Interview with ‘the Winchesters’ actor Billy Slaughter: plot and cast of the tv series

The Winchesters is the TV series broadcast in the United States on The CW, and still unpublished in Italy. His debut was a great success with the public, with the first episode which attracted 1.29 million viewers.

You recently worked on the television series The Winchesters. Can you tell us about your role?

The Winchesters is the prequel to the long-running series Supernatural, aired on The CW. Follows teams / families of supernatural hunters. But one thing the fans – and myself – love about this series is the variety. Instead of being a series about zombies, vampires and so on, each episode introduces us to different mystical creatures and beings from various traditions. The only recurring villains in the series are demons, and I had the honor of playing the ultimate demon, Demon Jack. The particularly funny thing about demons is that you never know when or where they will show up, because they possess a mutant human body, keeping our heroes and the audience in a state of suspense … and on constant alert!

Do you like the fantasy genre?

I could only watch part of Supernatural, because I became a parent during its heyday, so I watched a lot more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, than something I would have liked to see. That said, I’ve always been thrilled with what I’ve seen, and I’m even more thrilled to be able to see it again now. Because I love that world in terms of gender. As I said, I like variety. I love that it covers so many genres: horror, mystery, suspense, fantasy, adventure, story … there are also comic and sentimental elements. I tried to convince friends, saying it’s like Scooby Doo for young adults. It might not sound like a compliment, but if you’re an 80’s kid, like me, that’s huge praise. It is one of the best series ever! It is not always necessary to make a strong social statement. Great characters, exciting stories and guaranteed fun … all of which is good for me.

You also starred in the movie The Estate.

The Estate is a hilarious family comedy with a fantastic ensemble. I play William Maynard, the attorney dealing with the inheritance: I liked the role, as I am the son of a lawyer in real life. I have played just a few, having wanted to make my father proud, but I am happy to say that this is a lawyer who is certainly not represented as the worst person in the room … even remotely! With the entertainment industry becoming more and more of a PC, this movie is so refreshing and irreverent. Tarantino was able to seize the pleasure of seeing terrible things happen to terrible people. The beauty of The Estate is that it speaks of the frightening things that can happen to ordinary people, when they are reduced to doing terrible things. For all those who trust themselves too much, and take themselves too seriously, this is a glorious race to the bottom. But, bizarre as it may be, it is tragically real and human. We see every day in our society and in politics what happens when greed, power win over morality, principles and decency.

What was it like working with Anna Faris, Toni Collette and Kathleen Turner?

It was amazing. And with other performers: David Duchovny, Rosemarie DeWitt. It’s a stellar ensemble – everyone really shines. Unlike her character, Anna, in real life she is a dear person. Toni is a brilliant actress. David can do a lot, with so little. I was particularly happy to be able to present myself in front of him again, as the only time we worked together, I killed him! It’s cool, after killing a man, to shake his hand a year later and tell him there’s no hard feelings, that I’m a really good guy and a big fan. I also did a lot of improvisation during the audition, and it was great that Dean Craig – our wonderful director – and the cast allowed me to participate and work with the greats.

You also have a company, Panta Rei Productions. What projects have you carried out?

The first project I helped produce through my production company was the award-winning film Dark Meridian. I was asked to act in a film that I liked so much, that I wanted to do everything possible to contribute to its making. I’m still very proud of this movie: a modern crime thriller set in my hometown of New Orleans. I invite anyone who has not yet done so to check it out, especially if you like the genre. I have a handful of other interesting projects that I’m helping put together right now, but I don’t like to talk much about things before they materialize. I think Panta Rei could have an upcoming, really cool female action movie in the pipeline, titled DOE There are some real female “ugly thugs”, not just pretty faces pulling ugly ones.

You live in Los Angeles, but is originally from New Orleans. What do you miss most about the city about him?

I divide my time between the two cities and enjoy shooting in other locations, but I am very lucky to have the opportunity to do a lot of work in my hometown, as New Orleans is one of the most important production markets in the United States. Obviously when I’m not in New Orleans, I miss the culture: the food, the music, the style, the people, but I love being able to do both. It’s nice to have the comfort and familiarity that comes with the benefit of being at home, but as an artist and person I like to explore new, unfamiliar things. You cannot grow as an artist or a person if you never leave your comfort zone. As a character actor, shooting in a new location is great for character work. You can immerse yourself much more in the character and the world. For example, in another movie I’m proud of, Mysterious Circumstancefresh out, I play the famous naturalist Alexander Wilson. It is much easier to play a wilderness explorer when you are out of your everyday element, and to explore a new wilderness.

Have you ever been in Italy?

I’ve been to Italy twice and can’t wait to go back! If any director who is reading wants to take me to Italy, I’ll start packing. I’m ready! My first time was in college, after attending a theater academy in England. I have visited Venice, Florence and Rome. Even though I was just a tourist. I had recently taken a course on the Italian Renaissance in college and had almost completed a bachelor’s degree in classical Greco-Roman literature. I had such an appreciation and awe of history and culture. I literally sleep better at night because I keep a blessed Vatican cross next to my head on the nightstand. The second trip was wonderful because my wife and I took our daughter, Charli, to Europe for the first time. We toured the Mediterranean, but spent most of the time in Rome. Our daughter was younger, but she has always been a great reader. We were at the Colosseum and she stopped abruptly and started walking towards one of the signs. She didn’t know what she was doing because the signs were mostly in Italian, but then she pointed to one and said emphatically: “It’s us!” We saw her little finger point to the word “SLAUGHTER” on the sign. She was thrilled to see our family name on a sign in a foreign land … Of course she was referring to the “mass slaughter” that took place at the Colosseum! The innocence of children is beautiful.

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