“Madalena”, disturbing first film about the murder of a trans woman

Madeleinemovie directed by Madiano Marchetiarrives in Spanish cinemas on November 25 of 2022 by the hand of Reverse Films.

Madeleine hits theaters

Reverse Film the film opens in theaters Madeleinea disturbing debut feature by the young Brazilian director Madiano Marcheti discovered at the San Sebastián, Biarritz and Rotterdam festivals. Madeleine set in the agricultural region of Mato Grosso in Brazil revolves around the murder of a trans woman. The film follows a trio of characters whose disparate lives somehow overlap with the person now lying in a vast field of green soybean crops.

The movie of Madiano Marcheti presents various reactions to the trauma experienced by transsexuals murdered with impunity. In this way, subtle nuances of social intolerance and personal pain are revealed. Madeleine falls within the framework of recent Brazilian productions such as Lady Clara (Aquarius) or The invisible life of Euridice Gusmao who question their time from a powerful political and social point of view.

Data sheet

Original title: Madeleine
Year: 2021
Duration: 85 minutes
Country: Brazil
Address: Madiano Marcheti
Script: Tiago Coelho, Thiago Gallego, Madiano Marcheti, Thiago Ortman, Helena Vieira
Music: Junior Marcheti, Bernardo Uzeda
Photography: Tiago Rios, Guilherme Tostes
Distribution: Joana Castro, Mariane Cáceres, Rafael de Bona, Lua Guerreiro, Natália Mazarim, Chloe Milan, Lucas Miralles, Nadja Mitidiero, Antonio Salvador, Pâmella Yulle
Companies: Polofilme, Raccord Produções, ViraLata Filmes, Terceira Margem
Gender: Drama. transsexuality / transgender




A body lies lifeless in the middle of a soybean field, dressed in a white suit, impassive, nobody knows who murdered Madalena, a transsexual, or how or why.

Trailer for ‘Madelena’

about the director

Madiano Marcheti (Porto dos Gaúchos, Brazil. 1988) writes and directs short films since university. In 2013 she directed Vacuo and Travessias, which were exhibited at the São Paulo Kinoforum International Festival. Followed them in 2014 O Coldest place in Rio, which received an honorable mention at the VII Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife and was included in Cinélatino, 27èmes Rencontres de Toulouse. In 2016 she directed This bar that is enjoyed by youa short film that opened the Festival Mimo de Cinema e Música. Madeleinehis first feature film, participated in Films in Progress 2019 at the San Sebastian Festival and competed at the Rotterdam Festival.

the press has said

Death stops time even more in a space where time is already stopped for historical, cultural, political and social reasons.. Cinerama Plus

Beautiful film about transphobia and misery in the Brazilian Mato Grosso, Madalena retains an imposing look, a dreamy beauty and a true dignity. Toute la culture

Madalena features a saturated color palette, vivid presentation, and the coexistence of a banal reality with some supernatural elements.. screendaily

Formally successful and with a biting theme, Madalena confronts the dehumanization caused by cowardice and indifference. A challenging and beautiful portrait of human persistence even in the face of tragedy. The Film Stage

Source Communication Department of Reverso Films


“Madalena”, disturbing first film about the murder of a trans woman