Most anticipated TV series of 2023: more curious than The Last of Us or the series on Rocco Siffredi?

New year, new characters to become attached to: the new ones tv series to watch in 2023 they are a lot. By now the television production is vast. And just as loved: by now the real pop product is the series, which are increasingly influencing the way of making cinema.

However, in the face of an ever-increasing production, the hours available in our day are always the same. So there’s no time to waste: to help you find your way through the new series of 2023 that deserve attention, we have selected 10 titles.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog. In the gaming world it is considered a masterpiece. There are even those who replay it once a year.

Ten years after the game’s release, HBO adapted it for TV: the series of The Last of Us consists of 9 episodes and follows the adventures of Joel (Pedro Pascalformerly the Mandalorian in The Mandalorian) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey, Lyanna Mormont in Game of thrones), who travel together across a zombie-infested United States after a pandemic that has turned many humans into monsters.

The Last of Us from January 16 on Sky and NOW.

Call My Agent – Italy

Call My Agent – ​​Italy is the Italian remake of the French series Call My Agent (in original Dix pour cent, is on Netflix). Our version is also set in an entertainment agency, where the agents represent film and television stars.

In the original version many cameos by actors and directors in the role of themselves (including Sigourney Weaver and Monica Bellucci). In the Italian one there will be: Paola Cortellesi, Paolo Sorrentino, Pierfrancesco Favino, Anna Ferzetti, Matilda De Angelis, Stefano Accorsi and Corrado Guzzanti. Who knows if they will be as self-deprecating as their international colleagues.

Call My Agent – ​​Italy from January 20 on Sky and NOW.

Wolf Pack

Let’s not beat around the bush: the major source of interest for the series Wolf Packcreated by the same author as Teen WolfJeff Davisis the presence in the cast of Sarah Michelle Gellar. 20 years after the end of Buffy – The Vampire Slayer the actress returns in a series with supernatural creatures. We can not wait.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Edo van Belkom, published in 2004 and features a group of boys who are attacked by werewolves.

Wolf Pack January 26 on Paramount+.

Hello Tomorrow!

In the past three years, the best, albeit least known, series have arrived on Apple TV+: Ted Lasso, Severance, Blackbird, Bad Sisters, Pachinko, Mythic Quest. A catalog maybe not huge, but with a very high average quality.

So we blindly trust Hello Tomorrow!series produced and performed by Billy Crudup (also in the cast of The Morning Showanother Apple series for which he won an Emmy).

The plot is curious: set in a retro-future world, the series follows the story of lunar timeshare peddlers!

Hello Tomorrow! from February 17 on AppleTV+.


The character of Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker’s jedi student before he turned to the dark side and became the evil Darth Vader, is one of the most beautiful in all saga of Star Wars.

First introduced in the animated series The Clone Warshas become a character in the flesh thanks to Rosario Dawsonwho played her in a few episodes of The Mandalorian.

The jedi warrior finally has a series of her own: Ahsokain fact, written and co-directed by Dave Filoni.

Ahsoka by 2023 on Disney+.

Faraway Downs

After the public and critical success of Elvisthe film about Elvis Presley starring Austin Butler, Baz Luhrmann is busy on a new project.

5 years after the Netflix series The Get Downthe director returns to TV with Faraway Downs: it is a miniseries inspired by his film Australiawith protagonists Nicole Kidman And Hugh Jackman.

It is the story of an English aristocrat, Lady Sarah Ashley, who has to manage a farm in Australia after the death of her husband and gets a hand in tending the cattle from The Drover.

Both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman will return to play the characters. Brandon Walters also stars as Nullah, Sarah’s adopted Aboriginal child.

Faraway Downs by 2023 on Hulu in America, probably on Disney+ in Italy.


Alessandro Borgo Sara Rocco Siffredi in a TV series. We anticipated it. It’s about the Netflix series Supersexconsisting of 7 episodes.

Also in the series Jasmin Trinca, Adriano Giannini And Saul Nanni in the roles, respectively, of Lucia, Tommaso and Rocco as a boy.

Created and written by Francesca Manierithe series sees the director Matteo Rovere, Francesco Carrozzini And Frances Mazzoleni.

Supersex by 2023 on Netflix.

The Idol

The Idol tells the love story between a pop star on the rise and a self-help guru at the head of a cult.

The reason of great interest is the creative team: the female protagonist is Lily-Rose Depp (daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis), the protagonist and co-creator is Abel”The Weeknd” Tesfaye, who created the series together with Sam Levinson, former creator of Euphoria.

The Idol by 2023 on HBO Max in America, in Italy probably on Sky and NOW.

The Three-Body Problem

Inspired by the namesake novel by Liu Cixin, The Three-Body Problem (or The three-body problem) is a science fiction series created and written by David Benioff and DB Weissi.e. the authors of Game of thrones.

Quantum physics, international conspiracies, a mysterious game: it could be the most surprising and complicated series of the year.

In the cast: Eiza González, Benedict Wong, John Bradley, Liam Cunningham and Jonathan Pryce.

The Three-Body Problem by 2023 on Netflix.

White House Plumbers

It could be the surprise of the year: based on the novel Integritypublished in 2017, White House Plumbers follows the adventures of the “White House Plumbers”, a special investigative unit of the White House set up at the time of the “Pentagon Papers” to prevent the spread of top secret news.

The protagonists are two members of this unit, known as the “Nixon’s fixers”, who released the news that led to Watergate: E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy. The great news is that playing them is the fantastic couple formed by Woody Harrelsoneither Justin Theroux.

White House Plumbers by 2023 on HBO Max in America, in Italy probably on Sky and NOW.

Most anticipated TV series of 2023: more curious than The Last of Us or the series on Rocco Siffredi?