Koala Man on Disney+: the superhero of this quirky animated series is not made for your children

A new crazy animated series, Koala Man arrives today on Disney+. We tell you why the adventures of this Australian superhero are not made for a young audience.

Recommended for over 16s.

A new superhero is coming to Disney+ and it has nothing to do with the Marvel universe! His name: Koala Man. Behind the mask of this cute animal, is Kevin, an ordinary family man respectful of the rules who plays the superman.

And if the name of Koala Man may seem harmless, we advise you to keep toddlers and children away from this new animated series, as it is more appropriate for adults. We tell you why.

Why would they want to see it

Any animated adventure catches the eye of toddlers and young children. So if we sell them a superhero character with a mask of one of the cutest animals on Earth, their curiosity will necessarily be sharpened.

Especially since the character of Koala Man hides a somewhat western but very endearing father with very good intentions. It is to fight against petty crime in Dapto, an Australian suburban town, that Kevin becomes a superhero.


And then unlike other supermen and superwomen, Koala Man doesn’t really hide his “secret” identity. His wife and children support him as much as they criticize him and this leads to incredible and quite comical situations.

And even if he has no real superpowers, Koala Man is confronted with evil forces, human or cosmic, which could fascinate children who love science fiction and supernatural creatures.

The voice cast of this animated series includes Michael Cusack (also creator), Hugh Jackman alias Wolverine, Sarah Snook (Succession), Jemaine Clement (Avatar 2) and Australian comedian Demi Lardner. However, if the mood takes your children to discover the adventures of Koala Man, we advise you to change the program.

Why Koala Man is not recommended for children (but rather recommended for teenagers and adults)

  • You should already know that Disney+ recommends this series to people over 16, and rightly so. The indications given by the platform are often a good clue and a judicious alert to decide whether a content is suitable for a large audience or not. The platform offers effective parental controls to prevent toddlers from watching programs that are not appropriate. And Disney+ has integrated Koala Man into the “Star” section, which offers adult content.
  • Koala Man is a series created by Australian animator Michael Cusack (YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, Smiling Friends) and written by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, the screenwriters of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. The trio is best known for working on adult animated productions.

  • Moreover, the series is produced by Justin Roiland, one of the creators of the cult series Rick and Morty, which is anything but for children. Koala Man is also part of this kind of animated series for adults, knowing that its creator Michael Cusack grew up with works like South Park, The Simpsons and Futurama. This gives an idea of ​​the tone of Koala Man.
  • On the plot side, even though there is a general backstory concerning the daily life of Kevin’s family, each episode is centered on an “investigation” of Koala Man and his confrontation with an enemy or a threat from elsewhere. And that goes through blood and tears. The series is gore and very graphic. It is also full of profanity and insults.
  • Among the enemies of Koala Man, we find a few everyday cretins, bizarre neighbors but also supernatural creatures and monsters which could well frighten the little ones and disturb the children. Finally, even though Koala Man’s modern animation is quite stylized and eye-catching, it doesn’t do any favors to some of its characters, which are quite disgusting and might disgust the youngest but cause hilarity. of the older ones.

The Koala Man series is available on Disney+.

Koala Man on Disney+: the superhero of this quirky animated series is not made for your children