International Musician’s Day: top of the best films to celebrate

On November 22, the International Musician’s Daya date for lovers of music and in general to all the people who enjoy this art; despite the fact that in many countries it is celebrated on October 1, both dates to pay tribute to the art of music.

So to celebrate, we have prepared a top films ranging from big releases to not so well-known films that deal with music as the main theme. Likewise, they are recommendations focused on different musical genres for the enjoyment of all.


A 1984 film for connoisseurs of classical music, it was directed by Miloš Forman and written by Peter Shaffer, based on his own play. This tape received forty awards, including: eight Oscars, four baftas, four Golden Globes and a Directors Guild Award. In 1998.

Throughout this tape life is presented, the success and problems of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartas told by Antonio Salieri, the contemporary composer who was deeply jealous of Mozart’s talent and claimed to have murdered him.

sing street

A 2016 movie for punk rock lovers; is written, produced and directed by John Carney, starring Lucy Boyton, Mary Doyle Kennedy, jack reynor, Kelly Thornton Y Ferdia Walsh-Peelo.

The film places us in Dublin in the 1980s, with a young man from a troubled family who enters a new school and form a rock band to try to fit in and attract a girl’s attention.


An incredible musical drama from 2014, for those who are passionate about jazzis written and directed by Damien Chazelle; starring Miles TellerMelissa Benoist, Austin Stowell, Jayson Blair and Kavita Patil; nominated for five Oscars and winner in the categories of Best Editing and Best Soundwhile JK Simmons received Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actor.

Andrew Neiman is a young and ambitious jazz drummer. Scarred by the failure of his father’s literary career, he is obsessed with reaching the top within the elite East Coast music conservatory where he studies.

Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Is musical comedy from 2006 for Metal lovers, shows the band Tenacious D formed by actors and musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Directed by Liam Lynchthis tape has cameos from different actors and musicians such as Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins, Amy Adams, Ronnie James Dio, Meat Loaf, and Dave Grohl.

Musicians JB (Jack Black) and KG (Kyle Gass) begin a friendship that could lead to the formation of one of the best rock bands in the world. To make the dream come true, the duo go on a quest to find a legendary guitar that possesses supernatural powers.

Rocket man

this biopic based on the life of musician Elton John, was directed by Dexter Fletcher. The film stars Taron Egerton incredibly representing Elton John, accompanied by a cast consisting of Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard and Gemma Jones.

We are looking at the career of the artist Elton John, from his years as a child piano prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music to becoming a world-renowned superstar.


This film that is not so well known, but post-punk lovers surely have it in mind, because Anton Corbijn directed this tape based on the memoir Touching from a Distance by Deborah Curtiswidow of Ian Curtis, lead singer of the band Joy Division.

Set in England, it’s the 1970s, and troubled musician Ian Curtis (Sam Riley) rises to fame as the lead singer of the band Joy Division; however, he does not find happiness.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Ballad of a common man is a dramatic black comedy 2013, written, directed, produced and edited by the Coen brothers, which shows part of the world that can be found in the New York folk scene, with a great interpretation of Oscar Isaac.

In 1961 New York, young folk singer Llewyn Davis struggles to become a successful artist. With the guitar on his back, Llewyn makes a living from the odd jobs he finds and thanks to the help of friends and strangers. @mundiario

International Musician’s Day: top of the best films to celebrate