Impressions Evil West: Demonic action in the Wild West

Cowboys and demons. Shotgun shells flying from the balcony of a living room to the ground full of sand. Scenarios full of spikes against which to crush infernal creatures. Punches, kicks, lunges and blows of different types that produce spurts of blood in the opponents. Evil West is he most frenetic game we’ve played at gamescom 2022something to be expected considering the study behind it: flying wild hogthose responsible for reboot of Shadow Warrior and its sequels, hard reset and co-developers of the recent Trek to Yomi. The demo we played of this shooter in the third person mixed with beat’em up left us with honey on our lips to continue playing when the premiere November 22 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox; Below we explain why.

Frantic action with shots and slaps

In its structure, Evil West is a traditional action adventure: we progress through linear scenarios that have no loss, when interacting with some elements of the environment we discover alternative paths that lead us to resources and documents that abound in the plot context, from time to time we find some environment puzzle to be solved by shootingand it is very clear when we are going to enter an area in which the enemies will come out everywhere as if it were an arena of DOOM.

where it shines Evil West it is in its unrestrained action, where it mixes with ease and efficiency the shooter in third person with melee combat, and having good ideas on both sides of the clashes. Perhaps it is more traditional in shooting mechanics (although there is no lack of electrifying shots and other powers to unlock), although pulling the trigger at just the right moment serves to stop charged attacks enemies, and by briefly aiming at a weaker opponent the shot will execute it immediately (with its corresponding haemoglobin rain) and do more damage to the more powerful demons.

In our demo the outlaw and demon matchups were separated, but maybe that will change in later sections.

Melee, a Flying Wild Hog representative explained to us as we played, is inspired by fighting games What street-fighter, but making it more accessible. That is, we have at our disposal a variety of movements that are executed with different simple combinations of buttons and with the possibility of performing combos. So, with a agile and precise controlwe throw rains of punches, we load powerful hooks that lift enemies into the air, we perform ground lunges, we execute counterattackswe fly kick, dodge, and execute low-health enemies for DOOM-style (reference again) resources.

With these mechanics on the table, a hilarious and fast-paced combat system in which we are constantly mixing our fists with our cannons, making our fingers dance on the controller in the same way that the protagonist and the demons he crushes do on screen. Although the level design is not the best of Evil Westthe number of enemies, the way they are mixed together (short-shot outlaws, nimble little demons, explosive creatures, flying creatures, area-stomping behemoths), and the interactive environment elements (skewers, exploding barrels, etc.) make the action tense, creative, and a bit chaotic, something that can only get worse if played in the online co-op for two players.

The fight against the final boss, with different attack patterns that require a lot of dodging, is quite tense.
The fight against the final boss, with different attack patterns that require a lot of dodging, is quite tense.

With the gain of experience, gold and other materials the combat system will become deeper and deeper thanks to the inevitable progression systems with RPG scent. Each of the weapons have different upgrades, such as expanding the capacity of your carder and adding elemental abilities to them; In addition, new weapons will be obtained, such as that flamethrower that we have seen in the trailers and that was not in our demo. Also, the protagonist has his own talent treemuch more extensive, with which unlock moves and build builds based on different playstyles; We have already told you that some of these powers reveal spectacular combos, although the most powerful ones require energy gained from executing enemies.

A tone pulp marked by him gory

It is curious that the weird westthe subgenre of comics that blends the stories and aesthetics of western with horrormonsters, the supernatural and a certain touch of southern gothic, has never had much representation in the video game and just this year two works of this genre will be released pulp: the game at hand and the immersive sim Weird Westreleased in the middle of the year.

He says
The enemy design is great.

Thus, the plot statics (the goal is save America from the hordes of supernatural creatures embodying a superhero armed to the teeth) and visual of Evil West mixes the flat hats and the bullet belts around the trench coat with the incandescent rifles and the mechanical fists, the wooden churches of a small town in the Far West with the nights of the full moon, the silent characters moved by the violence with the nails long and pointed teeth, and the immaculate revolvers with the spurts of blood.

It is, without a doubt, a style that will attract the attention of fans of terror and the supernatural. In addition, without being any technical prodigy and assuming that the scenarios are a bit bland, it is remarkable the detail put into the modeling of weapons, characters and their clothing (which can be customized), and above all, in the most horrifying creatures and monsters. And if that was not enough, it moves very stableand that we are months away from the premiere and optimization is usually one of the last steps in the development process.

It is not a game that shines for you
It is not a game that shines for its technical aspects, but it does offer quite incredible pictures.

Flying Wild Hog has become a referent in direct, frenetic and violent action games since in 2011 they launched that hard reset and demonstrate with each delivery of Shadow Warrior that he shooter most stark traditional are given luxury. Now, they combine that good shooting skills with a spectacular, hilarious and apparently versatile melee combat system. Probably not aspiring to be anyone’s Game of the Year, but maybe it will be one of the surprises of 2022 for fans of the genre.

We have made these impressions after trying a PC demo at Gamescom 2022.

Impressions Evil West: Demonic action in the Wild West