Immersion: trailer and previews of the horror film on the Metaverse of Takashi Shimizu

From Japanese director Takashi Shimizu, best known as the creator of Ju-on: The Grudge and its many remakes/sequels, comes Immersion aka Ikaijima, a horror centered on a supernatural infestation linked to virtual reality and the rumored Metaverse, something relatively new to the genre. The description speaks of the “grudge of a liberated woman in red who dyes an island bright red”.

Immersion – The plot

The official plot: Mysterious deaths befall employees of a VR technology company. There is an unprecedented fear that lurks between reality and the virtual world.

Immersion – Trailers and videos

Takashi Shimizu – Biographical notes

Takashi Shimizu born in Gunma, Japan, began his film career as an apprentice in the props department for Kohei Oguri’s film, Nemuru Otoko, in 1995. While working off and on as an assistant director on television and home video films, he also attended the Tokyo Film Seminar (now known as the Tokyo Film School). After finishing a school short film in 1998, he was noticed by director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure) and screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi (Ringu). Thanks to their recommendation, he was hired to write and direct the short horror films In A Corner (Katasumi) e 4444444444which were part of the television series Gakkô no kaidan G. This collaboration was followed by a new project with Takahashi as supervisor and with producer Taka Ichise (Ringu): the realization of the home video versions of Ju-on And Juon 2. In 2001, after directing two documentaries on psychic phenomena under the supervision of Norio Tsuruta, Shimizu made his film debut with the film Tomie: Re-birth. Later, he directed the film versions of Ju-on: Grudge (Ju-on, in 2002) e Ju-on: The Grudge 2 (Ju-on 2, in 2003). The films achieved great success in Japan and other Asian countries, so as to launch Shimizu as one of the protagonists of the new Japanese horror current. Furthermore, these works allowed Shimizu to get noticed by producer Sam Raimi, who asked him to make a remake of his film in English. When the English version of Shimizu’s film, titled The Grudge, which opened in the United States in October 2004, the film topped the box office charts for two weeks, earning over $188 million worldwide. For the first time, a work directed by a Japanese director exceeded 100 million dollars in grossing in the United States. In a break from his work on “The Grudge” in 2004, Shimizu directed in Japan Marebito. The shoestring-budget film won the Grand Prize (Golden Raven Award) at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, one of Shimizu’s first honors in her career. Also in 2004, the first television series made by Shimizu, Kaiki Daikazoku, gave him the opportunity to go beyond the usual boundaries of the horror genre and prove his famous statement in deeds: “horror and comedy are separated by a thin line”. Collaborating with other Japanese directors of his generation who understood his ideas for this project well, Shimizu sketched the characters and settings of the show, as well as supervising and writing and directing some important episodes. This horror-comedy series, entitled The Great Horror Family its English version was distributed in the United States.

10 horror adventures in VR

1 Inside the Chamber of Horrors

Enter the eerie first-person torture chamber experience. Can you spot each predator?

2 Exploring the Weird House

The first VR zombie video produced in China. A beautiful host leads her team to explore old abandoned houses in the city where no one goes near due to rumors of supernatural happenings.

3Chinese Horror Story: Ghost words

When you walk away in a haunted house, you suddenly hear a mysterious voice in your ear, follow his instructions or you will be killed, so will you listen to his words? A series of bizarre stories are happening in the office…

4Xiao Wan’s strange story

This VR horror video is about the different and bizarre experience of a girl named Xiao Wan. In each episode the horror stories that the girl has personally experienced are told to the audience: in the toilet on a foggy night, in a library on a rainy night, horror in a hotel…

5Horror Laboratory 360º Virtual Reality

There are serial killers, mad scientists, psychiatrists and all the terrible things that could happen in this terrifying office. Walking into this laboratory, as if fear has penetrated every inch of your skin. Do you dare to cross it? Warning: Do not watch this video if you suffer from a heart condition.

6A day before the night

“A Day Before The Night” is a crime thriller based on virtual reality. You play the role of ex-policewoman Veronica Coltrane, who was involved in a conspiracy of a big criminal case, threatened, intimidated and her daughter was kidnapped. This story tells how Veronica did her best to save her daughter.

7 Experience an Illustrated Virtual Reality Story

Have you ever wished that a wizard lived in your room in your childhood? That he woke up every night to play with you and make your wishes come true. A first person virtual reality video of a night of terror in a child’s bedroom!

8360° VR VIDEO – RINGS 2017 – The ring 3 – Samara – The grudge

Immerse yourself in the adventure…it can be a nightmare or a dream.

9SAW Want Play a Game – Point of View First Person – Saw Legacy

You wake up in a dilapidated basement, find his body locked by chains and a hacksaw next to you, in front of you a small tape recorder and on the table a glass bottle filled with an unknown solution. Here comes the kidnapper’s voice: 2 minutes and 39 seconds to cut the chain and escape from the basement, otherwise…


Immerse yourself in the adventure…it can be a nightmare or a dream.

Immersion – Photos and posters

Immersion: trailer and previews of the horror film on the Metaverse of Takashi Shimizu