Main Characters Ranked By How Badass They Are

Content Warning: This article contains discussions of slavery, murder, and death.

Even though it’s been almost 10 years since dreadful penny created, the series is still very popular with everyone. Whether it’s because of the fictional monsters, mysterious and gripping tales, or tragic scenes, fans couldn’t wait but tune in each week to see what “wrong” Vanessa Ives and co. would face.

Unlike any other show, the concept of good and evil wasn’t as straightforward in dreadful penny as the writers have been shown to challenge societal and heroic stereotypes. Although the writers included the likes of The Wolf-Man and The Creature from Frankenstein (who have been categorized as villains in their horror stories), these characters have often shown more love and compassion than some of the most human people, proving that not all monsters are evil. However, this was not the case for all, as a few proved to be unsalvageable and not worth saving at all.

ten Ferdinand Lyle: Would hurt a fly, but not much else

Lyle is the kind older teacher who is easy to laugh with and who is kindly delighted by Ethan’s sweet flirtation. He always warns Malcolm and Vanessa of the danger ahead and has also proven to be one of the most compassionate characters, regularly bringing fresh milk and bread to Vanessa when she locks herself up.

Everything fishy about his character stems from guilt by association, as he certainly wouldn’t be dealing with vampires or demons if he hadn’t befriended Sir Malcolm.

9 Angelique: too kind and pure-hearted

Although she hasn’t been on the show for long, many fans will agree that Angelique is one of the nicest characters on the show. dreadful penny and wouldn’t hurt anyone (at least not on purpose).

While the dangers of transphobia in Victorian London may have hardened her, Angelique refused to allow these fanatics to take away her capacity for joy and empathy. Most importantly, Angelique shows an enormous capacity for love and acceptance, willingly opening her arms to Dorian, even after seeing the horrors in his portrayal.

8 John Clare/The Creature: May be nice, but he’s overshadowed by his violent actions

Although The Creature doesn’t really interact with the show’s other main characters (other than Victor and Vanessa), its arc turns out to be quite interesting. Throughout all three scenes, viewers can see him reconnect with his more human side as he ministers to the sick and cares for others in desperate need.

However, many fans will agree that his inner goodness is often overlooked as he also committed several horrific acts. His slaughter of the infant Proteus is simply cruel. He also doesn’t care about women’s feelings like he did with Vanessa before. As a creature, he is obsessed with finding a woman to love him, demanding that Victor create a bride for him without thinking about the woman who will be murdered, proving that sweet John Clare is gone.

7 Brona Croft/Lily: although initially sympathetic, her transformation sees her become a disturbing villain

Even dying, Brona still laughs loudly and makes friends. A life of impoverishment and abuse has formed a core of rebellious anger within her, but she won’t let it out. Once she is transformed into Lily with the strength to fight back, that core becomes a burning rage.

Lily’s only desire is to save the women who are being abused and to punish the men. Although a story of revenge may be satisfying to some people, she is unwilling to distinguish between ordinary men and abusers, and she intends to recruit an army of women to help her maim and kill as many as she can. she can. It’s certainly a story that got a lot darker and ominous as it went on.

6 Vanessa Ives: Fight her destiny with all her strength, 80% of the time

Vanessa is the hero of dreadful penny, but she’s not a typical protagonist. She’s complicated – a seer, a witch, and possibly the reincarnation of the Mother of Evil. Despite her best efforts to hide and pray, evil still finds her, though most of the damage she causes can be attributed to possession. She is horrified by his betrayal of Mina and tries to redeem herself.

In fact, she works her whole life to repent for the harm she has caused, joining Sir Malcolm in finding and saving Mina, then locking herself away to avoid causing harm. She denies herself love and affection, fearing to activate her “evil”. Her sense of duty to the world translates into an act of literal self-sacrifice, a spectacle where the evil witch saves the entire world.

5 Sembene: Atonement for past wrongdoings

Sembene’s past is largely obscured. However, he admits he was a slaver, trading humans for money, knowing full well what would happen to them. He clearly took a step back from that, but the fact that he had the ability to sell people out and enslave them is a bad sign.

He is loyal to Sir Malcolm for reasons not fully explained, but is willing to risk his life to protect the members of the group, especially Vanessa. He seems to want to repent of his past behavior, but it is unknown if he is motivated by a desire for good or by fear of supernatural punishment.

4 Ethan Chandler: a committed sinner trying to be a saint

Despite his charming accent and broad smile, Ethan has committed terrible crimes, willingly participating in the brutal slaughter of innocent people. Haunted by his behavior, he joined the people he had hurt, going to war on their behalf and slaughtering the other side.

By the time he realized it was wrong too, he had already become a werewolf, cursed to unknowingly hurt innocent people every month. Sadly, viewers don’t see much of his struggle with the werewolf transformation. Although Ethan continues to try to offer penance, he also continues to hurt others, unable to gain much moral ground despite his good intentions.

3 Victor Frankenstein: a genius with the emotional maturity of a spoiled five-year-old

Although Victor is not one of the supernatural characters, he is considered far more inhuman than some of the other “so-called” monsters. He himself commits quite a few crimes while playing God and does not accept the consequences.

He ruthlessly abandons the Creature, taking no responsibility for his behavior. Instead of learning from his mistake, try creating another creature. Once he becomes a woman, his behavior is even worse, abusing Lily by scrolling her like an object. When she displays her own mind and rejects it, he deepens her obsession, willing to take away her free will in order for her to love him. He changes his mind, but it’s not redemption, and his general lack of concern for others remains unchanged.

2 Sir Malcolm Murray: Manifest Destiny, Personified

Sir Malcolm is inspired by the myth of the heroic Great White Hunter, but the series reveals just how harmful that myth is. Timothy Dalton also portrayed James Bond, but Sir Malcolm is definitely more toxic than the first Bond. He killed innocent people and wild animals across the world to demonstrate his glory, abandoning his own sick son to climb a mountain.

Although he claims to care about the innocent, he only fights Dracula to avenge Mina. He will protect the small group of people he deems worth saving, but monster hunting is just the next level in his desire to prove himself superior to everyone.

1 Dorian Gray: Pure Evil, But Can’t Be Troubled To Take Over The World

Dorian is almost infinitely beautiful, but he could actually be infinitely evil. He’s not shy about exploring every whim, whether it’s helping Lily track down the bad guys or photographing himself having sex with Brona.

However, any good he does is incidental. He has no desire for good, only to have fun, and when someone gets too close to the truth about him, like Angelique, or just annoys him, like Justine, he kills them without a second thought. Dorian seeks his own pleasure, nothing else.

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