Only true charity can triumph in the empire of selfishness and impurity


Dear faithful, friends and benefactors:

Often in history the world has had the sudden impression of waking up as a different one. In Christian antiquity, for example, at a certain moment the world “was stunned to wake up Arian”, as Saint Jerome says. Similarly, in the 16th century, a third of Europe woke up Protestant. In reality, these phenomena did not occur in the space of one night, but were prepared progressively. However, they really came as a surprise because contemporaries had not understood the seriousness of the different events that prepared these catastrophes. They did not realize the consequences that such events implied. In this sense, entire peoples have woken up Arians or Protestants and, when they have woken up, it has already been too late.

Unfortunately, today we are experiencing a similar situation. We see around us things, words, initiatives that shock us, but we run the risk of not understanding their full scope. These elements are often perceived as various things that concern others, but will never affect us. They are recognized, hated, but somehow they are ignored in daily life. This means that our eyes are not always fully open to perceive the influence and danger of these realities on ourselves and, above all, on our children. It must be said clearly: the world is transforming into a universal Sodom and Gomorrah. We cannot avoid it by going somewhere else, because this transformation is universal. We must remain calm, but prepare now, with all the means at our disposal, so as not to be surprised when we wake up.

Sodom and Gomorrah universal

It is always difficult to appear as a prophet of misfortune, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. A diabolical culture is installed more deeply every day in the world. After having rejected God through apostasy and atheism, contemporary humanity inevitably wants to replace him. And the results are satanic. Man today claims to determine what is good or evil. It is he who intends to choose to live or die, to be such and such, to give life or to suppress it… In short, to decide everything that God should decide, and this on a universal scale.

But worst of all is the manifest will to initiate the innocent in these abominable principles. Special attention is paid to children and youth, in order to introduce them from an early age to this new vision of reality, corrupt them and teach them what only adults should know, and even what not even adults should know at all. a still humane and healthy society. Morally speaking, a true will prevails to destroy innocence where it is supposed to exist naturally. Now we have reached this point. The problem is not only the sin that invades the world and contaminates everything in its path, but the fact that all this is approved and imposed. It is the sign that God, abandoned by man, has in turn abandoned man to his fate.

The consequences of rejecting God

In the new Sodom, faith and love have definitely given way to lies and selfishness.

Saint Paul already described in detail the ultimate result of the apostasy, in unequivocal terms: “For knowing God, they did not glorify him as God, nor did they give thanks to him; but they reveled in their speeches, arrogant, and their senseless heart was full of darkness… Therefore, God abandoned them to the desires of their depraved heart, to the vices of impurity, to such an extent that they themselves dishonored their own bodies; they who had placed the lie in the place of the truth of God, worshiping and serving the creatures instead of worshiping the Creator… That is why God gave them over to infamous passions…. Because they did not want to recognize God, God gave them over to a reprobate sense, so that they have done actions unworthy of man, remaining crowded with all kinds of iniquity, malice, fornication, greed, perversity; full of envy, murderers, quarrelsome, fraudulent, malignant, gossips, slanderers, enemies of God, outragers, arrogant, arrogant, inventors of vices, disobedient to their parents, irrational, torn, unloving, disloyal, ruthless, who in the midst of having known the justice of God, they did not see that those who do such things are worthy of eternal death, and not only those who do them, but also those who approve of those who do them” (Rom. 1,21 H.H).

The weakness of the men of the Church

Faced with this situation, the Church that emerged from the Council finds itself in a dead end. This was inevitable from the day dialogue replaced the preaching of truth. The will to conform to the world, to accept it as it is, without condemning its deviations, without confronting it, this will is bearing its final fruits. There are already considerable parts of the Church that openly advocate the acceptance of the abominations mentioned. Other parts of the Church do not seem to know what they could oppose in the name of. Anyway, everything is ready for a new Sodom and Gomorrah.

The need for suitable remedies

The first condition for any possible solution is, above all, to open our eyes and understand that this new paradigm affects us all. Being found in the dominant culture, it is present everywhere: in language, in fashion, in art, in shows, in the street. It is in the messages that we continually receive, since it is the very prism of our time and through which everything is filtered and presented. We must be more aware of this: the air we breathe is poisoned, the Internet, with which we are increasingly forced to live and consume, is poisoned and transmits the plague, even in the most remote corners. All this necessarily affects us. And once again, the most defenseless against this terrible poison are children and young people, beginning with those of our own families.

