Project: The Perceiver, the new game inspired by Sekiro

At the beginning of November 2022 it was revealed through a trailer Project: The Perceiverprovisional name of the new project put in place by the Chinese studio Papergames along with its subsidiary developer 17ZHE Studio. The game looks like a action open world strongly inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushimatwo of the titles that have achieved the most success in recent years.

A launch window for Project: The Perceiver hasn’t been announced yet, but we already know that it will come on more platformsincluding certain PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, while there is the possibility that it will be released on PC and not on Xbox, thus remaining aSony exclusive as for consoles.

The announcement trailer released on November 10, offers us a taste of what we will see in the game. A fantasy world haunted chaos, inspired by ancient China, in which we will witness the bloody war fought in the Tianhu period during the Xuantang dynasty.

The announcement trailer for Project: The Perceiver

As we can see in the videothe protagonist seems to be in possession of supernatural abilities given to him by a mask. We later see our character use the mask to take the form of a recently defeated enemy, which lets us foresee the possibility of acquiring the special abilities of our enemies through the powers of the mask. On the official site of the game, the two types of masks seen in the trailer are called “Mask of Devotion” and “Mask of Umbria“.

We are also shown different places on the map, which promises to be quite vast and full of well-diversified areas, as well as some of the many characters we will meet during our adventure. At the end of the trailer there is a small gameplay sequence based on the platformerwhich could prove to be a recurring phase within the title.

One of the key elements that will likely underpin Project: The Perceiver appears to be the use of masksin fact we can see other powers derived from them, which they will be able to change the appearance and weapon wielded of the user.

Project: The Perceiver

A new trailer delves into the gameplay of Project: The Perceiver

A few days ago the development team decided to offer us a new taste of the game by publishing a video of 47 minutes in which the gameplay is deepened and all its mechanics, with commentary from the developers themselves.

In the new video there are some fights that take place in environments that are quite similar to each other, and there some details about the combat system are revealed as well as on other fundamental mechanics that we will find within the game.

Although the setting of Project: The Perceiver harks back to ancient China, the inspiration given by Japanese-style titles such as Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima is evident in terms of gameplay and graphic style, characteristics that will surely attract a lot of attention on the title. To find out more about this very interesting project, we just have to wait for news from the developers, hoping to have some updates already over the next few months.

Project: The Perceiver, the new game inspired by Sekiro