Penny Blood, the spiritual successor of Shadow Hearts sends heavy!

Penny Blood, the spiritual successor to Shadow Hearts, has the right to a trailer today. This title was unveiled at the same time as Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness with a “Double Kickstarter” campaign.

What is Penny Blood!?

Penny Blood presents a twisted world of gothic, nightmarish horror rarely seen in Japanese RPGs. In Penny Bloodplayers follow the story of Matthew, an investigator who embarks on a dark investigation through the iconic Roaring Twenties, making allies and dealing with trauma in a world twisted by horror, mischief and chaos.

Players will travel around the world, from the United States to Asia to Europe, they will explore nations recovering or basking in the wake of one of the bloodiest conflicts in history, without worrying about the restlessness smoldering beneath the surface.

The story of Penny Blood begins with Matthew Farrell, a lone New York private investigator working for the Bureau of Investigation. Although he hates the cursed powers he inherited from his father, he uses his transformation abilities to hunt down monsters at the behest of the Bureau.

One day, Matthew is assigned to investigate a strange incident in a mental asylum in New York. After rushing to the asylum, he discovers that it is full of grotesque and rampaging creatures. Thanks to his hidden power, Matthew manages to win a narrow victory.

In order to uncover the truth behind this bizarre incident, Matthew’s investigation will take him from America to the faraway continent of Asia, including Japan and China, as well as the far reaches of Europe. Along the way, he will encounter those who strive for revenge, those who seek to use the Aberrant Horrors for their own benefit, and those who simply wish to destroy. Penny Blood tells the story of a man who must become what he seeks to overcome.

world maps of Penny Blood provide an overview of towns and villages that transport players back to the 1920s, where they experience the world as it was, unaware of the horrific events that are soon to occur.

From bustling streets to haunted sanitariums, players will delve into carefully detailed locations to purchase items essential to their quest, investigate supernatural occurrences, and battle Stygian monstrosities.

Psycho Sigil’s easy-to-learn, hard-to-master combat system combines traditional Japanese turn-based RPG strategy with fast reaction time to maximize attack potential and keep players on their toes at each meeting. Players can embrace the darkness within as they use the fusion system to summon the abyss and fight fire with fire, harnessing the power of darkness to send demons back where they came from.

Interactions with demons will affect hero health points. If players lose too many health points, their allies will succumb to madness, gaining strength and losing their temper. However, this power boost might be just enough to turn the tide of the battle.

Hirota Yoshitaka (known for Shadows Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant) returns to the helm as a composer to instill a sense of dread and sinister unease suited to the atmosphere. He will be accompanied by Akari Kaida from Breath of Fire 3which will breathe a strong dose of jazz into the decor of the Roaring Twenties.

Matsuzo Machida: “This is my second chance. The chances of making another game like this are rare, so please support me!”

Under the direction of Matsuzo Machida, character design by Miyako Kato, and music and sound composed by Yoshitaka Hirota and Akari Kaida, Penny Blood promises to sink its claws into gamers by reviving the dark side of Japanese RPGs.

The artworks

The eerie landscape of North Tarrytown

Located 30 miles north of New York, positioned right on the east bank of the Hudson River. Some call this small village Sleepy Hollow because of a legend about a headless knight who roams the area.

In order to solve the mystery of the monster that appeared at Golgotha ​​Asylum, Matthew travels to Tarrytown to speak with Oswald Craig, the local innkeeper. But what is Matthew waiting for in the eerily thick fog of Tarrytown…?

The Imperial Capital of Tokyo – Asakusa Rokku and Ryounkaku (1923)

After achieving victory in the Russo-Japanese War and World War I, Japan rose to fame as one of the most formidable empires in the Far East. This wealth also led Tokyo to build Ryounkaku Tower in Asakusa, the tallest structure in all of Asia, which Tokyo residents called “Asakusa Twelve-Story“.

After an assault occurs in Asakusa involving the American Ambassador to Japan, Matthew rushes to Tokyo and glimpses a threat that aims to plunge the entire world into darkness.

