Lullaby: trailer and previews of the supernatural horror film from the director of ‘Annabelle’

It arrives in American cinemas from December 16, 2022 Lullabythe new supernatural horror from director and cinematographer John R. Leonetti known for directing Annabelle, second film of the “Conjuring Universe”. The film follows the unwittingly summoned demon Lilith who begins to torment a young mother and her child.

Lullaby – Plot and cast

The official plot: A new mother discovers a lullaby in an ancient book and soon regards the song as a blessing. But her world turns into a nightmare when the lullaby brings out the ancient demon Lilith.

The film stars Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones), Rámon Rodríguez (The Affair), Liane Balaban (You Can Live Forever), Kira Guloien (Women Talking) and Moni Ogunsuyi (The Umbrella Academy).

Lullaby – Trailers and videos

Trivia about the movie

  • John R. Leonetti also directed the sequels Mortal Kombat – Total Destruction And The Butterfly Effect 2supernatural horror Annabelle And Wish Uponthe latter with Joey King grappling with a creepy wish-granting box, the horror-thriller 10050 Cielo Drive about the Manson Family and survival-horror with deadly flying creatures The Silence of Netflix.
  • John R. Leonetti directs “Lullaby” from a screenplay by Carey Van Dyke and Shane Van Dyke based on a short story by Tim Lebbon.
  • Tim Lebbon is a British writer of horror and dark fantasy; her short story ″Reconstructing Amy″ won the Bram Stoker Prize for short story in 2001, her novel Dusk won the 2007 August Derleth Award from the British Fantasy Society for best novel of the year. His novel 30 Days of Darkness, from which the film of the same name was based, became a New York Times bestseller and won a Scribe Award in 2008. The film Pay the Ghost (2015) directed by Uli Edel and starring Nicolas Cage is based on the Lebbon story of the same name. “The Silence”, another Lebbon story was made into a film by John R. Leonetti and was released on April 10, 2019 on Netflix (Lebbon played a cameo as a corpse in the film). His novel “Firefly Generations” (the fourth in the series dedicated to the TV series of the same name) won the 2021 Dragon Award for best media tie-in novel. Lebbon also wrote short stories dedicated to Hellboy, Star Wars, Aliens And Predator. Lebbon has also adapted horror novels That house in the woods and the monster movie Kong: Skull Island.
  • The protagonist of the film Oona Chaplin, Spanish actress and daughter of Geraldine Chaplin, second daughter of the famous Charlie Chaplin, is known for her role as Talisa Maegyr in the TV series Game of thrones. Oona also starred in the film 007 – Quantum of Solacein Italian horror Imago Mortisin the adaptation The answer is in the stars and is in the cast of the upcoming Avatar – The way of water as a Na’vi character named Varang.

Lilith in the cinema and on TV


Lilith In medieval Jewish folklore is Adam’s first mate, Eve is created later in the book of Genesis. Lilith is cited as “banished” from the Garden of Eden for failing to respect and obey Adam. In the ancient Mesopotamian religion Lilith is the female demon associated with the storm, believed to bring misfortune, disease and death. The depiction of Lilith in Romanticism continues to be popular among Wiccans and in modern occultism, Lilith appears as a succubus in Aleister Crowley’s “De Arte Magica”. Many theistic Satanists consider Lilith to be a goddess due to her association with Satan. Some Satanists believe that she is the wife of Satan and therefore consider her a mother figure. Others base their veneration for her on her history of being under her spell and praise her as a sex goddess. A different take on a satanic Lilith holds that she was once a goddess of fertility and agriculture.

  • In the Netflix series First KillLilith was, according to the vampires, voluntarily bitten by the snake in the Garden of Eden.
  • The character Leeloo in the film The fifth element overturns the concept of Lilith as the savior of humanity.
  • In the movie K-12 of 2019, Lilith appears several times as almost a guardian angel of the main character Crybaby and his friends.
  • In the tv series Supernaturala white-eyed and very powerful demon called Lilith appears in seasons 3 and 4, played by a variety of possessed girls, and later Katherine Boecher and Katie Cassidy.
  • Lilith is the subject of the 1990 horror film The Queen of Hell (Night Angel). Originally titled Lilith in Joe Augustyn’s screenplay, it was the first feature film to incorporate the ancient legend of Lilith. In the Film The Queen of Hell Lilith is a demon who takes shape on earth as a beautiful woman to lure, seduce and kill all the main managers of a well-known fashion periodical, take possession of it and appear on the cover to be adored by thousands of readers.
  • In the 2009 movie evil angelthe legend of Lilith is explored as she investigates insane murders that may be related to demonic possession.
  • In the 2015 film The Chosen, Lilith is a demon who possesses children and takes them to hell if you’re blood relatives are not sacrificed. The film also refers to Lilith as Adam’s first wife.
  • In the tv series True Blood Lilith is mentioned in the original Bible, that of vampires, as the progenitor of all vampires, created even before Adam and Eve.
  • In the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Lilith presents herself as the mother of demons who aspires to sit on the throne next to the Dark Lord, or Satan.
  • In the tv series Once upon a time… Lilith is the daughter of Maleficent.
  • In the movie Gabriel – The fury of the angels Lilith is second in command to Satan (actually St. Michael), and the assassin of the “Archangel” Uriel. She will be killed shortly before Michele, in a crowded disco, by Gabriele.
  • In the movie Tales from the Crypt – The Pleasure of Blood Lilith (Angie Everhart) is the mistress of all vampires. Her beauty is matched only by her cruelty.
  • In the movie 30 days of darkness 2 the vampires refer to Lilith, without which they submit to the one who kills her.
  • In the movie Houses 39 the film’s antagonist is a demon with the appearance of an innocent little girl called Lillith, clearly inspired by the demon Lilith.
  • In the tv series Constantinein episode 7 appears a demon who kidnaps innocent children named Lilith.
  • In the tv series ShadowhuntersLilith is the mother of all demons and the Queen of Edom.
  • In the TV series Lucifer Lilith is the immortal mother of the demon Mazikeen and a great friend of Lucifer.

Lullaby – The soundtrack


  • The original music of “Lullaby” is by the composer Joseph Bishara (The Summoning – The Conjuring, Insidious, La Llorona, Dark Skies, The Sacred Evil). Bishara and the director reunites with director John R. Leonetti afterward Mortal Kombat: Total Destruction And Wish Upon.

Lullaby – Photos and posters


Lullaby: trailer and previews of the supernatural horror film from the director of ‘Annabelle’