Let reason prevail over unreason

Camilo Escalona

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The social and economic elites, represented by the right, are used to rudely insulting those who think differently, and it is common in such groups to undermine people and organizations that have another concept of life, human civilization, the State and culture, it is say, to those who think differently.

For this reason, in periods of social change they take a deeply intolerant position and consider that their way of thinking and their ideas, however rudimentary they may be, contain absolute and perennial validity. Thus, in an unfavorable situation, they resort with dogmatic faith to confrontation and the use of force to guarantee their preponderant role in social life.

With the absolute faith that arises from his dogma of supremacy, in that vision, those who have a different conception will do so out of ignorance, malice or due to the perverse ideology of communism. In the last case, before the objective evidence of the facts and proposals of their opponents, they will resort to the trick that they are poorly made calculations.

The intransigence was unleashed in recent days, the right produced a political and media escalation of enormous dimensions to prevent a communist militant, Karol Cariola, from becoming the president of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile. It was a brutal act of political exclusion confirming that the ancestral ideology of the right rejects diversity and tolerance.

Unfortunately, important sectors of the political center were part of the shock strategy of the far-right populist authoritarianism. They seem to ignore the historical facts and compete with the rhetorical virulence used by the extreme right in opposition to the government. The bitter experience of the ’70s is repeated, unfortunate circumstances for Chile in which unlimited polarization did nothing more than bring down the democratic regime and open the way for the fascist conspiracy.

They attack the new president of the Chamber of Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic, with arguments that are not even camouflaged, the objective is to create misgovernment in the corporation and justify a motion of no confidence, after the heavy defeat that the right suffered two weeks ago by losing the choice of the table.

Then, in the debate on the Budget law, the opposition has rejected the financing of historical memory centers and foundations on human rights violations, as if the pain of the families of the victims had not been enough and the concealment of the truth, for decades, was not also a denial of justice. The extreme right imposed, albeit temporarily, a regression to the denial of the history of Chile.

Unfortunately, this confrontational and sectarian culture came to the left, thus intolerant criticism, devious attacks and the mistaken pretense of wanting to do everything at once just by the rule of will, without thinking about whether it is possible or not, became common. achieve the proposed purposes according to the social and political forces available.

This position covered with bombast and flowery rhetoric of sectarian chauvinism, is manifested in the refusal to broaden alliances, the refusal to join forces and adopt the agreements that this requires and in the intention to compete and isolate themselves regardless of the impact that the hostilities that are unleashed have on the entire process.

There are true professionals in the formation of microorganic mayflies, who rise up with the resonance created by those who divide the popular movement, tiny groups that soon dissolve into nothing. This dispersion also occurred in the political center and today there are proliferation of groups that dispute that space, lacking identity and political project, except for the harassment of the government.

President Boric and his government are systematically harassed from conservative positions, but from the caudillista desires and maximalist groups, he is equally criticized for individualistic misgivings. He will never be as radical as they pretend and they will always know how to find what is missing or what can be criticized. In short, it is the sectarianism that floods and drowns democratic politics.

On the contrary, the Cerro Castillo conclave, on November 6, was an expression of unity and breadth, of the will to overcome the defeat of the plebiscite on September 4, placing the general interest as the primary factor, without dissolve or suppress the diversity of the different concurrent actors in the government alliance, but understanding that the leadership of the State imposes “greater responsibility”, as President Boric emphasized.

The left as a current of ideas and a social movement, which was founded by adopting the humanism of the various eras, as well as rationalist secular thought and Marxism, not as a dogma but as a “guide for action”, was born deploying an arduous effort to make reason prevail over unreason, fighting for social justice to suppress brutal practices of exploitation and exclusion, banishing supernatural myths or the false and eternal omnipotence of the powerful.

The soul of this fight is to defeat the arrogance of dictators and oligarchs, as well as the verbiage of high-ranking populist leaders who only watch over their appetites. Now the task is to strengthen the democratic regime, consolidate the government of President Boric and his agenda of institutional stability and social and economic transformations, with a view to achieving the necessary social majority to defeat ultra-right authoritarianism camouflaged as populism.

It is about ensuring that political action makes well-founded, objective decisions, based on experience and not on erratic impulses, petty calculations or happy accounts and odiousness covered with vertical political options. Let’s recognize ourselves in that tradition of struggle and organization, of unity in diversity, so we will be able to break authoritarian and populist neo-fascism.

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