Moon Knight episode 2: recap and explanation of the end

Life is not rosy for Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac). Episode 1 of Moon Knight ended with a great series of horrors including alternate personalities, supernatural monsters, various near-death experiences, and a spooky moon deity speaking with the voice of F. Murray Abraham.

Moon Knight Episode 2 Spoiler Warning

Episode 2 begins with poor Steven having to take responsibility for the messy brawl at the British Museum and losing his beloved job. Things only get worse from there, as he discovers the hiding place of Marc Spector’s mysterious personality beetle, and the fearsome cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) is still on his trail.

Marc and Khonshu have no intention of leaving poor Steven alone, since it turns out that Marc (and, by proxy, Steven) owes a debt to the Moon God, and must act as his vengeful avatar. until it is fully repaid.

However, all is not so bad for poor Steven. While he once again ends the episode worse off than he started it in, he also gains a new ally, some pretty cool superpowers, and one of the coolest costumes in the MCU. As was the case in last week’s episode, there’s a lot to unpack before the credits start rolling. Here is the ending of episode 2 of Moon Knight explained.

Layla El-Faouly could be a future Moon Knight

After Steven grabs the beetle and runs away from Marc’s house, he once again experiences Khonshu’s unhealthy obsession with creepy hallways. However, this one ends happily, as Steven almost literally bumps into Layla (May Calamawy), the woman who has tried to reach Marc Spector several times and remains angry after his disappearance. She also turns out to be Marc’s wife, which confirms that Layla is the MCU’s version of Marlene Alraune.

Although Steven faces understandable difficulties when trying to convince Layla that he and Marc are separate personalities, the pair seem to grow closer as the episode progresses. From the moment he notes that he would like to remember their times together, it’s clear that the former museum shop employee has taken a liking to his alternate personality’s wife. Is Moon Knight setting up one of the strangest love triangles ever?

Of course, it’s not like Layla needs a romantic angle to be an interesting character. She’s an experienced and extremely capable fighter in the field, especially compared to her comic book counterpart, often confined to the role of damsel in distress. In fact, Layla is so gifted that Khonshu plans to make her his next avatar, which Marc is trying to protect her from…and which Khonshu happily reserves for her, should he wish to leave his service.

Steven Grant puts on his suit

Many fans were no doubt thrilled to see the Moon Knight character appear in the marketing material. The character’s stylish secondary super-costume finally appears in this episode, and the show has taken a rather amusing approach to it.

Instead of being a separate personality or alternate costume for Moon Knight proper, Mr. Knight is a customized version of Moon Knight’s armor that manifests when Steven’s personality uses it. Mr. Knight appears to have the same super strength as Moon Knight’s costume, though his weapons are two kali staves instead of moon blades, and he doesn’t have a cape.

The comics version of Mr. Knight’s costume is a bit more down to earth than this mystical version, being little more than a white costume and full face mask that the character wears when he doesn’t need to be. Moon Knight in his own right, but still wants to hide his identity for various investigations and social interactions.

As such, it’s interesting to see where Moon Knight plans to take this version of Mr. Knight. Besides, no one can say that the suit doesn’t look good on Steven… except Marc, who immediately nicknames him “Psycho Colonel Sanders”.

Harrow’s Hidden Depths

The nebulous Arthur Harrow continues to portray himself as a well-meaning spiritual leader, but his lentil-soup antics do little to mask the sinister innuendos he constantly peppers the conversation with…especially since said conversation begins with the kidnapping of poor Steven by two of his underling cops.

Harrow is much more closely tied to Steven and Marc’s predicament than one might have thought.

The reason he’s so familiar with the voice Steven hears is because the cult leader, too, has been an avatar of Khonshu. Before Marc took power, Harrow left the Moon God’s service for undisclosed reasons, but he knows enough of the deity’s methods to accurately guess what she is saying to Steven at all times.

Harrow did not give up the idea of ​​”fighting evil” after leaving Khonshu, but his methods became much more extreme. The reason he serves Ammit is because he believes the Goddess can destroy evildoers wholesale even before they commit their crimes. Harrow believes that this method will “illuminate the path of good by eradicating the choice of evil”. However, Steven is not very happy with the countless deaths this Minority Report-style approach would result in, despite Harrow’s insistence that it would create a paradise.

As disturbing as Harrow’s plan is, the revelation that the antagonist was once affiliated with Khonshu is arguably even more significant. Since he specifically mentions the “fist of vengeance” title, it implies that Harrow either donned the mantle of Moon Knight or was a version of another “fist of Khonshu” type character from the comics, such as Hunter’s Moon. . Maybe he’ll even end up donning the hood one more time. If that happens, the villain who hates Khonshu could potentially face Moon Knight as a version of Shadow Knight, a corrupted and murderous version of Moon Knight. Interesting times!

Moon Knight’s Sad Reality Appears

The ending of Moon Knight episode 2 may feature a cool fight against jackal monsters, but the victorious battle hardly ends the troubles for the protagonists. Steven has discovered a whole host of terrifying things Marc has done as an avatar of Khonshu, and he’s reluctant to surrender control to the dangerous mercenary personality. Unfortunately, when he does, Marc declares that he intends to remain the dominant personality until the Ammit case is over.

For his part, Marc is sincerely sorry for his actions and explains that his only motivation for doing so is to pay his debt to Khonshu. But that might be easier said than done. Earlier in the episode, Harrow opened a Pandora’s box by inviting Steven to ponder Khonshu’s motivations for choosing a man with mental health issues as his avatar…and wondering if the moon god might be the cause. of these problems. He also bluntly tells Marc’s personality that Khonshu is a chain liar.

Indeed, Khonshu devotes roughly 100% of his screen time to behaving in the most obnoxious way possible, throwing temper tantrums and dominating his avatar at all times.

For those familiar with the source material, that’s a pretty bad sign, as is the moon god’s apparent refusal to let go of Marc. After all, Khonshu has spent much of his comic book appearances as some kind of antagonist who doesn’t hesitate to subject his avatar to prolonged mental torture in an effort to take control of Marc’s own body. Sure, the moon deity can technically fight the good fight right now – but if Marc manages to defeat Harrow in Egypt, what happens next?

Moon Knight episode 2: recap and explanation of the end