HP Lovecraft in Villaverde: Already on Prime Video one of the best Spanish horror films of 2022

A beautiful chestnut trip that the crazier it gets, the better. The horror film directed by Jaume Balagueró and starring Ester Expósito arrives on the Amazon platform two months after its theatrical release.

A bag of stolen pills, gangsters, and a building on the outskirts inhabited by supernatural forces. They are the key elements of Venusthe new film by Spanish filmmaker Jaume Balagueró, who only a year before moved away from the purest terror to move towards suspense and action with way down, in which he combined actors with an international cast. With VenusNevertheless, the director from Lleida returns to the genre in which he moves like a fish in water to introduce ourselves his particular version of the work of one of the greatest and most influential teachers in that field: the narrative The dreams of the witch’s house of HP Lovecraft.

In VenusYes, the witch’s house is a dilapidated building in the Madrid working-class neighborhood of Villaverde, and the student looking for answers Walter Gilman is Lucía, a young woman who works as a dancer in a nightclub who is fleeing from the mafia.

The new film by Jaume Balagueró It was released in Spanish cinemas on December 2 after a small tour of different festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival, the Fantastic Fest and the 55th edition of the Sitges Film Festival, the latter being its most special event.

Now, exactly two months later, whatever one of the best Spanish horror movies of 2022 leads the injection of new releases in the streaming platform’s catalog Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers can find it on demand and at no additional charge starting today, Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Sitges 2022: ‘Venus’, the return to terror by Jaume Balagueró who crowns Ester Expósito as the new ‘scream queen’

Starring the young Spanish actress Ester Expósito (Elite, Your son, someone has to die), Venus It begins with the escape of Lucía (Exposito), a young disco dancer who steals an important cache of ecstasy pills from the owners of the place where she works. With the mafia hot on her heels, Lucía seeks refuge in the house of her sister Rocío, played by Ángela Cremonte, who lives with her young daughter Alba (Inés Fernández) in a humble block in a suburban neighborhood. Madrid. A desolate place where, according to the little girl, in addition to them, powerful evil forces also inhabit.

As Lucía’s old bosses close in on her quest with a vengeance, the dancer becomes more concerned about the paranormal events that are apparently taking place upstairs.

Brutal, frenetic, bloody and enjoyable, Venus It allows Ester Expósito to shine, as she gives one of her best performances. In the words of SensaCine critic and publisher Alejandro G. Calvo, Venus is “a precious chestnut trip” that “the crazier it gets, the better”.

HP Lovecraft in Villaverde: Already on Prime Video one of the best Spanish horror films of 2022