Kona II preview: Mist

Kona, it is a license that has almost gone unnoticed. Fortunately, Kona II: Mist was announced quite recently, but unfortunately a little too discreetly. Nevertheless, the baby from the Quebec studio Parabole showed off at Gamescom, and we were able to try it. This sequel seems to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, without having any major innovations for the moment.

Preview Conditions: We tested and completed the Kona II: Mist demo for 20 minutes, while asking the developer on-site a few questions on the fly. The software has been tested on a PC using a controller.

Carl Faubert continues his investigation

On the questions posed to the developer, we wanted to know precisely where Kona II: Mist. Unsurprisingly, you should know that the title, in addition to putting us once again in the shoes of detective Carl Faubert, will take place immediately after the end of Konawhere our hero escapes on a boat.

Suddenly, our protagonist will once again have to investigate much more deeply into the supernatural mysteries of Kona, still in the north of this Quebec of the 70s. On the demo, Carl Faubert lands on an enigmatic village cut off from the world by a very strange, while trying to see what is really going on, and why said village seemed so empty.

The first part leaving us unsatisfied, we hope that this sequel will correct the situation, and will finally provide answers to our many questions. Besides, you should know that this Kona II: Mist should certainly close the adventures of Carl Faubert as explained to us by the developer. Note that it would still be possible that the franchise expands a little more via spin-offs even if for the moment, the developer has not wanted to say too much on this subject.

In any case, the story seems as intriguing as it is exciting, like its artistic direction, which should be in the nails of the first part. We were able to see once again these snowy environments, and not necessarily super welcoming, where danger can arise at any time. The graphic and artistic atmosphere should undoubtedly be effective, and there will obviously be a little more different scenery compared to the first game, even if we could not verify that on this short demo. Kona II will surely not take any risk on this side, even if we are obviously not immune to a good surprise, especially since the title running under Unity turned out to be pretty on the interiors, to say the least.

No revolution in gameplay

Kona ii haze 2 2

From what we could see on this demo, we can’t really talk about a revolution in the gameplay. The title will offer us, as Kona, a pretty colossal playground to visit. It was possible, moreover, to go practically wherever we wanted in the demo, with the exception of the beginning which was necessarily interventionist in order to acclimatize with the handling of the soft, in the footsteps of the first part while remaining quite intuitive. There is an inventory wheel, accessible directly via the directional crosses or even another key. The latter was not yet fully finalized, and we will have to see if it will be better calibrated than on Kona first of the name.

Moreover, you should know that the software, which will be oriented towards adventure and above all survival, sweetened sanity. This aspect there will be much lighter compared to its predecessor, but when Carl feels stressed, his aim is bound to be a little less precise. This is something that we have unfortunately not been able to observe, and we will see if in practice it will be successful or not. Note, however, that physical and bodily health will once again be part of it, just to keep this management side of our character, appreciated on the first opus.

On the puzzle aspect, Kona II: Mist will also follow his eldest. In the demo, we were moving towards a plane that had crashed, and we had to search it at the cockpit level in order to recover a map, which we then had to use on a door. Clearly, the software will certainly force us to go back and forth again, but this will once again be checked when it is officially released. Besides, we had a new toy, capable of detecting quite intense electromagnetic phenomena, and the demo ended in front of one of them, surrounding a mansion. We are still wondering how this new object will help us in our quest, if not to offer, we hope, clever puzzles.

Obviously, Kona II: Mist will acquire an exploration side, allowing us to go wherever we want on the map. The game will offer us a certain freedom, while making sure not to get too lost and to guide us a little so that we know what to do, which was not really the case with the first opus. A point which, we hope, will be better calibrated on its second part which will once again mix puzzles, exploration, survival, adventure but also gunfights. If we couldn’t see any unfortunately, we would have to fight against new creatures in addition to wolves. Bears to face will be on the program, but also other enemies whose content we do not yet know.

We end very quickly on the potential life of the software. Apparently it should between 6 or even 12 hours to see the end of the adventure. This will necessarily include the extras to be performed on the title, which finally seems to offer itself a fairly decent longevity given the genre it offers.

Kona II preview: Mist – A sequel that leaves us in the mist for now