Manga releases of the week, November 24, 2022

Here’s a recap of the series launched this week, as well as one-shots and series that are coming to an end.

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New series

7th Time Loop / Meian

Rishe, daughter of a Duke, has a big secret: when she dies at 20, she returns when her engagement breaks down.

Until now, she has had busy lives as merchant, apothecary, servant and others.

But for this seventh life, she has a new resolution.

“This time, I want a life I’ll bask in!” »

Unfortunately for her, as she escapes from the castle to put her plan into action, she meets by chance the crown prince of the Galkhein Empire, Arnold.

He is none other than the one who killed her in her previous life, when she was a knight!

As if that weren’t enough, for some unknown reason, he takes an interest in her and proposes to her?!

It is the beginning of a seventh eventful life, completely opposite to his desire for idleness.

Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST / Ototo

The Armed Detectives Agency is a special organization bringing together investigators endowed with supernatural abilities with familiar names: Ranpo Edogawa, Junichirô Taniguchi, Kenji Miyazawa… They only intervene in cases that the police cannot solve, and find themselves often confronted with the Port Mafia, which also brings together extraordinarily dangerous members. But imagine a world where the young Ryûnosuke Akutagawa, the famous antagonist of the series, has been recruited by the Armed Detectives. A world where the one you know as the protagonist, Atsushi Nakajima, is a dangerous killer at the boot of a Port Mafia. As well as a world where the Dazai you know as the charismatic investigator of the Armed Detective Agency is at the head of the Port Mafia more dangerous than ever.

The beautiful escape – Our trip around the world / Hana


Asahi and Mitsuki, a homosexual couple with very different personalities, embark on a world tour with the promise of getting married at the end of their journey. If they have to go through hardships, these are nothing compared to the beautiful encounters and discoveries they will make in these countries that are still unknown to them. It is often said that a trip can change their perception of the world, but who knows, maybe it could also transform their vision of love?

My genderless boyfriend / Akata


Wako works in a publishing house. Meguru is a genderless man, social media star. Both are in love, but their daily life does not resemble that of a conventional couple: between her who works overtime and him whose main interest is to make himself cute for the woman he loves, they destabilize often those around them… But together, they are happy… and that’s the main thing!

Lili’s New Life / Komikku


Reincarnated in a family of aristocrats whose mysterious members gravitate around her and whose life is rhythmic and full of events, Lili will have to relearn how to live in this new body… But how to live a real life anyway out of her bed is a problem and the only way to express yourself is through crying? It’s not a problem for Lili, who is determined to turn the daily life of this family of nobles upside down! First steps, first laughs and first words are the daily life of our heroine tall as three apples who discovers as she grows characters with memorable characters and magnificent places…

Rasputin the Patriot / Delcourt/Tonkam


The so-called Rasputin of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was arrested by the special brigade of the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s Office. Why does this diplomat seem involved in the handover of the northern islands of Hokkaido by Russia? Based on the personal experience of former diplomat Masaru Satô, this story presents his fight against a prosecutor from the special brigade during his daily interrogations…

one shot

Welcome to Cat Cafe! / naBan


An employee in a hurry to finish his job walks into what he thinks is a traditional cafe. It’s actually a cat cafe. Confused at first, he sits down and a tomcat takes the opportunity to land on his lap. the employee then discovers that the time spent with a cat is not the same as real time and finally decides to indulge in daydreaming…

Caligula’s Love / Hana


Makoto is a regular member of Club Basement, a very special establishment that offers its members the opportunity to indulge in domination/submission sessions in complete anonymity. There he finds his master, a handsome dark-haired man who knows how to make him scream with pleasure. But all good things come to an end, he is forced to stop this hobby in anticipation of his new job: teacher in a prestigious high school where all the staff must be beyond reproach. He was far from expecting to discover in his new class a young man who looks exactly like his master…

Furry detectives / Hana


Rô, a brilliant assistant, works in the Sako detective agency.

Despite his menacing look and pink hair, he is adored by pets and is the best person to find them if they go missing. And above all, he is madly in love with Fumika, his boss. Rô works hard to support Fumi in solving his investigations, but loses no opportunity to try to make him capsize…

Hysterical but chewable! / Hana


Fujie, a slightly too serious student, has a problem: his best friend Yoshida keeps hanging out with another boy! Haruki Oshima is nevertheless seductive, fickle, and rumors even say that he is gay. Because of their closeness, the whole university thinks they are dating… But when Fujie tells them about the rumor, the two boys laugh in his face. If Yoshida is so close to Oshima, it would be to ask him for advice on his love life… And why didn’t you ask him? A rivalry therefore arises between Oshima and Fujie, who does not hesitate to be as unpleasant as possible towards Oshima. But his good will may make him crack sooner or later…

Love me love my dog / Hana


The author Akihiko is entrusted to the good care of the novice editor Aiichiro, dit Aï. Akihiko hides his dissolute life from this serious young man, until the day when the latter surprises him in bed with a man.

