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Jordan Peele’s sci-fi thriller Nope is one of the most acclaimed films of the year, receiving wide acclaim from critics and audiences alike. From its nuanced performances to its lavish visuals to its thought-provoking themes, many aspects of the film received near-universal approval. But Peele failed to convince everyone with this intriguing UFO story.

When comments on a Reddit thread about Nope are sorted by “controversial,” a slew of dissenting opinions turn up like a hungry alien saucer in the sky.

There is no deep underlying meaning

On many Reddit threads discussing Nope, users who have a negative response to the film are told that they just didn’t get it. But Redditor u/ParryMeAgain thinks there’s “nothing to get” and that Nope is “just a sci-fi movie” (although sci-fi stories are inherently something to get, even if this is only a conceptual premise).

Fans of Nope have interpreted the film to criticize the use of exploitation for entertainment, but this Redditor believes “there is no deeper meaning behind it.” [in the film] other than eye contact.

Keke Palmer’s character was boring

Most fans and critics raved about Keke Palmer’s goofy and outgoing portrayal of Em Haywood. Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun are compelling as always, but for many viewers Palmer steals the show from the moment she first appears with an unconventional monologue.

But not everyone in the audience was impressed with Palmer’s performance. Redditor u/IntrepidCase bluntly posted that Palmer’s character was “boring as f***.”

It didn’t live up to the hype

Ever since Peele became a big-name auteur with Get Out, there’s been a lot of hype every time he releases a new movie. The mysterious trailers for Us teased the Tethered as a supernatural threat and the even more mysterious trailers for Nope were cast to tease everything from a UFO story to a biblical plague.

Redditor u/jdrakey “absolutely loved the cast” of Nope’s characters, but added, “I don’t quite think it lived up to the hype. »

Jordan Peele is overrated

Redditor u/MisterBadIdea2 “completely hated” the film and said Jordan Peele was “almost certainly the most overrated filmmaker working.” The Redditor deemed Get Out to be “half of a good movie. [that] botches the reveal and the ending” and that We never found “a solid groove”, but thought that “No, this is still his worst”.

The Redditor called Nope “a fucking failure of storytelling [and] a failure to create suspense”, and suggested that “there is no emotional thread or intimacy with any of the characters”.

we were a better movie

After Peele burst onto the scene with his Oscar-winning feature debut Get Out, the simpler horror storytelling and absurdist mythology of his second directorial effort has met with a more divided response from Us. For many, Nope felt a return to form after Us’ disappointment.

But Redditor u/ADR36 doesn’t share that opinion: “It seems like tons of people are saying ‘disappointed with Us, but he won me back a lot here’.” I am the opposite. I thought we were INCREDIBLE, while this one let me down a lot.

There are great moments, but it’s not a great story

There are plenty of great individual moments in Nope, like Gordy’s rampage on the sitcom set and Jupe and her viewers being sucked into the sky and digested by the alien. But Redditor u/youvebeenliedto felt that, as a cohesive narrative, Nope was “poorly executed.”

The Redditor admits that “Peele does a great job of capturing ‘memorable and well-constructed’ moments, but Nope’s plotting ‘got REALLY dumb towards the end.’

The flying saucer reveal was disappointing

The opening scenes of Nope feature what looks like a traditional flying saucer. But instead of being the spaceship containing the aliens, this saucer turns out to be the alien itself. Despite the originality of this idea, Redditor u/forresbj would have preferred standard ANDs

The Redditor writes: “I thought [the flying saucer] was interesting until it turned out to be some kind of weird celestial monster. The aliens in a saucer are more interesting in my opinion. Even though this is a new take, my plot stopped after this reveal.

tone is everywhere

Redditor u/ForrestGumpsShoes called Nope an “incredibly awful movie” and felt that “tonically it was all over the place.” Non is a blood-soaked body horror movie and a Spielbergian sci-fi actor rolled into one, with both light-hearted comedy moments and a harrowing exploration of trauma.

Tone wasn’t this Redditor’s only issue with Nope. They felt that Peele’s direction favored “style over substance”, its screenplay had “excruciating pacing issues”, and the musical score “didn’t match the film”.

Gordy’s subplot was unnecessary

Redditor u/jazzman13 “really liked it [Nope] overall, but… what was the point of the monkey subplot? Gordy has quickly become one of Nope’s most iconic parts, but u/jazzman13 doesn’t understand how that ties into the main story.

The story of an animal actor who reached his breaking point and bludgeoned his human co-stars reinforces the themes of the film. But the Redditor is right; Gordy’s narrative is almost entirely disconnected from the actual plot. It feels like a second kind of horror movie crammed in the middle of this one.

It’s not scary

Themes and allegories are all well and good, but above all, a horror film must scare its audience. Although they admit they “loved the talent involved” and “can appreciate the cinematography and stylistic choices,” Redditor u/Apprehensive-Leg-395 “didn’t quite understand why anyone would think it’s scary. “.

Most horror fans enjoyed the intensity of scenes like Gordy and Jean Jacket’s killing spree that rains blood on the Haywood house, but not everyone found the movie scary.

No: 10 unpopular opinions, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel