Netflix: here are the 10 best Italian series to watch

For some years now, Italian directors have stood out on netflix with ever more original programs. Their cute sin? The film adaptations of bestselling novels. Colorful stories that will make you live the sweet life the time of a few hours, if you decide to watch these TV series. Here is our selection of best Italian shows to watch on Netflix.

1. Baby

With 3 seasons to its credit, the Italian series Baby is one of the most popular shows on netflix. Released for the first time in 2018, it has captivated viewers around the world, especially teenagersfor its gripping plot.

Transported through the streets of Rome alongside two teenage girls that everything opposes, Chiara, and Ludovica, we are witnessing the decadence of the high society of which they are a part.

Both are studying in a prestigious private high school, that of Collodi, and become friends. For better, and especially for worse! Sulphurous evenings, and network of prostitution… How far will the two young women go by desire for freedom ?

2. Three meters above the sky

You are fans of rose water stories ? In this case, you will probably enjoy the Italian series Three meters above the sky. Produced by Netflix in 2020, this romantic series of two seasons has something to please: in an idyllic setting, two young adults, Ale and Summer, fall in love.

However, these are very different: when Ale, a motorcycle enthusiast, is considered a “bad boy”, her soul mate Summer, is rather seen as a wise and uneventful girl. Will their love hold up despite their differences? Case to follow.

3. Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts

Who has not already tested his love compatibility in line with another zodiac sign? Certainly not the character of Alice, in Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts on Netflix. Within two seasons, the last of which was published in March 2022, this series of Italian origin returns to the love journey of young Alice.

Which turns out to be completely disastrous, until she meets a certain Tio. passionate aboutastrology He has always talked to her about the existence of a love compatibility between the different astrological signs. Somewhat disconcerted by this news, but determined to find love with a capital A, Alice embarks on a crazy adventure full of twists and turns.

4. Il Processo

Among the must-see thrillers on netflix, we shoot the italian series Il Processo, published in November 2019. Why do we love it? Because it brings together all the drama and tension that we like to see in a TV show. But Il Processoit is above all the story of the murder of a escort girl 17-year-old Angelica Petroni. Case that prosecutor Elena Guerra intends to solve to do justice, but not only. Close to the victim during his lifetime, she makes it personal.

5. Suburra

The Italian mafia has caused a lot of ink to flow, that’s for sure. In the movie theater, as in the novels, it is an integral part of many fictional scenarios. And the TV series Suburra is no exception to the rule. Released on Netflix in 2017, this italian show returns to the arrival of high-ranking personalities from the mafia in the port city of Ostia. Or more exactly of the most feared of them: the famous “Samurai”. Determined to buy land to conquer the city, and develop its economy, his gang of thugs will come up against different obstacles. On the one hand the influence of Vatican, but also the Rome City Council, to whom the previous lands belong. But not only: motivated by power, everyone, even the youngest, will try to get out of the game.

6. curon

If you hooked with the script of the series DarkWhere Locke & Key on Netflixyou should revel in the episodes of the show curon. Released in 2020 on the American giant’s platform, this TV series looks back on the story of Laura, who decides to move back to their hometownCuron Venosta, 17 years after leaving.

Shortly after her arrival, she mysteriously disappears, leaving behind her two children with whom she had come. Left to their own devices in a worrying city, they experience supernatural phenomenaon the background of a bell tower immersed. The same, as in the real city of Curon Venosta, where the show was filmed. Simply chilling.

7. Luna Nera

If there is a series that mixes history and magic, it is this one. Luna Nera is an Italian TV show produced by Netflix in 2020. Within a single season, we follow the character of Adé, a midwife 16 years old living in the 17th century. Accused of witchcraft because of her activity, she is forced to leave her home. During her journey, she meets a family of “witches” ready to help her discover herself. During the 6 episodes that make up the season, she will therefore have to choose between her love and her destiny.

8. Ag3nda

It is the series of teenagers par excellence: Ag3nda, the show produced by Netflix in May 2022 promises to capsize hearts. With its only season available, the italian series transports us to school benches for a few hours. We discover the character of Pietro, who experiences his first feelings of love and friendly disappointments at school. Establishment which he is desperately trying to prevent the closure…

9. We all want to be saved

Long remained taboo, mental pathologies are increasingly addressed in thecinematic universe. The proof with the series We all want to be saved. This show from Italy transports us through the story of Daniele, during his stay in psychiatric hospital. Forcibly interned after an evening where he seems to have consumed drugs, he meets several boarders, with whom he becomes friends, or more!

10. Luna Park

With this second successful series titled Luna Parkthe director of the series Baby yet another tour de force. Just like in Babywe denounce the existing cleavages between the different social classes. And this, through two characters with very different origins: Nora, a young woman from a family of showmen, and Rosa, the daughter of a wealthy Italian clan in the 1960s. Their paths cross when Rosa wishes find the trace of his missing twin sister : by doing draw cards by Nora, the two young women make an astonishing discovery…

Did these Italian series convince you? You just have to find them on the Netflix platform. Good viewing !

Netflix: here are the 10 best Italian series to watch