Legger_ezza 2022 review: tomorrow in Cagliari Maria Laura Berlinguer presents her debut novel “The night is my sister

Myths and legends of the island and the enigma of a crime for a new appointment with contemporary Sardinian literature under the banner of Lightweight 2022 – the project for the Promotion of Reading by CeDAC / Multidisciplinary Circuit of Live Entertainment in Sardinia in collaboration with the Edumondo Bookshop: tomorrowThursday September 22 at 18:30 in the Foyer of the Massimo Theater from CagliariMaria Laura Berlinguer presents her debut novel “The night is my sister” (published by The Age of Aquarius – 2022), in a conversation with the lawyer and writer Claudia Rabellino Becce and the journalist Maria Francesca Chiappe ( author of various investigative books and the novel “Non è lei”).

Journey between the lines but also food for thought on the present in the meeting that marries news and invention: “The night is my sister”first work of Maria Laura Berlinguerwith an intense career in the world of communication, before deciding to change his professional career with the creation of the blog marialauraberlinguer.com and the enhancement and promotion of the excellence of Made in Italy through its columns, tells the tragic end of a young woman, already a victim of violence and abuse, whose death is shrouded in mystery. The victim’s body is discovered, during a ride at dawn, by the novel’s protagonist, Julia Carta, an established manager of a multinational based in New York, who has just returned, following a serious accident, to her homeland, Sardinia. : a coincidence that pushes her to try to solve the mystery, collaborating in the investigations carried out by the police commissioner Teresa Batista and managing to provide useful elements thanks to her particular sensitivity and empathy.

A modern career woman and a policewoman used to facing reality with lucid rationality are confronted with the legacy of an archaic civilization steeped in magic: the arcane symbols present on the crime scene suggest the idea of ​​a macabre ritual, but the investigation it is based on the evidence and clues that emerged during searches and interrogations, on testimonies and alibis to be verified, on the search for a possible motive. Among the suspects, inevitably, the people closest to the victim, while dramatic aspects of the existence of an apparently serene and satisfied woman come to light, the disagreements and misunderstandings with her husband, his restlessness and unhappiness that he tried to hide in the eyes of the world, minimizing it so as not to hurt his loved ones and in particular his father, so proud of his daughter’s intelligence and successes, now destroyed by grief, but determined in wanting to know the truth.

In short, a full-blown thriller: a book full of suggestions and memories, between nostalgia for a distant homeland and the desire to know one’s origins, the rediscovery of rituals and knowledge handed down for centuries, together with the acute awareness of the injustices and discrimination suffered by women in civilization patriarchal, from the persecution of the so-called “witches” at the time of the Inquisition to the gender violence and femicides of today. “The night is my sister” it draws on popular imagery, on the legends of the “Janas” and other supernatural creatures and on the documents on the trials and tortures inflicted on wise women, shamans and healers, accused of practicing magic against the dictates of the Church.

In the book they are present various female figures: in addition to Julia Carta and Teresa Batista, linked by an ancient friendship, who share a passion for justice, the Nanny who raised the little girl entrusted to her almost like a daughter, and now continues to worry about her, with an almost maternal instinct; an archaeologist, an anatomopathologist, the same victim, an entrepreneur who had been able to revive the fortunes of the family business. Even a “bruja”, heir of the ancient “witches”, to whom many go in secret, feeling a little ashamed, to resolve business and heart issues, marginalized and feared. There are many professionals who have been able and able to conquer their place in the world, proving to be perfectly capable of facing difficulties, on an equal footing with their colleagues. The solution of the mystery arrives, unexpectedly, at the end, through a chain of events, but also a series of revelatory or premonitory dreams, as if to underline how in some way the fates of the characters are knotted together, and that so singular crime has arisen. from human passions. “The night is my sister” it is also a coming-of-age novelthe story of an inner journey that finally puts the protagonist in contact with her essence, her deepest self, through the overcoming of obstacles and fears, and the healing of the wounds of the soul.

Different narrative levels are intertwined in the book: Julia’s personal and family events, who moved overseas as if to put a distance between herself and the tragedy that had struck her, but fatally attracted to that distant homeland, form the background to the investigation into the crime. , while from the mists of centuries the story of another Julia re-emerges, condemned for witchcraft, and as in a dreamlike and timeless dimension, another voice resounds, that of the victim, who in a series of flashbacks reveals fragments of her history. The ending, as required for thrillers and noir novels, cannot and must not be revealed in advance, but it is worth adding that together with the solution of the enigma the author emphasizes, indirectly, through hints, attitudes and behaviors of the characters, on the long road still to go towards equality.

A captivating narrative on the edge of suspense, an intricate plot full of twists: “The night is my sister” we read in one breath, on the traces of the protagonist, among natural scenarios of dizzying beauty, next to museums and archaeological sites, anxious to know who is responsible for so much suffering: every crime in fact leaves behind other innocent victims, family and friends, suddenly overwhelmed by a disaster. The writing of Maria Laura Berlinguer, who tries to account for the gaze and sensitivity of the characters born from her imagination, allows you to dwell on crucial and highly topical issues, as well as to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Sardinia suspended between past and present. .

Maria Laura Berlinguer was born in Sardinia but lives in Rome. She observes, listens and reads a lot. At the age of fifty she felt that she had to move on: she left an established career in communication, followed her instincts and created a blog. A radical change. Through the marialauraberlinguer.com site and the columns that you manage, you promote the Made in Italy and the Italian style, the real and less known one, giving visibility to the many less famous Italian excellences.

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Legger_ezza 2022 review: tomorrow in Cagliari Maria Laura Berlinguer presents her debut novel “The night is my sister