long jump to the fort

Thanks to the collaboration between the specialized blog Queenathletics and the event company Manzanaa real one has been built over the past two years circuit of events tNorthern Italy and Switzerland in order to allow sprinters and athletic extension jumpers to find the best conditions to perform in a landscape that on other occasions often forgets the “athlete” factor and its fun: this is how they were identified the offices of Donnas (famous for the favorable wind), Berceto (at 800 meters above sea level on the Parma hills), Mendrisio in Canton Ticino (with a fabulous track for one vs one challenges) up to the super conditions of 2000 meters of the Colle del Sestrierewith two timed straights to take advantage of the wind trend. And there have been many performances of a high international level.

The glue of all the events was the long jump from standinga specialty played at the Olympic Games until 1912 and became famous for the exploits offrog manto the century Ray Ewry (10 Olympic goldstwo of which in the intermediate edition), a character between the mythological and the supernatural who remained the most successful athlete in the history of the Games until the exploits of the swimmer Michael Phelps in 2008.

The curiosity? As a child he was suffering from a severe form of polio that he “healed” with such a mass of exercises he himself invented, so much so that he became an athlete with a formidable explosive strength, so as to dominate all competitions and become, in fact, the frog man.

At the Forte di Bard (an hour’s drive from Casale) Tuesday 13 September starting at 21.00Ewry’s emulators will be sought: to do so, all the best performers who have performed during the stages of the High Speed ​​Leaguein addition to other specialists.

The specialty also had its Italian championship at least until 1929 and, for the occasion of its reintroduction in the High Speed ​​events, the ranking of the best ever was resurrected thanks to the association of statisticians ASAI. The Italian record (which dates back to over a century ago, obtained by a Lazio player who also practiced athletics, Oreste Zaccagna) then fell several times during the circuit until he hoisted himself at 3.37m put on the scoresheet by Emanuele Brunelloathlete from Vicenza coming from the Parkour tightrope walker.

In the Piazza d’Armi del Forte, all the best Italian interpreters of the “new” specialty will gather: up for grabs, not only the title of winner of the High Speed ​​League of the discipline, but also the virtual one of Champion of Italy after almost a century.

The “portable” sandpit for standing long jump (a tank with a small platform for “jumping”) will be assembled in the center of the square to give everyone a chance to watch the performance of the athletes, men and women. The delicate phases of transport and assembly will be handled by local suppliers and the entire construction will take place thanks to CVA Energie which for the second year is sponsor of the circuit and whose precious gadgets green were the prize for all the athletes who achieved theirs in one of the stages personal best.

The CVA Energie corner will be set up at the Forte with the distribution of free gadgets.

Before the highlight of the evening, it will also be possible for anyone who wishes to try their hand at the long jump. During the event Deejay Felix will be present to enrich the entertainment; all the best athletes who have distinguished themselves in the various disciplines of the circuit will also be awarded, and, last but not least, the athlete who, regardless of his placement, has improved the most between the first and last stage.

Various personalities from local and national athletics were among the guests.

The Forte di Bard will therefore carry out an extraordinary evening opening and will make available the charm of its architecture, stage, lights and the cafeteria service for what will be a free event with free access to celebrate sport, entertainment, performances, culture and the territory.

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long jump to the fort