Patrick Wilson’s Daddy Vibes Makes Him The Perfect Scream King

Why does Scream Queens get all the credit? We have Jamie Lee Curtis winning the title thanks to his hard work in the Halloween franchise, Neve Campbell of ScreamAli Larter from Final destination, Jenny Ortega from a variety of horror comedies and slasher films, and so on. But who are their male counterparts, aka the Scream Kings?

Of course, Evan Peters has been Ryan Murphy’s saving grace for over a decade, and Daniel Kaluuya has teamed up with Jordan Peele for hit horror films. get out and Nope. But listen to me: Patrick Wilson replaces them all. He can dance, he can sing, and he can fight bloodthirsty demons. What can’t he do?

Notably, Wilson made a name for himself in the horror genre with his appearances in the Insidious and Conspiracy movies. And, in both acclaimed supernatural series, the actor not only battles evil spirits and saves the day, but turns out to be the dreamy dad everyone wants as their protector. Simply put, why would you watch a horror movie if not to be constantly reassured that in the event of a ghostly attack, you can just wait patiently for Wilson to save you? Wilson is basically the Prince Charming of horror movies, but without the sexist attitudes and archetypes.

Wilson plays characters who know their way around paranormal lore, stepping into the roles of famed demonologist Ed Warren in Conspiracy movies and long-haunted Josh Lambert in the Insidious series. The characters are knowledgeable; but not know everything. And they’re supportive father figures who know how to lighten the mood – I’ll never forget his guitar-scratching scene in The Conjuring 2. Not only that, they’re unwavering in the face of fear, even when it gets really personal (as house haunters are known to do).

Insidious and Conspiracy This isn’t the first time Wilson has dabbled in the paranormal, such as after his breakthrough on the Broadway stage and then his Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations in the TV adaptation of the play. Angels in Americahe showed his musical talents on screen as Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera. The 2004 musical adaptation, which follows a ghost that haunts a 19th-century Paris opera house and targets singer Christine Daae, features Wilson’s characters as a man willing to fight a paranormal spirit to save his true love (*fainted*), and much like in the aforementioned universes, he ends up being the last man standing (and gets the girl).

His reputation continued with the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s In the tall grass in 2019, which received mixed critical reception, but saw Wilson take on the role of the possessed villain in a series of murders. And even if he did not emerge victorious, he scared his victims.

Now, I’m not saying that I invented the idea of ​​Wilson being a Scream King (as he is correctly listed on his Wikipedia page). But I’d say he’s not the first that comes to mind when most think of horror legends. What Wilson brings to the table, however, are his dreamy looks, his sensitive and empathetic nature, and his unwavering will to be a protector against even the most fearsome creatures – all of which are qualities that keep the best ghosts going. on the ground. Say hello to the Halloween Scream King, Patrick Wilson!

Patrick Wilson’s Daddy Vibes Makes Him The Perfect Scream King – Nifey