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Thanks to Scream – 78% Y X- blank98%, Jenna Ortega has become one of the biggest names in the horror genre. Considered one of the most interesting scream queens in recent years, the actress has managed to show that she is beyond the typical conventions of these films and that her talent brings many virtues to these stories. Ortega will continue to give a lot to talk about and surely in a few years she will establish herself as a movie figure. For now, Netflix will give you a chance to earn a place in streaming and TV series with merlin (Wednesday), a project that also allowed him to work with Tim Burton. After a long wait, we already have the first reviews and rating of this long-awaited and bloody version of the Addams family.

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Although Netflix ended The Hidden World of Sabrina – blank89%fans could find a good substitute with Merlina – 70%, because it clearly maintains the dark but always adolescent tone of that other adaptation. For greater taste, and thus raising expectations, Tim Burton He did not hesitate to join this project to make the most of his style and special touch as a visionary of horror. With so many elements, the series was one of the most anticipated titles of the year, and while many expected a Halloween premiere, its November arrival fills that void that exists before the holidays.

The series will introduce us to the rest of the Addams family, but, as the name suggests, we will focus on the only daughter, who ends up at Nevermore Academy after being expelled from several schools. Wednesday not only has a withdrawn and strange personality, she also has supernatural abilities that make her the perfect candidate for this institution that keeps many mysteries and where she will meet others like her. thousands thousand Y Alfred Gough creators of this story, hope to mix horror with black comedy, thus delivering an interesting piece for viewers who will surely enjoy the work of Tim Burton as director and producer.

With a great cast that includes Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Fred Armisen, gwendoline christie Y christina ricciwho gave life to Merlina in the addams family Y The Addams Family II – blank78%, this series hopes to exploit the elements that make this family very peculiar. Although it is clear that the intention is not to go to the adult extreme of gore and explicitness, the creators promised that it would be very bloody and mysterious, something that could hook their target audience and other fans of this type of story.

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Merlina – 70% It will premiere on Netflix on November 23 and hopes to have enough viewers in its first week to ensure more seasons. The future of the program remains to be seen, since the first reactions seem to indicate that we are facing an unbalanced job where Jenna Ortega shines despite the all-too-common script. However, there are also comments that ensure that the proposal is good, but it could be better and that is something that would be achieved with more episodes. Of course, the last word will be with the public, so anything is possible right now.

Caroline Framke of Variety:

The thing is, despite Ortega’s fantastic performance and Burton’s active involvement, Wednesday as a whole never really captures what made The Addams Family so viscerally bizarre. However, she achieves what makes a Netflix teen show work.

Dan Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter:

Although the series as a whole rarely lives up to its leading man…it has enough promising elements that I hope Wednesday gets a chance to do a second season with some refinements.

Ben Travers of indiewire:

Wednesday (and, moreover, the Wednesday series) is all talk and little action: a complex character forced into the rectangular icon on your Netflix home screen by an algorithm built to conform.

dan jolin of Empire Magazine:

You might have expected better for the best Addams Family character, but at least Jenna Ortega plays her perfectly.

Adam Barnhardt of

Despite dealing with murder and monsters galore, Wednesday is a story about growing up in a cruel world with “outcasts” and those who are different. The minimal story is certainly relatable.

Megan Navarro of bloody disgusting:

A fairly generic young adult murder mystery at its core, but Wednesday’s dogged pursuit of the truth at least keeps it interesting.

tessa smith of Mom’s Geeky:

Jenna Ortega is the best thing about this series. She gives an amazing performance and saves what would otherwise be a mistake. Wednesday would have worked better as a movie.

Ed Power of Daily Telegraph:

The teens the series is aimed at won’t mind the dusty lineage of the Addams Family. Instead, they’ll be thrilled by the addictively rococo gameplay that plays out like a cross between Euphoria and Hotel Transylvania.

bill goodykoontz of arizona republic:

Nothing would work without Ortega’s performance, which is morbidly delicious.

Dave Nemetz of TV line:

It’s appropriately macabre in tone and a fantastic lead performance from Jenna Ortega, but I’m afraid the choice to make it entirely for teens might have been a fatal mistake.

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Merlina (Wednesday) already has a critical rating | tomatoes