Introducing the Characters of Penny Blood

Matthew Farrell

blankAn Irish-American born in 1895. Now 28, he lives in New York and works as a private detective. After serving in the Great War, he returns to the United States and travels to different states to investigate a series of strange incidents. One day, William J. Burns, the director of the Bureau of Investigation, entrusts him with a top secret mission which leads him to Japan.

Normally, Matthew uses a sawed-off shotgun and martial arts to subdue his enemies, but when in danger he can transform into a monster, allowing him to eviscerate his enemies in a variety of ways. Those who know this secret call him the unfortunate knight, but he doesn’t care.

As Matthew searches for Emilia, he is gradually drawn deeper and deeper into a war against otherworldly creatures.

Demna, the Uncrowned Knight


A monster, and a symbol of the loneliness and emptiness that lurk deep within Matthew’s heart.

Well balanced in attack and defense, Demna can come in handy in all sorts of situations. His sword and shield are both inscribed in Old Goidelic. The sword’s text reads “The Power to Grant Sinners Endless Sleep”, while the Shield reads “The Power to Accept All Trials”.

Demna is the first monster Matthew transformed into after inheriting his father’s ability, and he still hides other potentials…

Emilia Dawson

Born in London in 1898. Today 25 years old, Emilia is a member of the British secret service. After being praised for her fierce passion and incredible skills, she was promoted to special agent specializing in foreign affairs.

During her last mission, she was appointed bodyguard to Mr. Tubbs, the American ambassador to Japan. Shortly after, Mr. Tubbs dies in an incident in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, while Emilia goes missing.

One of his eyes and three of his limbs have been replaced with robotic tools, granting him superhuman abilities capable of mowing down all manner of monsters.

Suseri Otsuki

blankBorn in Tokyo in 1906. Now 17, Suseri is an advisor priestess to Kamuzumi, the monster-killing force of the Japanese Empire.

Her mother being from a family of spiritualists gifted in kidō magical arts, Suseri has the ability to sense otherworldly creatures as soon as they appear. She was meant to be the eyes of the Shinteigumi, Kamuzumi’s frontline brigade, but she never hesitates to dispatch the monsters herself when the need arises, using the great reserves of spiritual power swirling within her. .

After Matthew and Emilia save her in the Imperial Capital, she joins their cause in order to return the favor. Suseri’s weapons of choice are his seimakyo magic mirrors.

Introducing some monsters in Penny Blood


The name given to the horrible monster discovered within the Asylum of Golgotha.

The Motofuji discharged copious amounts of malice, a type of energy born from negative human emotions. This malice would be at the origin of the monstrous transformations of the patients of the asylum. The negative miasma that escaped from every pore of the hideous Motofujis invaded the bodies and minds of the patients, awakening despicable desires within them.

After rushing into the asylum, Matthew engaged in a fierce fight against the creature and managed to destroy it… But everyone still wonders why the monster appeared there in the first place.

evil patient

blankThe malice unleashed by the Motofuji has caused monstrous transformations in some patients of Golgotha ​​Asylum.

Long devoid of all intelligence and emotion, these zombies now have only one goal: to devour as much living flesh and life energy as they can get their hands on their rotten flesh. Driven by an instinct to drown their bodies in mischief, these patients shocked New York City police with a brutal and bloody assault.


blankA manifestation of darkness that has settled into Matthew’s psyche. Unbeknownst to Matthew, Atam is the Lord of Death who commands the seven deadly sins: demons who represent the sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. .

Originally dwelling on “the other side”, or the root of the tree of life, as some call it, Atam found sustenance on “our side” by hiding in the souls of humans who possess divine blood. Thus, after long years of feeding on these souls, Atam acquired a wealth of knowledge that gradually transformed him into something closer to an omnipotent god.

Several years ago, Atam failed in his attempt to curse and kill his previous host and was beaten inches from his own life. Now Atam slumbers in a new host, thinking only of regaining his power until he can one day be reborn again.

Some screenshots of Penny Blood with its first trailer

A little musical bonus

The Kickstarter campaign of Penny Blood will debut on August 29, 2022. No release date is currently scheduled. If the campaign is successful, the game will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and the latest Nintendo console.

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