Ms Marvel becomes the best superhero series of 2022 according to Rotten Tomatoes

Discover the ranking of the best superhero series of 2022 that Rotten Tomatoes has published.

The Serie ms marvel from Marvel Studios rises with the position of the best superhero series of the past year according to the portal Rotten Tomatoes.

The year 2022 has been filled with superhero merchandise from start to finish. Whether on digital platforms or in movie theaters, fans of this world have been able to enjoy various and different proposals over the past year, as have critics.

Precisely the critic, especially the one who has access to the portal Rotten Tomatoeshas evaluated over the past year all the superhero products on the well-known film website, and after finishing this, the same members of RT They have published a ranking with the best superhero series according to specialized critics.

It should be noted that the operation of Rotten Tomatoes is different from other web pages such as Metacritic. In RT, the series and movies are evaluated with respect to the percentage of recommendation, that is, critics (and the public) vote within the web page, and if their score exceeds 6, the page detects that the series is recommended, and elaborates the note with respect to the total number of recommendations and non-recommendations.

Important: As Rotten Tomatoes itself explains in its special post, this ranking has been made by adapting the rating formula, in order to compensate for the number of reviews that each series had and compare them equally.

1. Ms. Marvel – Disney Plus

The series starring Iman Vellani is crowned as the best superhero series of the year. With a 98% recommendation from critics, and an 8.20 average grade, the Disney Plus series is placed on the podium despite criticism from several fans who were not convinced by the Marvel Studios proposal.

Ms Marvel tells the story of Kamala Khan, a young superhero fanatic teenager who discovers that she has supernatural powers, having to start living with them and deciphering her past and that of her family.

2. She Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk – Disney Plus

With an 80% recommendation from critics, and an average of 6.75, the Marvel Studios series is in second position in this ranking of Rotten Tomatoes.

The nine-episode series starring Tatiana Maslany tells the story of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who, after coming into contact with the blood of her cousin Bruce, acquires powers similar to those of the Hulk, with which she will have to start living.

3. The Boys (Season 3) – Prime Video

With a 98% recommendation from critics, and an 8.1 average grade, the famous series-parody of Prime Video gets bronze in the ranking of the best superhero series of the year. This third season of the series has been the best for many fans and professional critics, who eagerly await the premiere of the fourth season that Prime Video is preparing.

series of Amazon tells how the real world would be if superheroes were not a mere illusion of the world of comics or movies.

4. Peacemaker (Season 1) – HBO Max

In January of last year, James Gunn surprised fans of the DC universe with this series based on the character presented in The Suicide Squad (2021). With a 95% recommendation, and a 7.7 average grade, Christopher Smith’s story is placed fourth in the ranking of the year.

In peacemaker The past and history of Christopher Smith is explored, a ruthless assassin who fights to achieve “peace”, and who must strengthen ties and work with a group of workers sent by Amanda Waller to save the world.

5. Moon Knight – Disney Plus

Marvel Studios returns to the ranking with the first series that premiered this 2022, Moon Knight. The series starring Oscar Isaac has obtained an 86% recommendation, and an average grade of 7.65, placing it in fifth place among the best series of last year.

The series tells the story of Steven Grant, a tormented museum worker who receives mystical powers from an ancient Egyptian deity.

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Ms Marvel becomes the best superhero series of 2022 according to Rotten Tomatoes