Netflix cancels animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park after two seasons

After two seasons, the streaming platform Netflix just canceled the animated series ”Dead End: Paranormal Park”. The creator of the series, Hamish Steeleconfirmed the news through a post on his official Twitter account.

“Obviously, we never wanted this to be the case,” Steele wrote. “We actually did a writers room for season 3. We have scripts, designs, and schematics ready to go. The plan was always to give these characters the proper ending they deserve. But sadly, the powers that be don’t want more. ”

Similarly, Steele took the opportunity to thank Netflix for taking on the project and the fans for supporting ”Dead End” in its short broadcast. He also expressed that he is hopeful that the story can conclude in a different way outside of the animated program.

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The author went on to say: ”For now, I’m hard at work on the third and final book of DeadEndia, which I hope will serve as closure. Our plan for season 3 was largely based on it. I will continue to release series with the same heart as ”Dead End”. Until then, I hope that Barney, Norma, Pugsley, Courtney and the entire team at Phoenix Parks continue to bring you comfort in these dark times.”

The ”Dead End” series began as an animated short released in 2014 as part of the ”Too Cool! Cartoons” on You Tube. Steele later adapted the story into a graphic novel under the name DeadEndia, which Netflix will later adapt the project into a series titled “Dead End: Paranormal Park.”

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The story centered on Barney and Norma, two teenagers who worked as security guards at Phoenix Park along with Barney’s dog, Pugsley. The theme park was based on the life of the fictional actor and singer Pauline Phoenix, whose spirit is haunted by a group of supernatural creatures.

The cancellation of ”Dead End” came right after Netflix canceled ”Inside Job”, one of the most animated series in recent years that had a large number of fans with just one season. Before this, many fans have proclaimed themselves on social networks, asking the streaming platform to save these two animated series.

The first two seasons of ”Dead End: Paranormal Park” are available on Netflix.

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Netflix cancels animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park after two seasons