Nintendo Switch: The best games releasing in January 2023

After a December meager enough for Nintendo Switch, January 2023 instead brings lots of new features on Nintendo’s hybrid platform! The new year begins in the best way with the arrival of names like Person 4, Person 3 And Fire Emblem Engage.

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In addition of course to this month’s flagship title there are several other excellent choices such as Children of Silenttownindie of Italian production designed by the artist Fraffrog. Below you will find one list of the best games released during the month, along with a brief description for each title:

Nintendo Switch January 2023

Children of Silenttown

It is the product of Team Elf Games in collaboration with Luna2 Study And Daedalic Entertainment. One of the main members of the team is the well-known artist and creator Fraffrog who took care of many backdrops and to depict some characters (for example the protagonist).

Children of Silenttown is a dark adventure that tells the story of Lucy, who grew up in a village in the heart of a forest inhabited by monsters. It’s not uncommon for people to disappear here, but this time Lucy she is old enough to investigate on her own. Or at least, he thinks so.”

The title is agraphic adventure with a dark and disturbing atmosphere that in some ways recalls the style of Tim Burton. The game works like a classic point and click in which the protagonist can interact with many elements of the scenario to analyze or collect them. The gameplay mainly focuses on environmental puzzles or on finding different objects to continue the story.

Persona 4 Golden

The game’s protagonist is sent to live with his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and her daughter Nanako in the Japanese city of Inaba. Shortly after his arrival, however, strange events begin to happen: a strange rumor spreads in the town as a series of mysterious murders begins. As the protagonist and his companions pursue the truth, they will find themselves opening the door to a another world.

Person 4 is a JRPG developed by Atlus originally for PlayStation 2 as a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Originally released in 2009the title published by Square Enix has received a remake for PS Vita and PS TV titled Persona 4 Golden.

The experience contains many new features compared to the original game introducing new events, characters, music, places, Personas and much more. Person 4 comes first time comes up Nintendo Switch in 2023 with subtitles in Italianadapting to Persona 5 Royalthe first game in the series to be translated.

Persona 3: Portable

Shortly after moving to the Gekkoukan high schoolthe protagonist comes across theDark hour. An unusual calm envelops the city, people transform into creepy coffins and supernatural monsters called Shadows that start swarming everywhere. When he is attacked by one of them Shadows and all hope now seems lost, the power of the heart, his Person, awakens. Strengthened by his new power, he goes in search of the truth about theDark hour and face the fate that awaits him.

Person 3 is an iconic and fan-acclaimed game that takes credit for reinventing the Persona series. The spin-off of the Shin series Megami Tensei produced by Atlus arrives in a remastered and improved version also on Nintendo Switch, for the first time with the subtitles in Italian.

The main features of this title include a general improvement of the game mechanics and features that lighten the experience such as the difficulty selection and quick save. The protagonist will have to climb the menacing tower of Tartarus, defeat powerful Shadows and investigate the mystery that surrounds theDark hour. Also, you will be able to go through this journey as ben two protagonists yours.

Fire Emblem Engage

The new chapter in the series Fire Emblem settles in Elyos, a continent formed by four kingdoms surrounding a sacred land. A thousand years ago, among the people of Elyos and the Evil Dragon a fierce conflict broke out.

During the war, the inhabitants of Elyos summoned heroes from otherworlds, the emblems, to fight alongside them. Thanks to their help, the warriors of different nations fought as one man, eventually succeeding imprison the Evil Dragon. Now, however, the omens that indicate his return are multiplying…

The player will have to take on the role of Alear, Divine Dragon who awoke a thousand years after the war with no memory of the past. He will have to fight together with his allies in strategic and tactical battles to prevent the return of the Evil Dragon. On battlefield emblems encased in special rings can be summoned: these emblems summon heroes from other titles in the series from past games such as Marth, Celica and many others.

Wearing these rings, Alear and his allies can boost their own stats or use even stronger abilities. The heroes will then also be able to interact with the emblems, combining their strength with theirs and unlocking unique attacks.

Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection

With the 21 versions of the six games Wonder Boy most iconic ever released, this incredible compilation brings the influential platform game series SAW also on the Nintendo Switch. With the re-adaptation of the most important platform games of the eighties and nineties, the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection offers a classic game that is enough to keep even the most seasoned gamers busy for months.

This complete collection offers the most ambitious collection of Wonder Boy games ever released!

The Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection updates the series with precision adaptation to today’s hardware and features new properties such as the ability to rewind the game at any time. The games in this Collection are: Wonder Boy (6 versions), Wonder Boy in Monsterland (4 versions), Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (2 versions), Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (4 versions), Wonder Boy in Monster World (3 versions), Monster World IV (2 versions).

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