Merlina Beats Eleven From Stranger Things And Moon Knight For Favorite Character Of 2022

Merlina Beats Eleven From Stranger Things And Moon Knight For Favorite Character Of 2022

After a long wait, Netflix released the series of Merlin (69%) and after a few days it became clear that it was one of the most successful releases on the platform. Despite arriving late in the year, the program won over the public and was so popular on social networks that the protagonist became one of the favorites. Proof of this is the list of the most emblematic characters of 2022 that is headed by the character played by Jenna Ortegaand that easily surpassed others already established and with fans like Eleven from Stranger Things (98%) or Thomas Shelby of Peaky Blinders (90%).

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After the pandemic affected theatrical releases and the production companies changed the focus for their own streaming systems, there was a very particular fight between offers that culminated in a 2022 full of great releases such as The house of the dragon (91%) either The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (90%)but also of sad cancellations like 1899 (80%) either Inside Job. While the movies are already recovering their system in commercial theaters, the series continue a new fight in which the budgets are very high, but the opportunities are few.

It is true that we have more proposals than ever, but due to the investment and the budget, the numbers must be very significant during the first weekend. It doesn’t matter that the series continues to be seen over the months, it can be ensured that a project is canceled if it does not survive more than two weeks in the Top Ten of the most viewed. An important part of achieving success like this is having great protagonists with whom the public can feel identified or who they can hate with pleasure throughout the plot.

Some series were successful thanks to their story in general, but others were successful thanks to their protagonists, and these are the ones that become a trend on social networks. The effect was very clear with the dance of merlin which was imitated endlessly by fans around the world. 2022 is gone, but it left several important titles that will begin to be recognized this year in the awards season that has just opened its doors. Brands like Marvel and Star Wars will continue to fight for a place of respect, while other series have already finished their cycle and successfully said goodbye a few months ago.

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TV Time posted his list of favorite characters for 2022 and there are definitely a few surprises, though it’s not uncommon to see merlin easily stealing first place:

The best characters of 2022! Merlina said, “I’ll ignore them, stomp on their hearts, and always put my needs first”…and they all said, “yeah, okay, I love it.”

Even though merlin it was a great success among the public, not all critics were convinced with the result. For some it offers nothing new and repeats too many clichés of supernatural teen series, but all agree that Jenna Ortega He understands the role very well and achieved something incredible that is what keeps all the work afloat. Secondly, Millie Bobby Brown is about to say goodbye to the Eleven character that made her famous, and this fourth season of stranger things He really managed to get the fans back and get them excited about the closure of the story that is already being worked on. In third place is Luffy from one piece, an animated character that has been with viewers for over a decade, and remains a crowd favorite. On the other hand, nostalgia is present among voters, since Steve Carell appears in his role as Michael Scott from The officea series that several streaming platforms have struggled to acquire and that is currently on Netflix.

The last places are also very revealing about the expectations and tastes of the viewers. cillian murphy joins the list for his work on Peaky Blinders, which last year ended its story with the sixth season that also reached audiences around the world thanks to a distribution deal with Netflix. Considering how important this series was and how it marked a before and after in period projects, its appearance here is not a surprise. Closing the list we find one of the most amazing Marvel characters. Although the brand really strove to popularize titles like Ms Marvel (100%) Y She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (74%)is oscar isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector in Moon Knight (87%) who made a place here. The actor won the hearts of the public thanks to his interpretation that asked him to show various personalities in a few minutes; In addition, the series is considered the most mature and dark of the UCM, which also served to capture the followers of this universe who already felt tired of the more conventional stories.

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Merlina Beats Eleven From Stranger Things And Moon Knight For Favorite Character Of 2022