In the city of Bs As there are 65,000 unoccupied houses. Are there ghosts in many?

There are mansions, castles and modest dwellings, of which it is unknown what their destiny will be, since from a good number their owners or heirs are unknown and they are wrapped in a mysterious halo.

Precisely, those are the ones that exhibit the greatest difficulties, because in some cases they are for sale, but there are no interested parties who risk living with possible ghosts or with comments about hauntings.

According to specialists, many of these homes depend on legal circumstances, under the Vacant Inheritance Regime that is implemented as soon as it can be certified that the homes do not have an owner.

Some or many of these abandoned homes may be in a “vacant inheritance” situation, because the deceased owner did not leave testamentary heirs, nor does he have forced heirs, and then the City Attorney General becomes a legitimate party in the probate trial, which will have to put the property up for auction.

Beyond the legal issues that are obviously cumbersome and that the necessary procedures take longer than necessary operations, some of these homes are sometimes the target of crime or usurpations, as well as fertile ground for plagues of rats, mosquitoes and vermin go over there

With regard to abandoned houses, which can be easy prey for crime, we can remember what recently happened in Brazil and was published in a journalistic outlet by Sebastián Prats, where it was discovered that Margarita Bonetti, a fugitive from US Justice, had been living for twenty years in a old abandoned mansion in Sao Pablo that from time to time was seen in a window with a cream mask on his face.

The same informant maintains in his chronicle that both in the city of Buenos Aires and in the Province, mansions, houses and palaces or abandoned castles are located, as we have already pointed out, that some are taken over or uninhabited, and in the majority involved in stories of ghosts and witchcraft.

Among them, a castle very close to our region is mentioned, since it is located in Villa Arias, district of Coronel Rosales, near the city of Punta Alta and the Naval Base of Puerto Belgrano, built in 1912 as the villa of Doctor Ramón Ayala Torales, which is said to have been used for different events and celebrations. In 1976 he had a succession of sales for ventures that failed, including a tea house, a dance hall and even a nursing home.

In the town of Egaña, Rauch district, is the Castillo San Francisco, with its 77 rooms, 14 bathrooms and, among other facilities, two kitchens, abandoned years ago and wrapped in tragic stories. The Castle was built in 1918 by the architect Eugenio Díaz Vélez, a descendant of the Eustaquio Díaz Vélez family that owns the land where the construction was built in 1825.

The tragedy marked the place since its inauguration, since that same day, on May 20, 1930, its owner died at a time when the numerous guests visited the place. The owner’s daughter was so shocked that she never returned to the place that a few years later it was abandoned.

During the management of Dr. Oscar Alende as governor of Buenos Aires, the building passed to the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs, later during the governorship of Anselmo Marini it was ceded to the General Council of Minorities to install a Home farm and ended up being a reformatory for young people with problems. of conduct. It was learned that later there was a murder among the inmates, which is why those housed there were relocated and the castle was abandoned.

Another story surrounds the Nazar Anchorena mansion built in 1914 in José C. Paz, which many attribute similarity or resemblance to the haunted house in the movie “Psicosis”, to the point that neighbors and locals assure that strange noises and voices are heard, where lighted candles have also appeared that, some say, are left by nearby inhabitants for protection.

History says that its owner was Benjamín Nazar Anchorena, founder of the San Isidro Yacht Club and an official from the Ministry of the Interior, and that the property was used on weekends, during vacation times and other celebrations. The story also tells that the house had a large wooded park, many additional rooms and even a church.

And from this the tragic story arises, since it is mentioned that the suicide of a priest and the murder of more than one nun took place there. Neighbors say that at dawn ghosts peeked through the windows, although a woman who lived in a small house nearby denies it.

Another terrifying story is told about “The Tower of the Ghost” in the neighborhood of La Boca where there is talk of strange and supernatural presences, and obviously ghosts. The building is also known as “Torre de la Boca” built in 1908 by order of its owner, María Luis Auvert Arnaud, a woman who came from Catalonia, considered among the richest in the city at that time.

The impressive construction also keeps ghost stories, since its owner brought some hallucinogenic species to the place and this caused the neighborhood to start talking about strange presences and noises, as well as the fact that for the same reasons the woman fled and was never heard from again. she.

Then, when the castle became a rental place, the first one to settle was a young plastic artist, who would have assured that the place was inhabited by strange beings that did not let her sleep, to the point that she committed suicide by throwing herself into the void from the Tower . Since then the place has become even darker and it is ensured that noises and screams are heard at night, to the point that those who pass through the place do so taking precautions, not exempt from indescribable sensations or fears.

The list of houses, mansions, castles and buildings in this situation is very abundant and extends to different parts of the country, but in order not to overwhelm you with these issues, we will make a parenthesis until you insist with stories of this type that we are sure are not few. .

Text: Eduardo Reyes, journalist and writer from Viedma

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