Manifest Season 4: What Ali López

The actor Ali López-Sohaili gives life to Eagan from the third installment of Manifest, a controversial character often hated by fans, but according to the artist he has many reasons for being the way he is. In an interview he has revealed what awaits him in the second part of season 4 of the drama broadcast on Netflix.

From the first chapter of the series manifest that is transmitted by the streaming platform Netflix, captivates those who dare to take the most enigmatic flight in the history of modern television. A story that mixes action, supernatural events, drama, romance and even comedy, this production written by jeff rake has left everyone wanting to know more about their characters, as is the case of Eagan played by the actor Ali Lopez-Sohaili.

Eagan played by actor Ali Lopez-Sohaili is one of the antagonists in Manifest. (Photo: Netflix Life)

At the end of 2022, and after several years of waiting, manifest came back to Netflix with a fourth season, but what the users of the chain did not expect is that it be divided into two parts. Thus, in 10 episodes, fans had the opportunity to find out what had been happening with the passengers of the enigmatic flight 828 and especially with the family of Ben Stone (Joshua Dallas) and his sister Michaella (Melissa Roxburgh)on whom this story focuses, in addition to other characters such as Eagan (Ali Lopez-Sohaili).

manifestthat premiered on NBC on September 24, 2018has positioned itself as one of the most watched series on Netflix. Recounts what happened in the flight 828 coming from the Caribbean bound for the United States, and after being hit by an unknown force, it disappeared for five years, although for the passengers it only took a couple of minutes and a rather uncomfortable electrical storm.

as the fans of manifest As you will remember in the plot, having spent so much time, as is to be expected, the authorities declared the man missing. 828 and its crew members were declared deceased. But when one night the aircraft returns apparently undamaged, and its crew members don’t know how much time has passed, the real adventure begins for them. Ben and Michaella Stoneas well as the rest of the passengers, including Eagan played by Ali Lopez-Sohailiwho are subjected to an extreme surveillance regime and suspected of attacking the country.

The actor who plays Eagan assures that his character has a reason to be how he is and that this will be discovered in part 2 of season 4 of Manifest. (Photo: Netflix Life)

As the story of Manifest progresses, more and more passengers join the cast, who are connected by indecipherable messages that they call “calls” and that they believe are destined to solve them and thus understand what really happened during the storm. And one of these characters is Eagan (Ali López-Sohaili), a distrustful, sarcastic man who does not harbor many altruistic desires in his heart, but tends to do things to satisfy himself, regardless of the consequences..

This attitude is what has made Eagan one of the most hated characters by Manifest fans, being listed as one of the villains. Nevertheless, Ali López-Sohaili does not agree, and in a recent interview with Netflix Life has come out to defend himassuring that he must not only justify his actions to give his role more realism, but also has promised that in the second part of Manifest season 4 the origins and motives that have shaped Eagan will be known much more as it is now.

“My job as an actor is to justify his actions and play that. Every episode I got, I was learning with the audience about this character. I was learning with you about where this guy was coming from and trying to create this narrative on my own as I went along. And sometimes I had to adjust things that I had made up in my head about why I would do certain things. But we will learn more about the origin of Eagan [en la parte 2]which I hope will be exciting for people.”

Manifest Season 4: What Ali López-Sohaili had to say about what awaits Eagan