Netflix: 10 Korean dramas if you liked Squid Game

news culture Netflix: 10 Korean dramas if you liked Squid Game

More than a year after the success of Squid Game, Korean dramas (kdramas) abound on Netflix. Thanks to this platform, they reach a wider audience. Thus, with the editorial staff, we offer you a selection to help you discover action titles from the Pays du Matin calme!


  • All of Us Are Dead
  • Hellbound
  • My Name
  • Taxi Driver
  • sweet home
  • Vincenzo
  • Money Heist: Korea
  • Vagabond
  • Rugal
  • The Silent Sea

All of Us Are Dead

Let’s start our selection with zombies with All of Us Are Dead, a title that features students who find themselves stuck in their own high school in the midst of an invasion of the living dead. In the same style as the very good Last Train for Busan, we intensely follow the survival of the characters, increased intensity when we know that dying at the bend of a corridor is a strong possibility. A constant tension is felt, leaving the spectator almost panting. However, if you want to follow the story in another format or if you don’t have Netflix, it’s entirely possible: this kdrama is an adaptation of the webtoon (an online comic, in this case a manhwa) Now at Our School.


A touch of dark fantasy, anyone? In Hellbound, creatures appeared on Earth to condemn people to hell in a more or less brutal way. These supernatural events gave rise to a religious group that believes in divine justice. As stressful as it is gripping, this fiction draws on the fear of death and the afterlife, by staging collective panic. A horror drama that can also be enjoyed as a webtoon for the faint hearted.

My Name

On the side of thrillers, police, suspense and plot twists, we have My Name. This kdrama presents the story of a woman who was destroyed by the murder of her father. In a quest for bloodthirsty revenge, she bets everything on a powerful member of the underworld. A bond of friendship that will lead her to have to join the police. With powerful action scenes, the frantic pace gives us a good dose of adrenaline. To sum up, My Name is certainly classic fiction but effective in its staging.

Taxi Driver

… A title that reminds us of a certain movie, isn’t it? However, Taxi Driver is the adaptation of the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi (Red Cage) which was inspired by true stories in South Korea. This series illustrates a former special forces soldier who now works in a taxi company. Only, it is not a company like the others, because it hides an activity of revenge and fight for justice. With many themes covered, including highlighting the problems of Korean society, Taxi Driver is captivating. In short, it is not only entertaining: it shows us in a brutal way the shortcomings of a society too often watered down in the eyes of Westerners.

sweet home

Want more horror? Here it is with Sweet Home. Once again, it’s an adaptation of an eponymous webtoon. Suffice to say right away that it is not a happy story because it depicts a young man who has been suicidal since the death of his entire family. Wishing to start from scratch, he makes the decision to move, a choice he will regret when he notices the strange behavior of his new neighbors. Enough to feed the paranoia of the character, but also of the spectator! The staging is so bold and neat that the horrific elements are all the more effective.


Combining brutal drama and slapstick humor, Vincenzo is a k-drama that has created a surprise. Especially with its scenario featuring a Korean who grew up in the Italian mafia. The young Vincenzo then finds himself embroiled in a case involving a huge pharmaceutical group. He will have to use both his skills as a lawyer and mafia to deliver justice. To sum it all up, it’s a Korean James Bond with a touch of humor that doesn’t fall into clichés. Confusing for some, and real nugget for others, all you have to do is form your own opinion!

Money Heist: Korea

Did you enjoy La Casa de Papel? Money Heist: Korea is simply its Korean version. However, this drama differs from the Spanish version by its context. With a story that takes place in a reunified Korea that strongly favors the rich, the viewer is entitled to a real reflection on this society and its inequalities. Money Heist: Korea can serve as an alternative for fans of the original series, a way to rediscover the work with Asian sauce.


Espionage, action and romance… This is the generous content offered by the drama Vagabond. It tells the story of Cha Dal-geon who decides to understand what exactly happened when his nephew died. The plane crash that would have caused him to lose his life sows doubt. That’s why, with the help of a spy, Cha Dal-geon leads the investigation. An omnipresent suspense that keeps the spectator in suspense throughout.Vagabond also stands out with a popular cast, including Bae Suzy (former member of K-pop group Miss A) as the secret agent.


Still in the police register, we have Rugal. Again, this is an adaptation of the webtoon “Lugal,” featuring a cop who lost everything to a dangerous criminal organization. He therefore seeks revenge after being endowed with superhuman abilities through biotechnology. In short, this drama addresses the theme of our relationship to ubiquitous technology and its excesses.

The Silent Sea

We are coming to the end of our selection of Korean dramas… So let’s end on a high note with The Silent Sea. This is horror science fiction set on the Moon. In the near future when Earth’s resources are running out, a team of experts is assembled to carry out a particularly difficult mission: they must recover a sample from a secret research facility. In short, it’s a very immersive series where the tension is palpable. She owes a lot to her 5-star cast which notably contains Gong Yoo (Squid Game) and Bae Doo-na (Sense8 and Cloud Atlas).

Netflix: 10 Korean dramas if you liked Squid Game