Learn about the unprecedented presence of Chile at the IDFA festival in the Netherlands

Chile participates in the 35th edition of IDFA, the most important International Documentary Film Festival in the world. The world premiere of My Lost Country, the international premiere of Notes for a Movie, and the award-winning films My Imaginary Country and Alis in the official IDFA selection, together with the new project by the renowned documentary filmmaker Maite Alberdi: “La memoria infinita” stand out.

With a delegation made up of 16 professionals, Chile participates in IDFA, the most important International Documentary Film Festival in the world, which takes place in the city of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, until November 20.

“Having these windows of internationalization is essential to continue advancing in the European and world audiovisual market. For us, as the Ministry of Cultures, it is a true honor to once again support the Chilean delegation that attends the IDFA”, says Andrea Gutiérrez Vásquez, Undersecretary of Cultures and Arts.

“This year the Chilean participation in IDFA is unprecedented. A project at the FORUM and four films at the festival show, once again, how consolidated our documentary productions and co-productions are, their thematic richness, quality and the universality of their contents”, comments Paula Ossandón, director of Chiledoc.

official selection

Notes for a movie | ceded

notes for a movie

The international premiere of Notes for a Movie, a feature film directed by Ignacio Agüero and produced together with Tehani Staiger, Viviana Erpel, Amalric de Pontcharra and Elisa Sepúlveda, stands out. The documentary, included in the Envision Competition section, narrates through the eyes of the young foreigner, Gustave Vernior, the radical transformation of the newly pacified territory of Araucanía towards the end of the 19th century.

my lost country
My lost country | ceded

my lost country

This work will make its world premiere as part of the Envision Competition section. In the documentary, director Ishtar Yasin Gutiérrez takes as her starting point a visit to the theater department of the Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts. In an empty classroom, she relives the memory of her father, Iraqi theater director Mohsen Sadoon Yasin. The film shows a fabric where poetry and myths come to life.

my imaginary country
My imaginary country | ceded

my imaginary country

In the Masters section, the feature film My Imaginary Country directed by the renowned documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán and produced by Renate Sachse and Alexandra Galvis stands out. In the film, Guzmán narrates the events that occurred from October 2019, when an unexpected revolution led to a social outbreak in Chile, causing more than a million people to take to the streets of Santiago to protest.

Alis | ceded


Best of Fests presents the Colombian, Romanian and Chilean co-production Alis, directed and produced by Nicolás van Hemelryck and Clare Weiskopf. The film tells the story of ten teenagers who live in a foster home in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. With imagination and creativity, they invent Alis, a fictional character that reflects their own personal realities, fears, aspirations and dreams. The film has received the Crystal Bear Award and the Teddy Award.

infinite memory
The infinite memory | ceded

infinite memory

Film directed by the renowned documentarian Maite Alberdi, and produced jointly with Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín, as well as Rocío Jadue; addresses the story of Augusto Góngora and Paulina Urrutia. A couple who, after 25 years of relationship, have been facing Alzheimer’s for almost a decade.

Documents for sale

Vicente Ruíz, in real time⁣

The actress Patricia Rivadeneira and the performer Vicente Ruiz find a poorly recorded file of “Antígona”, a Greek tragedy staged to say goodbye to their participation in the counterculture of the eighties in Chile. The album encourages them to reconnect with friends from a time of rebellion and pop in which they criticized their fearful and obedient social environment. Directed by Julio Jorquera and produced by Matías Cardone.

I’m a boy

Bastian is a young man facing adolescence as a trans person. His cousin, Lorena, captures this journey full of difficulties. The story, directed by Lorena Zilleruelo and produced by Quentin Laurent and Elisa Sepúlveda, presents us with a more tolerant and open-minded Chile, driven by generational and cultural change.

Special presentation

I am the Earth. Stories from the end of the world

I am the earth
I am the earth | ceded

Presented and produced by Fundación Imagen de Chile in alliance with Fábula, it shows initiatives of Chilean men and women who, with innovative ideas, face climate change. The project was directed by Maite Alberdi, María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Correa.

Chilean projects


Aviary | ceded

It explores the language of birds from the encounter with Lorenzo Aillapán, an 84-year-old Lafkenche poet, who lives his last years in his house in Puerto Saavedra. It is an artistic essay on the importance of poets in the cultural life of their peoples. Directed by Francisco Greene and produced by Pilar Silva.

the sailboat

the sailboat
The sailboat | ceded

Omar, 61, sets out on a journey to his native island in southern Chile, to find a family treasure buried 60 years ago. He will face the sea, the weather and the supernatural forces of the enigmatic Chiloé. The project is directed by Francisco Bermejo and produced by Francisco Hervé.


corrupt | ceded

It tells the story of Andrea, a woman who loses her memory due to electroshock therapy. After her experience, she tries to rebuild her past in search of her own self. It is directed by Juan Cifuentes Mera and produced by Joaquín Tapia Ross, Rodrigo Díaz and Margarita Egaña.

Here you hear the silence

here the silence is heard

Autobiographical production by director Gabriela Pena, who after 40 years of exile in Spain due to the military dictatorship, returns to her family home in Valparaíso to take care of her grandparents. The work is also produced by Picho García.

Learn about the unprecedented presence of Chile at the IDFA festival in the Netherlands