Image of a virgin would be crying blood, say parishioners in Bucaramanga

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There are inexplicable images for human beings, many of them related to supernatural events. Recently, the inhabitants of the Provenza neighborhood, in Bucaramanga, witnessed what they described as a ‘religious demonstration’, after the image of the Virgin appeared crying blood.

The photos and videos have gone viral on social networks and the event that attracted the parishioners of the sector, now generates debate on digital platforms, where believers and skeptics give their opinions.

The particular moment occurred in the church Hermitage Chapel of the Divine Child Jesus the Orphan to which the Catholic believers of the Provenza neighborhood go every Sunday. It was in this religious sanctuary that the priest Edgar Silva and other Church workers showed that a liquid that apparently is blood came out of the eyes of the statue of the Virgin Mary.

In the video that has been broadcast on all social networks, a man is heard asking the priest who is part of the Guadalupan Missionary Friars of San José what happened. In this story, Father Édgar Silva tells that the virgin ‘wept’ twice3 and 8 September.

“On Saturday, September 3, a person from the same community called me and when I passed in front of the virgin I realized that she had cried blood from his left eye and that there was a drop in his right eye, but it had not spilled,” the priest recalled, noting that at that moment they began to take photos and videos of him. The priest argues that given the consistency of the liquid, they concluded that it was blood.

However, the situation did not stop there. According to the priest Silva the statue has been crying blood for several daysbecause days later the ‘demonstration’ was repeated. September 8a day on which the Catholic Church also celebrates the virgin birththe statue repeated its ‘miraculous’ feat, attracting hundreds of onlookers who recorded and took photos.

Inhabitants of Bucaramanga are dismayed at the images of a religious figure who had drops of what appears to be blood in his eyes

Father Édgar Silva explained the event as follows: “The second demonstration was on Thursday the 8th, the birthday of the Virgin. Around 8:30 in the morning I went down to put on a mantilla that had been given to the Virgin… and I saw the drop of blood falling from her left eye and the right one was already red and I waited half an hour to see if the drop would fall”, he pointed out and added that at 2:00 in the afternoon the drop of blood from the left eye had already emanated.

The situation caused a pilgrimage in the Church, which was attended by dozens of parishioners to make their requests to the Virgin, as they assure that this fact is “miraculous”. As reported by Caracol Radio Bucaramanga, a laboratory will soon will take the corresponding samples of the liquid that came out of the eyes of the statue to determine if it really is blood.

The Catholic Church assured that, in case the laboratory determines that it is blood, the statue will be kept as religious relic.

The priest, in dialogue with Blu Radio, described the fact as amazing and an invitation to reflect. “We believe that it is a message that the Virgin wants to give us. People who have come to see her are amazed and leave her a rose. This is already being analyzed by our superiors since it has generated commotion among the parishioners”.

In social networks, skeptics seek to give reasonable explanations for the fact, while believers state that a superior being is trying to bring a message to Colombians. “That’s not a Virgin to begin with, it’s a bit of plaster with a woman’s face, that doesn’t mean anything at allleave ignorance”; “The worst thing is that the priest says that she is a manifestation of the Virgin of Mary, that she supposedly wants to tell them something, the only thing she shows is her ignorance and lack of study of the scriptures, how she is going to go out with it”; “The images began to take over Because of everything that is going to happen to Colombia, we are not prepared for the crisis.”


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Image of a virgin would be crying blood, say parishioners in Bucaramanga