Netflix’s Christmas binge: movies and TV series (also for children)

TOmore than too soon. With Falling for Christmas stable among the most watched Christmas 2022 movies on Netflix, from now on the great binge of Christmas-themed stories begins, with decorative textures better than mistletoe and fake snow. But don’t worry: there’s stuff streaming too even for those who hate Christmas. A majority once silent and today instead more and more agitatedand not surprisingly often satisfied.

Falling for Christmas

Lindsay Lohan vegetarian and fuchsia fur hat and with the skiing skills of a sloth is the star of this hit. A comedy barlùsc played on memory loss of a spoiled heiress about to to get engaged with a Instagrammers of success, who falls – literally – from a mountain to find herself completely forgetful.

Rescued from blond And widower owner of a small innmust learn to do “normal things” – for example, like changing the sheets – to try to recover your memory.

Lindsay Lohan in “Falling for Christmas”. (Netflix)

The Claus family 2

This is the sequel to the fantastic/drama film released in 2020. If the first was about a discovery shocking for the young man Jules Claus (Mo Bakker) – to be the direct descending from Santa Claus – in this second episode the boy, now at ease in the role, takes over the business of his grandfather Noël: deliver gifts all over the world. While he is busy preparing, he receives the letter from a little girl with a prayer special gift: getting divorced parents back together.

The grandfather puts his feet down but the new Santa Claus does not miss the opportunity to do something truly Christmassy.

Christmas with you, from 17 November

Romantic and enveloping, Christmas with you is the story of pop star Angelina (Aimee Garcia), unmotivated and full burnouts working, looking forinspiration for a Christmas hit. To escape the oppressive production house he decides to go to find a fan who expressed a desire to know her personally.

The meeting takes place but the snow blocks Angelinawhich is forced to spend time among normal peoplein a home dinner with trio of delirious aunts. But inspiration is back, and in addition to the song Angelina she will also discover a new music teacher.

I hate Christmasfrom 7 December

How to find a partner in just 24 days to serve it on the table at Christmas in front of relatives? This is the dilemma of Giannayoung nurse protagonist of the first Italian Christmas TV series of Netflix, played by an ironic Pilar Fogliati.

Despite his independence of a single girl and happy to be, the family demands normalityworth calling spinster. To survive Gianna finds herself like this lie shamelessly, claiming to have a fiance which he has yet to find. A light and airy series from the romantic Venetian scenery for an unconventional female character.

“I hate Christmas”. In the photo Pilar Fogliati. (Netflix)

My Little Pony: Winter Wishday, from 21 November

A Christmas special from the lucky one children’s series based on Hasbro toys. A new adventure a Equestria which reunites friends Zipp, Sunny, Izzy, Pipp and Hitch – better known as the Mane 5 – to celebrate Christmas, everyone according to the own traditions. A challenge against time that requires organization.

THE little ones pony therefore decide to use a flying van to drive everyone to the desired destinations e get home on time for the Star of Wishes. The main concept? Respect the differences and celebrate each other. With kindness.

“My Little Pony: Winter Wishday”. (Netflix)

Christmas at Mistletoe Farmfrom 23 November

British-made children’s Christmas film, Christmas at Mistletoe Farm revolves around the story of a father widower that inherit one farm during the Christmas period. A place with an evocative name: «mistletoe» is in fact the mistletoewhich blooms in December and symbolizes the life that exists regeneratesplant-amulet auspicious for the new year. While the father, predictably, find it hard to to adapt to the new life in the small village, i sons they organize a plan to stay forever on the farm.

“Christmas at Mistletoe Farm”. (Netflix)

Noel’s secret diaryfrom 24 November

Justin Harleythe beauty of This Is Usit’s Jacob, author of best seller who comes home at Christmas for fix theinheritance of the mother. Here he comes across a mysterious diary which reveals secrets of the past of family – and perhaps of his own. When Rachel arrives, a young woman looking for her mother, they emerge other revelations that will change both their lives. From the namesake novel by Richard Paul Evans, a Christmas movie on Netflix that will require some Kleenex.

Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss. (Netflix)

Action Pack – The Squad Saves Christmasfrom 28 November

The team of children Super heroes designed by OddBot Inc. returns with a new series of animated adventures of super Christmas setting. With their powers and the help of Santa Claus L’Action Packs formed by Gemma, Volt, Diana and Argy will have to fix things when the greedy Rudy Von Ruber decide to steal the joy Christmas scene in the charming town of Hope Springs. Not a Christmas movie but episodes fast about 10 minutesideal between one meal and another (or between one task and another).

“Action Pack – The Squad Saves Christmas”. (Netflix)

A Christmas full of Graça, from 30 November

For a light and easy-going evening, the Christmas film Brazilian by Pedro Antônio is perfect. The starting point is savory and classic: after discovering that he has been betrayed, Carlinhos (Sérgio Malheiros) carries a stranger at home for Christmasbut Graça it will turn out to be one cute crazy girl able to throw disruption of traditions family’s. Much to everyone’s amusement.

Vera Fischer (center) and Gkay. (Netflix)

The Creature Cases 2 (Kit & Sam – Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom)from 30 November

Second season of animated series dedicated to preschool children. Suspended between action, comedy and detective story, The Creature Cases focuses on the adventures of agents Sam Snow and Kit Casey, a duo of detectives specializing in solving animal mysteries. How? Exploring habitat and behaviors with the help of the Mice Squad, who provide them with highly classified information. Two detectives of the animal kingdom whose stories mix with authentic intelligence data zoological with an exciting investigative action.

“The Creature Cases – Kit & Sam Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom Season 2”. (Netflix)

Scrooge – A Christmas Carolfrom 2 December

It’s the new one animated Christmas movie inspired by the famous story of Charles Dickens of the 1843. The very rich and very stingy Ebenezer Scrooge lives again, more frowning than ever, in this musical adaptation supernatural including spiritual time travel by three ghosts – the spirits of Christmas past, present and future. The most classic Christmas story and moving is told in music, with songs reinterpreted by Leslie Bricusse OBEwinner of two Oscars, in a riot of Victorian details: a real feast for the eyes.

“Scrooge – A Christmas Carol”. (Netflix)

Baby Boss – A special Christmasfrom 6 December

Bonus season of the hit animated series produced by DreamWorks Animation and based on the novel by Marla Frazee. A new adventure for Ted Templeton aka Boss Babyhead of Baby Corp., who despite his age andputto look reason and acts like an adult.

There Vigil Christmas it actually takes one unexpected turn as Baby Boss, insensitive to the Christmas atmosphere, comes dragged by the older brother in a mall for meet Santa Claus. Here Baby Boss it exchanges accidentally with one of elves in service and comes magically transported to North Pole. With what enthusiasm we can only imagine.

“Boss Baby: A Special Christmas”. (Netflix)


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