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Director Gerard Johnstone jokingly teases a potential M3GAN and Annabelle crossover that would see the killer dolls go head-to-head.

Director Gerard Johnstone hints that an Annabelle crossover could be in M3GAN’s future. The upcoming horror flick produced by James Wan and Jason Blum centers on an android with the appearance of a young girl, designed to be the friend and protector of recently orphaned Cady (Violet McGraw). This arrangement soon has dangerous consequences for everyone involved as M3GAN becomes self-aware and resolutely devotes itself to its core function. M3GAN isn’t Wan’s first killer doll-centric horror project, with the producer having previously worked on the Annabelle franchise and likening M3GAN to a cross between Annabelle and The Terminator.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, M3GAN director Gerard Johnstone took a stand in the debate over which killer doll is deadliest between M3GAN and Annabelle. The question was posed to producers Wan and Jason Blum as well as Johnstone and star Allison Williams, with Wan and Williams hinting at M3GAN’s potential power level and Blum stating that while Annabelle would be more of a challenge, M3GAN could shoot down the killer doll. chucky. Johnstone put his money on Annabelle due to her supernatural nature, but said a movie featuring a fight between the two was the only way to truly determine which doll would win. See Johnstone’s comments – and the recent interview with . with Wan and Blum – below:

Who would win in a fight between M3GAN and Annabelle? Well, I guess because Annabelle is a demon, maybe she would win. Maybe we should make a movie and find out!

How M3GAN differs from Annabelle

Given Wan’s involvement with Annabelle and M3GAN, Johnstone’s tease could possibly come true in a future film, especially since the popularity of the M3GAN trailer online has already led to talk of a following. Seeing the two dolls go head-to-head would be just as scary and fun as it is fascinating due to their many differences. Although Annabelle and M3GAN were both meant to be companions for children before they went rogue, the pair differ in many ways, from the powers they possess to their origins.

Johnstone’s comments highlight the biggest difference between M3GAN and Annabelle, the former being an artificial AI android while the latter is a simple porcelain doll possessed by a demonic spirit. Unlike the much more modern M3GAN, which was created by Williams’ science character Gemma in the upcoming film, Annabelle is a vintage doll passed down through the decades. The latter has had contact with and haunted many families, while the trailers indicate that M3GAN only interacts with Gemma, her niece Cady, and those around them. Another key difference between M3GAN and Annabelle is their goals and purpose. As a demon, Annabelle covets human souls, but M3GAN’s purpose is relatively noble, since the android seeks to protect her young charge Cady.

The information released about the upcoming horror movie indicates that M3GAN will go to dark and gruesome efforts to achieve this goal. With that in mind, along with the many potential modifications that M3GAN could be equipped with and his superior intelligence, it’s possible that M3GAN could beat the demonic Annabelle if the demon-possessed doll threatened Cady. As Johnstone points out above, the only way to determine the most powerful killer doll is to see an M3GAN and Annabelle crossbreed, the possibility of which depends on M3GAN’s fate in the movie.

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M3GAN Director Jokingly Teases Annabelle Crossover | Pretty Reel