It is one of the best rated games of the year but to what extent did you like it? This is the final verdict of A Plague Tale: Requiem

Finding a place among the great development teams when it comes to telling unforgettable stories is not an easy task, but in 2019 from France the workers of Asobo Studio many of us were surprised with the great A Plague Tale: Innocence and his dramatic tale of two children trying to cope with the horrors of the black plague. Doing it once has merit, but repeating the move just three years later with its continuation makes it clear that the authors of it were serious. A Plague Tale: Requiem has garnered very positive reviews, to the point of being The Game Awards 2022 Jackpot Nominee.

We are like this before a firm candidate for video game of the year for a good part of the specialized press, but as always the expectations of the public do not have to be related to those of journalists and critics. That is where you come in, reader friends, summoned once again to a final verdict where you will have to decide if Hugo and Amicia’s trip to the south of France deserves your approval. Is it the adventure you expected? A Plague Tale: Requiem, let’s remember, hit stores for pc PS5 Y Xbox Series X|S last October 18, being available from the first day in PC & Xbox Game Pass.

Judging A Plague Tale: Requiem

With only three years to wait, A Plague Tale: Requiem hits stores with several challenges behind it: the first, and most obvious, is the handicap of overcoming the legacy garnered by its first video game, one of the most acclaimed titles of 2019; the second is to configure as a development 100% focused on consoles of the current generation with the corresponding graphic jump requirement that some users tend to claim. In your search for surprise the player againthe Asobo Studio team (Microsoft Flight Simulator) opts for a trip to sunnier and more colorful areas in her adventure, a more mature protagonist capable of face threats in more varied forms and a story that, once again, will keep us in tension.

The promises

  • The continuation of one of the great surprises of 2019.
  • Its story, heartbreaking as few, focused on the characters.
  • New regions and bustling cities to explore with historical re-enactment work behind it.
  • Amicia, halfway between a little girl and a warrior.
  • A gameplay with more freedom in its action: being able to choose between stealth and the most warlike approach.
  • Improvements in artificial intelligence, and that includes rats.
  • A wide arsenal of weapons, tools and supernatural powers.
  • Firm commitment to current generation consoles.

The allegations

Kévin Choteau, Game Director of A Plague Tale: Requiem

Requiem, despite being a dirge, it is also a hymn to life, it is closing a chapter to start something, like going to a funeral and saying goodbye to someone while preparing for a new day to begin. These are difficult subjects, but the light is definitely there.

Kévin Choteau, Game Director of A Plague Tale: Requiem

We wanted to give players a lot more freedom. In Innocence it was very limited and often only offered one way to resolve a situation. Now, most of the sequences can be approached in a discreet or bellicose way, and you can even find alternatives that mix the two options.

A Plague Tale: Requiem.

people’s court

3DJuegos – This was our analysis

Without providing great playable novelties, A Plague Tale Requiem makes up for the lack of innovation compared to its predecessor Innocence, betting on an old-school gameplay that, unfortunately, we see less and less nowadays. If you like well-cared adventures, beautiful in substance and form and that keep you glued to the screen, you can’t miss this. -RECOMMENDED-

Metacritic – What do the press think?


Choosing not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to numbers-based stealth gaming, A Plague Tale: Requiem pushes the envelope in its overall experience, delivering a gripping storyline with charismatic characters, tense action scenes, and striking imagery that is among the most exciting. Best of the current generation. It won’t captivate everyone, but for the most devoted fans of rats and resilience, this is the game for you.


There is little else to say about A Plague Tale: Requiem other than that it is everything its fans could have hoped for. While it may take a bit of time to find your narrative footing, the game is a huge improvement over the original release while also being a fantastic experience in its own right.


A Plague Tale: Requiem is a captivating adventure at times, but at other times it feels weighed down by poor technical performance and simple, frustrating and repetitive gameplay. While its stealthy action experience can be nice, and the puzzle elements of using the massive rat hordes to your advantage can be appealing, it’s a game that presents compelling ideas but goes nowhere.

The question

It is one of the best rated games of the year but to what extent did you like it? This is the final verdict of A Plague Tale: Requiem – A Plague Tale: Requiem – 3dgames