one in the movie Blade.

The influence of vampires in the series

To satisfy fans of sharp teeth, vampires have also invaded the small screens. Their myth has influenced the history of many series that have become essential. They plunge viewers back into a supernatural universe that comes close to reality.

In 1997, the series buffy the vampire slayer was a real success. We can also mention Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Angel or Tea Train which have become cult series for an entire generation.


Thus, the story of vampires has inspired many screenwriters. But apart from the world of cinema, these legendary creatures have also influenced other industries, including fashion and online casinos, hence the invention of the slot machine. Vampiresone of many Amatic games that fascinate players. So whether you’re a fan of movies, series, fashion or games, vampire stories won’t stop making you shiver.

How have vampire stories inspired cinema? | Pretty Reel