Join the Korean wave with these varied Netflix fictions

Every August 15, South Korea celebrates Liberation Day, which commemorates the expulsion of the Japanese government from Korean lands. And to join the Asian tone of the date, today we present a list with some of the most outstanding productions of this nation that have arrived on Netflix.

It is worth noting that k-dramas have managed to gain the world’s attention thanks to their quality and their wide variety of themes, from healthy romances and stories with supernatural touches, to apocalyptic and dystopian stories that seek to highlight sociopolitical issues.

One fact that you might find interesting is that according to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has spent $700 million creating Korean content, including more than 80 shows. The great success achieved with the series «Squid Game» and «All of Us Are Dead», rewarded the effort threefold.

So, without further distraction, get into k-pop mode for a marathon of one of these series.

“hospital corridors”

This fiction centers on five surgeons at the busy Yulje Hospital, who have known each other since their medical school days. They are: Yulje’s popular and charming surgeon Lee Ik-Jun (Jo Jung-Suk); sweet pediatrician Ahn Jeong-Won (Yoo Yeon-Seok); Yang Seok-Hyeong (Kim Dae-Myung), who is a skilled obstetrician; and sarcastic cardiologist Kim Jun-Wan (Jung Kyung-Ho). The only girl in the group is neurosurgeon Chae Song-Hwa (Jeon Mi-do). In addition to being friends, these doctors have a musical band. Unlike other medical dramas, this one features a relaxed tone and focuses its message on the importance of friendship, whether it’s between the leads, the patients, or the rest of the staff. As a curious fact, we tell you that the actors themselves actually play the musical instruments every time the band appears. Two seasons, 24 episodes.

“Twenty-five, twenty-one”

Since its release earlier this year, the series has become a hit with Netflix subscribers. Its synopsis highlights from its protagonists that he (Baek Yi-jin) is the eldest son of a family that was destroyed by the economic crisis, while she (Na Hee-do) was a dreamer who was part of the fencing team. , which was dissolved by the problems of the country. When they were 22 and 18 years old, they started a romance, but a year later they hurt each other. Only when they turned 25 and 21 did they fall in love and mature. The production manages to avoid many of the clichés of Korean dramas, unfolding an intimate story that ends with a realistic ending. One season, 15 episodes.

“Hotel Del Luna”

One of the most original and interesting options on Netflix. The Del Luna hotel is a kind of high-end purgatory before they can go to heaven (or hell). The place is run by a grumpy young woman (Lee Ji-eun), who is over 1,300 years old. She is joined by a smart (and lively) man (Yeo Jin-goo), who eventually adjusts to the hotel’s unusual clientele. United, the two help the undead come to terms with their demise so they can enter the afterlife. The owner also atones for her actions centuries ago that left her in this situation. The proposal stands out for its originality, and for being entertaining and emotional at the same time. In addition, it highlights a technical section of great invoice, as well as a soundtrack with several memorable tracks. One season, 15 episodes.

The mystical ephemeral bar”

If you are looking for a different story, that combines drama, comedy, some action, mystery, Korean folklore, romance and very good special effects and emotion, you can’t stop watching this series, still available on Netflix.

The plot, inspired by a webcomic, begins when a young man with a special gift begins to work in the bar of a woman who solves the emotional problems of her clients by entering their dreams. Wol-Ju, who runs the mysterious food cart, is an eccentric who is unmoved by the tragedies of her customers. But she also carries a burden, and while her clients drink alcohol and eat delicious dishes, she seeks to pay off a certain debt that she acquired 500 years ago. 12 episodes.


This production is highlighted as one of the best of its kind on Netflix. Inspired by Hwaseong’s unsolved serial murders, her script explores themes such as corruption and the state of the institutions of capitalist democracy in distant times.

The story centers on a young Korean police analyst, Park Hae-Yoon (Lee Je-Hon), who stumbles upon an old walkie talkie. Although he has no batteries, the device always turns on at the same time. On the other side, Lee Jae-Ha’s voice is heard.n (Cho Jin-Woong) a detective who disappeared 15 years ago. These dialogues in different times and spaces, from the past and the future, will help both to unravel the crimes of their respective times, and to influence their destiny. One season, 16 episodes.

Join the Korean wave with these varied Netflix fictions