Macri apologizes after referring to the German soccer team as a “superior race”

advertise So that, his second book. Flirting with the candidacy for President without defining himself. Pressure radicalism to be more PRO. Put pressure on the PRO so that it is not less PRO. Multiple activities. And in the midst of so much hustle and bustle Mauricio Macri came up with the idea of ​​talking about the World Cup. With such bad luck that the subconscious perhaps made you sincere a thought that you may have in your depths: the Germans are a “master race”. Then, of course, he apologized.

It all started on Monday the night in TN (All News). Consulted by the competitors of the Argentina team in Qatar, he prophesied: “Obviously there is Brazil, with a Neymar who is much better, because before he was a kind of obstacle for the team, because he did not play as a team. Portugal has very good players , France has very good players and is the last champion, and a Germany can never be written off because… superior race, They always play until the end.”

The former president of Argentina took a day to realize the impact of his phrase. And then he tweeted: “Yesterday, talking about the World Cup and obviously referring to the indisputable football skills of Germany I had an unfortunate phrase that refers to the worst nightmares of humanitySo I want to clear it up and offer my apologies.”

It did not clarify much, but with good will it can be interpreted that the expression “humanity’s worst nightmares” Associated with the previous sentence about Germany is a way of talking about Nazism that, by the way, he did not mention. Y he also did not write the word “Holocaust”.

Argentina is adhered to the IHRAEnglish acronym for International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. One of the documents of this alliance, Recommendations for teaching and learning about the Holocaustsuggests paying attention to racism, which he defines thus: “institutional and/or personal prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against a person of a different ethnic group based on the belief that his own race is superior”.

If one group of the population is superior, another is automatically inferior. For Nazism, the Jews in the first place. But also gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and the disabled. Nazism wanted to annihilate them all.

A document of Daniel Frankel for him Yad Vashemthe museum of Jerusalem on the Holocaust, relates this notion of “superiority to a first moment of crisis, in 1873, when the restlessness of the lower middle class “made Germany fertile ground for the formation of various irrational and supernatural cults centered on ‘blood mystique‘ and the glorification of a German-Aryan past”.

In that past “the hated Jews, conceived as the agents of corruption and decadence, had played no role.” And it would also have been the fault of the Jews and the socialists for the German defeat in the First World War. When that mystical vision was joined with the pseudoscientific foundations about races, Nazism reached its apogee. It was clear to theorists of Adolph Hitler that if racial purity was not guaranteed and the Jews polluted the race, the Germans would never be at the center of history.

Wrote Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, the shock forces of Nazism: “We are like the specialist who breeds plants, who, when he wants to produce a new strain from a well-proven species that has been exhausted due to excessive crossing, goes first to the hood to extract the undesirable plants”. And he added: “We will also start by ripping off and discarding people who, in our opinion, It’s not suitable material”.

The SS training program distinguished between “inferior races” and “high value races”.

Human beings often say inconvenient phrases, and sometimes even harmful to themselves. But, can you express something that never passed through your soul, through your mind, through your conscience or through your unconscious? To continue with soccer, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to imagine Macri saying “those fucking bastards.” A Boca fan like him does not harbor even a remote draft of that statement within himself.

Other statements

Can Macri’s phrase about the superior race be taken as an indicator of his deep feelings and the way to express them? If so, will there be more apologies on other statements? Here they go, followed by pertinent suggestions for asking for forgiveness:

– “If Perón lived, he would join Together for Change because he is the one who defends those who work.” Macri’s apology: “I didn’t mean what I said. The Argentine decadence began 70 years ago. Forgive the anti-Peronists.”

– “The General said that each one had to produce, at least, what one consumes.” Macri’s apology: “I did not mean what I said, because in addition to that phrase peron wrote, in his book Force is the right of beasts, that the parasitic class, that is, ‘the oligarchy, the clergy, the parasitic sectors of professionals and the armed forces have launched a violent reaction against the producing class, using the weapons and soldiers of the people’. and naturally I do not criticize in any way the parasitic classto which I ask a thousand pardons”.

– “Argentina is off the map.” Macri’s apology: “I did not want to make fun of the breakdown of the President Alberto Fernandezbut something strange must have eaten in Paris with Emanuel Macron or in Bali with Joe Biden and the other members of the G-20″.

– “Argentina cannot grow as a result of this mafia network of politics and business.” Apology from Macri: “Sorry to whom it may concern in Calabria.”

– “We always believed that we were going to find a Maradona who would solve everything for all of us and that doesn’t exist.” Macri’s apology: “It is true that marquitos peña said that he Finance Minister Luis CaputoToto, played in the Champions League and not in B, and he left everything to come and gamble for his country. It was an act of patriotism, because he also managed companies in the paradises of Cayman and Delaware. Sorry, dear Toto.”

– “They believe that printing money is free, that subjugating freedoms is free.” Apologies from Macri: “I only wanted two judges of the Court to reach the highest court by decree and not by constitutional mechanisms because my friend recommended it to me Fabian Rodriguez Simon. Sorry, Pepín, you are in Uruguay with an extradition request and you cannot return to your homeland”.

– “They talk all the time about the debt, but they are the government that took on the most debt.” Apologies from Macri: “Sorry, Mauricio Claver-Carone. When you were still president of the Inter-American Development Bank, you said that the IMF lent us $55 billion and then I mishandled the economic program and it cost me an election. Sorry for losing.”

– “If Argentina had vaccinated like Chile, half of those dead would be alive.” Apologies from Macri: “Sorry, I said it because the Chileans didn’t qualify and I felt sorry for them. They have 3,228 deaths per million inhabitants due to covid-19 and we have less, 2,838.”

– “You cannot dialogue with people who, perversely, accuse us of being part of the attack that took place Cristina Kirchner. A few months ago I said that it is a small group of crazy people who did it. They accuse us without evidence.” Apologies from Macri. “Wow, I said that and now I see that they still haven’t accused me. should they? For anything, from now on, I apologize.”

Macri apologizes after referring to the German soccer team as a “superior race”