La Porta Rossa 3, on Rai 2 the new episodes with Lino Guanciale and Gabriella Pession

Four episodes for the last season of the Rai fiction created by Carlo Lucarelli

Riccardo Cristilli

– Trieste

The awaited third and final season of the The Red Dooryellow with supernatural veins with Lino Guanciale and Gabriella Pession, created by Carlo Lucarelli and Giampiero Rigosi. The fiction is back on TV with the last and final 8 episodes 4 years after the second season broadcast in February 2019 again on Rai 2. The third season of The Red Door It’s composed by 8 episodes of 50 minutes each divided into 4 prime time evenings on Wednesday evening on Rai 2 starting from 11 January 2023 and whoever wants can recover the previous seasons and see the new one in streaming on Raiplay.

The Red Doorplot and setting

Set in Triestethe fiction has the commissioner as its protagonist Leonardo Cagliostro, a policeman with abrupt and impulsive methods, disinclined to follow procedures. Killed during a police action, instead of going through the Red Door that leads to the afterlife, he decides to stay on earth by becoming a ghost and hunting his killer. In the second season of the series the ghost of Cagliostro he remains in the world of the living not by his own choice but forced by Vanessa, the girl who had discovered she was a medium in the previous season.

To understand the bond she has with Cagliostro, Vanessa leaves with Federico, another medium, to an unknown destination. In the third season of The Red Door, the different characters will try to move forward in life, even if the temptation is always to look back. The new episodes resume three years after the departure of Vanessa who is now attending the Parapsychology study center in Slovenia. Cagliostro has broken all relations with her.

Meanwhile Anna, Cagliostro’s wife, is about to leave Trieste with her daughter, after having obtained a job in Siena. Commissioner Paoletto has to deal with the disappearance of Stella who has asked him for a break in their relationship. Trieste plunges into chaos when, during a protest against a power plant, an energy blackout is triggered. In the dark of the night in a serious accident an important character for the lives of the various protagonists of the series dies. Anna and Paoletto, Vanessa and Cagliostro they accuse each other, everyone suspects everyone and while they try to understand what is the bond that unites them, Will Cagliostro be able to cross the Red Door?

The red door 3: main cast

Confirmed the main cast of the fiction:

  • Pillow linen is Leonardo Cagliostro
  • Gabriella Pession it is Anna Mayer, widow of Cagliostro
  • Valentina Romani is Vanessa Rosic
  • Gaetano Bruno is Diego Paoletto, new commissioner and companion of Stella
  • Elena Radonicich it’s Stella, Cagliostro’s ex-lover, also a policewoman
  • Pierpaolo Spollon it is Filip who, abandoned by Vanessa, finds a new girlfriend and is ready to change his life
  • Cecilia Dazzi is Eleonora Pavesi, mother of Vanessa
  • Carmine Recano it’s Frederick.

The new characters of The red door 3

There is no shortage of new characters in the third season of La Porta Rossa:

  • Katya Grego is Cristina Barbieri, new provincial in Trieste
  • Eugene Krilov is Andrea Donda, Stella’s half-brother
  • Roberto Cibetti is Ludovico Muric, entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector
  • Nicholas Panels he is Professor Braida of the Parapsychology study centre
  • Julia Sangiorgi is Ksenija Muric, best friend of Vanessa
  • Paul Mazzarelli it’s Luka, caretaker of the study centre.

La Porta Rossa 3, on Rai 2 the new episodes with Lino Guanciale and Gabriella Pession