Kamisama Kiss: a new edition of the manga by Julietta Suzuki is coming

By popular demand, the series that brought international fame to Juliet Suzuki: KAMISAMA KISS. The work, one of the most popular shojo manga of recent years, returns to Italy – after the first publication in 2013 – with a new, splendid edition in 13 volumes format 12.8×18 cm, specially created by Star Comics for the Italian public thanks to a careful work of selection and care of the original materials. The translation has been completely revised, so as to give maximum fidelity to the original Japanese text and immerse the reader in the heart of traditional Japanese culture.

Each output will be equipped with dust jacket and will bring together two issues of the old edition, for a total of nearly 400 pages per volume.

Julietta Suzuki catapults readers into a fascinating fantasy world, which is the backdrop for a lively and emotional romantic comedy able to move, but also laugh heartily.

The story tells us the story of Nanami, the protagonist, who suddenly finds herself with nothing, including a house. In fact, one day, returning from school, Nanami finds a letter from her father, who tells her that she is gone and that it is useless to look for him. Soon after, some men knock on her doorbell and, due to her father’s unpaid debts, they take away everything she has of her, leaving her without even a roof over her head.

After an initial moment of great discouragement, a strange individual appears and offers to host her. Too bad hers is not a normal house, but an old Shinto shrine. And he… is a deity! The condition for being able to stay and live there is to take charge of her work. But what will it actually mean for Nanami?

The existence of the protagonist – a slightly clumsy girl, but very sweet and generous and with a character to sell – will take a very unusual turn, which will make her live between two worlds, the real one and the spirit one. The author was inspired by Japanese folklore to create oodles of fantastic characters, such as tengu, demons, dragons, divine serpents and many others. The male protagonist himself, Tomoe, is a fox spirit, and he will be the one who will mess up Nanami’s world, but who will also make her heart beat.

The many, likeable characters that populate the pages of the manga give great character to the story, while the delicate and elegant designs and the supernatural settings fascinate and catapult the reader into a magical and mysterious world, in which one would like to be able to remain even after the conclusion of the manga.

The romantic and fantastic world of KAMISAMA KISS is about to be revived in a new edition not to be missed. The first volume will be available from January 11, as always in the comic book store, bookstore and online store.


Juliet Suzuki

12.8×18, B, b/w, pp. 392, with jacket, €9.00

Release date: 11/01/2023 in the comic book store, bookstore and online store

Isbn 9788822635549

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Kamisama Kiss: a new edition of the manga by Julietta Suzuki is coming