Netflix: three years after its cinema flop, this sequel to a cult horror film is a hit

It’s the unexpected sequel to one of the greatest horror films of all time, which unfortunately flopped at the box office when it was released in 2019. Over time, it has grown in appreciation and in worship, becoming one of the best adaptations of Stephen King on the big screen and one of the great works of its director. It’s time to finally find out Doctor Sleepavailable on Netflix!

Doctor Sleepthe already cult sequel to shiny

In 1980, Stanley Kubrick unveiled what was to become one of his most cult films: the film adaptation of the novel Shining, the child of light by Stephen King. Worn by Jack Nicholson and composed of scenes that are still as memorable today, the feature film mixing horror and thriller remains one of the best films in the history of cinema. 39 years after its release, the director Mike Flannagan to whom we owe the series The Haunting, midnight sermons or The Midnight Club (all on Netflix) took on the crazy bet of adapting the sequel, Doctor Sleeppublished in 2013 by the master of horror.

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The film takes place many years after the events of shining, with Danny Torrance (played by Ewan McGregor) now grown and torn apart by his childhood trauma. The combination of his supernatural ability to connect with ghosts and his father’s violent alcoholic outburst tortured him to such an extent that he also fell into an addiction to alcohol to silence voices and trauma.

At the same time, a group of mysterious and dangerous individuals devote themselves to hunting people with special abilities like Danny, killing them to extract an essence in the form of smoke that serves as food and the elixir of eternal youth. Torrance must overcome her problems to deal with this group of “vampires” before they reach a promising young woman with psychic abilities.

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A gem of horror cinema

Mike Flanagan is based on the dramatic background of Stephen King’s original novel, also called Doctor Sleep, to create dark and emotional horror that explores trauma, real and metaphorical ghosts, and addictions. A style that he has already developed in his series such as The Haunting of Hill House Where Midnight Sermons.

The truth is, there aren’t a few shocking moments throughout the film. In many of them is the character of Rebecca Ferguson, who creates one of the most charismatic female villains in recent cinema, devouring the screen with charisma and an unsettling performance.

The film remains one of the gems of horror cinema in recent years, one that did not deserve to go unnoticed at the time and deserves all the love we can give it. And that’s good because since it’s available on Netflix, Doctor Sleep is entitled to a new celebrity. Available on the platform, the film has risen to the top, and continues to attract more and more subscribers. A truly well-deserved success for a film that is too little seen in theaters: it had only a little more than 200,000 admissions in France and had brought in only 72 million dollars in receipts worldwide, on an estimated budget of $45 million.

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Netflix: three years after its cinema flop, this sequel to a cult horror film is a hit