‘M3GAN’, ‘Annabelle’ and the most terrifying dolls in film and real life

Many legends built around real objects and toys have inspired filmmakers, from Dario Argento to James Wan, to concoct disturbing and otherworldly tales of enigmatic dolls.

One of the most attractive films in Cinemex and Cinépolis theaters, which you can already enjoy to close 2022 or start 2023, is M3GAN. Directed by Gerard Johnstone, written by Akela Cooper and produced by James Wan (Saw: Macabre Game), The film combines terror with science fiction to introduce an artificial intelligence robot that overprotects an 8-year-old girl with unusual and violent methods. played by Violet McGraw, who we met in The Haunting of Hill House by Mike Flanagan.

This new proposal, backed by Blumhouse Productions (the studio that this year brought the splendid the black phone), joins a long tradition of terrifying dolls such as chucky, brahms, The puppet, Poltergeist, Dolls or even a chapter for the series The X-Files Written by Stephen King. There is something creepy in all of them: a static and threatening look on the porcelain face that, when the lights go out, begin to move with sinister intentions.

‘Annabelle’ and Raggedy Ann

Johnny Gruelle/New Line Cinema

After presenting it in The spellJames Wan served as producer of Annabellea kind of spin-off and prequel that focuses on the devilish doll in a white dress, two braids adorned with red bows, wide eyes, an insinuating gaze, rosy cheeks and a sinister smile. This doll is inspired by Raggedy Ann, a character created by writer Johnny Gruelle who appeared in a series of children’s books.

‘Chucky: the devil doll’ and Robert

North Bank Entertainment

The doll, which wears a sailor suit, was manufactured by the German toy company Steiff. It was the gift that the artist Robert Eugene Otto received when he was barely four years old, so he decided to baptize the doll with his own name. One of the most disturbing legends tells that Robert was a gift from a voodoo-practicing maid who was out for revenge. Besides the infamous movie The Curse of Robert the Dollthis doll inspired Don Mancini to create the evil protagonist of Chucky the devil toy.

the island of dolls

Luis Peagui [México Desconocido]

Since Maria Candelaria (directed by Emilio Fernández) until Chicuarotes (by Gael García Bernal), one of the significant places in Mexico City portrayed in the cinema is Xochimilco. However, The story of supernatural terror that focuses on the famous island of dolls has not yet arrived. Decorated by Julián Santana Barrera, the former owner of the island, the dolls are an effort to appease the spirit of a girl who drowned in those canals.

‘Dark Red’ and Ruby

The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult

Although Dario Argento is widely known for Suspiriaanother of his great films is Dark red. The Italian director demonstrates his mastery in staging and, precisely, In order to generate a gloomy and macabre atmosphere, he resorts to a room with dolls hanging by their necks. Some of these are reminiscent of Ruby, an enigmatic doll who lives in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occultwhere visitors often feel an overwhelming sense of sadness when in front of her.

‘M3GAN’, ‘Annabelle’ and the most terrifying dolls in film and real life