Ai then takes him by surprise by declaring his love for him. In an attempt to put him in the right place, Akihiko sleeps with him, thinking he would rebel. But the young man decides to take his responsibilities towards him…

The nightingale dreams of spring / Hana


High school tradition? Defeat the final year students at the fight. Among the first year students, the best in this category give it their all. That’s good, Haruka Shirakawa likes to fight but does not meet any opponent at his height. Total boredom… Arrived in final year, he meets THE living legend of his high school: Kazuyuki Narumi. Employed as a teacher, he was himself a student here and is known to have remained undefeated in his time. Haruka has found a new obsession: fighting against her teacher, which will lead to a certain closeness…

Completed series

Endroll Back – 3 volumes / chattochatto


Following the suicide of his sister Yuka, victim of intimidation, his brother Asaharu disappointed with his behavior meets an angel. This one offers him a market: find the murderer of his sister within 3 months in order to allow his resurrection”. But nothing is done without compensation: with each mistake, Asaharu will see his life expectancy decrease. Is his sister’s life worth so much more than his own?

Hikaru no Go – deluxe edition – 20 volumes / Delcourt/Tonkam


One day, 11-year-old Hikaru finds an old go table in a shed. Suddenly, from it emerges a ghost who was locked up there: the ghost of Sai Fujiwara, a genius of the game of go in the Heïan period (8th to 12th century) who enters Hikaru’s mind. Agreeing to allow Saï to play go against someone, Hikaru meets Akira Toya, son of the best Japanese player and also promises a bright future. Saï and Akira’s passion for this game gradually leads Hikaru into the world of go…

I will kill you in your dreams – 4 volumes / pika


My sister was murdered eight years ago. The criminals: three teenagers of savage cruelty. The Juvenile Penal Code had allowed them to keep their faces and identities hidden, but I knew who they were, and I knew where to find them. They could not continue to live quietly, without feeling the slightest remorse. They must have tasted my anger. I ended up hatching a plan to end their lives, but in the end it was me who came close to death… And as my desire for revenge reached its climax, I acquired a strange faculty… A dream power which would allow me to capture my prey without leaving a trace behind me…

No Guns Life – 13 volumes / Kana


Jûzô Inui is an extend: he has been implanted with a revolver in place of his head. Since the Great War, he has earned his living in this teeming city of other extends.

His business? Solve cases in which extends are involved.

One day, Jûzô receives a strange visit from a man pursued by the police for kidnapping. He asks Jûzô to protect the child that he himself kidnapped…!!

However, the sprawling and dark multinational Beruhren will enter the game… Jûzo is far from suspecting the hornet’s nest into which he has just stuck his nose!

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? – 6 volumes / Kbooks


Lee Yong Joon is the heir to a prestigious company, which he leads with the wand. Handsome, intelligent but above all full of himself, he considers himself to be the image of perfection. So, when her personal secretary, Kim Mi So, tells her that she wants to quit, it’s a cold shower! What went through his mind, after nine years of good and loyal service? To keep her close to him, Lee Yong Joon is ready for anything… even the greatest eccentricities!

The Red Rat in Hollywood – 10 volumes / Vega Dupuis


In 1938, the US House of Representatives set up a commission on “un-American activities”.

At the beginning of 1947, this commission decided to investigate the influence of communism within the film industry. But it was the FBI that was actually providing the commission with intelligence on Communists working in Hollywood, redefining the limits of its now exponential power. A blacklist was therefore drawn up. Only eleven people among these communist sympathizers will be heard, those who are known today as the Hollywood Ten (+ Bertolt Brecht who will flee American soil). The Ten will refuse to answer questions about whether or not they belong to the Communist Party, evoking the 1st Amendment to the American Constitution, and thus triggering one of the greatest showdowns in American history.

It is the story of this confrontation that The Red Rat in Hollywood tells. The biggest stars of the screen will mobilize to defend freedom against the FBI. John Huston, Lauren Bacall, Groucho Marx, Franck Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn… the hearings follow one another in parallel with the intrigues, manhunts, chases, and muscular investigations of the FBI. McCarthyism had just been born.

Tokyo Tarareba Girls – 9 volumes / The Black Lizard


2014, Tokyo. Rinko, screenwriter of television series, is a single woman in her thirties with a fulfilling professional career. His little pleasure consists in spending alcoholic evenings with his two friends Kaori and Koyuki, also in their thirties and single. One evening, when they were still getting drunk and noisily reassuring themselves with “we just gotta go” in their favorite bar, they were interrupted by a young man of mannequin. Annoyed to hear them bawling, he maliciously ridicules them by calling them spinsters before leaving the premises. While she thought she still had all her time, Rinko realizes that she will have to wake up if she does not want to end her life alone…

Manga releases of the week, November 24, 2022