Mike Flanagan reveals that the prequel to Doctor Sleep and The Shining has been canceled | tomatoes

Doctor Sleep – 79% was released in the summer of 2019 but things went well. The film generated great expectations among fans of Stephen King, in addition, analysts’ predictions placed it in the best of places, however, its box office earnings were anything but positive. Mike Flanagan had already thought of another project located in this world, but now he confesses that finally Warner Bros. did not authorize the idea because of the other failure.

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doctor sleeping was written and directed by Mikefilmmaker who fronted The Haunting of Hill House – 93% and Midnight Mass – blank100%, the successful Netflix series that caused terror among platform users; he also took charge of tapes like Ouija: The Origin of Evil- blank82% and Gerald’s Game, an adaptation of another novel by King. During the last years, Flanagan it has made good impressions and to a certain extent has gained the trust of those who feel comfortable with stories of fear and supernatural beings.

Starring Ewan McGregor, doctor sleeping follows the life of an adult Dan Torrance, who along with his mother Wendy survived the terrible events at the Overlook Hotel seen in The Shining – blank92%. Now Dan is a man with alcohol problems due to past traumas and, from time to time, the consequences of his “glow”. With the development of the film, Dan manages to mend his ways and works caring for the terminally ill, however, he is contacted by Abra Stone, a teenager who has much greater control over the radiance than he does and who is being chased by a group of immortals who drink the energy of people with the gift.

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With a budget of US$45 million, doctor sleeping it was only able to raise US$31 million. Some think that everything was due to the practically null marketing strategy implemented by Warner; the film was hardly promoted and came from a cult film that many know but also many have not seen. This was the big reason things didn’t progress with the prequel, as he recently stated on Twitter: “We were so close. I will always be sorry this didn’t happen.” The story was going to star Dick Halloran, a character who is killed in The Shining.

The glow by Stanley Kubrick was released in 1980 and it did not take long to become a cult work. Despite its wide fame, not everyone has had the opportunity to see the film, especially the youngest, who very occasionally hear about classic works of cinema but do not approach them. Among The glow Y doctor sleep There are almost forty years of difference with respect to their releases, too long a time that makes the sequel an unknown product for many.

fans of mike flanagan they have been waiting a long time The fall of the House of Usher, his new television series that adapts not only the homonymous story by Edgar Allan Poe , but also some of his other texts. The director’s love for terror is reflected in each of his works, being a creative who usually works with actors very close to him, such as Henry Thomas or Kate Siegel; both will return in The fall of the House of Usher, keeping company with other stars like Carla Gugino, Mark Hamill, Willa Fitzgerald and Bruce Greenwood. The series will have eight chapters; At the moment it does not have a solid release date.

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Mike Flanagan reveals that the prequel to Doctor Sleep and The Shining has been canceled | tomatoes