Christian heroism: its two essential characteristics

But then what should we do when we open our eyes? If God allows more than ever this universality of evil, this new pagan empire, it is certainly in order to arouse Christian heroism throughout the world. You can’t live outside this empire, but you can live there without being crushed by it. We can survive to the extent that we “discriminate” ourselves, that is, we stay out of it.

This heroism, which the Christians have already shown in the pagan empires, has two characteristic features.

First of all, it begins, feeds and develops in the dark. You need perspective to grow. He needs prayer to grow in the love of God and in the most radical hatred of sin. It cannot be done in a day. The great external acts, an expression of this heroism, have always been, over the years, the result of a hidden constancy and a perseverance to all tests. The heroism of the cross presupposes the darkness of the manger and of the house in Nazareth. Final perseverance will be given only to those who, in daily life, in their most common actions, will have been able to protect themselves from evil and abstain from sin with a heroism that only God – who probes the entrails and hearts – will know and will reward. External declarations and actions, without a pure heart, without a true interior conversion, would risk leaving us in illusion, even in hypocrisy. This pure, God-set heart that Abraham possessed enabled him to stay away from all that Sodom stood for. Lot, despite being a righteous man himself (2 Peter 2:7-8), chose to settle in Sodom and remain there: this environment, in spite of everything, he liked, and his children unfortunately did not escape it. their bad influences.

The second feature of this heroism, which must also manifest itself over the years, is the radical dedication of oneself. It is the unmistakable sign of love. The profession of faith is only effective if it is accompanied by a true generosity in giving oneself to God, which makes one love everything he loves as he loves it, and hate everything he hates, as he hates it. Without that love, we cannot have that hate. And without this hatred, one cannot resist a seduction that will be ever more subtle, profound and universal, a seduction that Lot’s family has not entirely escaped.

Credidimus caritati: three privileged weapons

Let’s open our eyes now, let’s open our children’s eyes, before we wake up sunk in the new Sodom. First of all, let us give our children the lesson of our example, of our love and our hate. We must not wait to protect them. Let us remove from our home everything that can contribute to spreading the spirit of the world, without compromise, with a soft and healthy intransigence. Let’s not be naive or weak: no family, no person can be considered safe. Corruption is already much deeper than is thought, and its progress is unstoppable.

At the same time, let’s not forget that this battle is fundamentally supernatural. We cannot confront diabolical traps with purely natural means. Supernatural means come down to three main ones, and we must continually rediscover them.

The first is the Holy Mass: through it Our Lord continues to defeat the devil and sin. We will never fully appreciate this medium and we will never lean too heavily on it. It is the precious Blood offered on our altars that will preserve until the end of time the power to make purity and virginity flourish, even in the midst of the new Sodom. The Mass is the masterpiece of Our Lord’s love for souls, and nourishes in them the same love that strengthens them to the point of giving themselves.

The second medium is the Holy Rosary. This very ordinary medium needs to be rediscovered in our families. We must seek more and more to immerse ourselves in the great mysteries of the life of Our Lord and Our Lady. Thus, guided by our Mother, we will become capable of imitating them in the offering of themselves to God and in their spirit of sacrifice and in their purity. Unfortunately, in some cases you can’t find the time to pray together. The Rosary must continue to be the first of all daily family activities. You have to organize the day around it. In families where this is the rule, the grace of children’s perseverance will not be lacking.

The third means is certainly the most specific, in the current situation, to obtain perseverance: it is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In his Providence, Our Lord wanted to offer us a refuge in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah. We must enter that refuge. That is to say, we must establish between our heart and that of the Virgin such an intimacy that we can know and admire the interior life of the Virgin, share her desires, her joys and sorrows, her worries. Above all, also share her will to cooperate unreservedly in the work of Redemption.

What can we discover in this Heart that cannot be found anywhere else? We will find above all that irresistible charity, which makes souls invincible. That is where the secret of victory is hidden and that is where you have to go to find it. When a soul truly loves, it is ready to face any test. All legitimate and understandable fears disappear; all weakness vanishes; heroism becomes possible. Indeed, everything that we have just evoked in the preceding reflections is reduced to a question of radical love. True love, the charity that God pours into our hearts, always prevails. When love reigns, it subjugates. The love we are talking about is not synonymous with weakness, but with strength. It is the weapon that nothing can resist. Only the love of souls willing to martyrdom will be able to triumph in the empire of selfishness and impurity. And it is precisely in the Heart of the Virgin where we will find the example and the source of this love that no longer exists in the world, but that must be ours. Credidimus Caritati.

God bless you!

Menzingen, September 3, 2022,
Feast of Saint Pius X

Fr Davide Pagliarani, Superior General

Only true charity can triumph in the empire of selfishness and impurity