Put your black dress on. Wednesday Season 2 is on its way. •MVC Magazine

According to the‘Wednesday Addams official Twitter account, “more torture” is on the way and Netflix has confirmed all the rumors and predictions about a dutiful and highly anticipated second season of the series.

Netflix announced the exciting news with a video mashup of Wednesday Addams, starring Jenna Ortega, in several scenes of the series narrated by the character with the following message: “Over the past few weeks, I have been hunted, persecuted and imitated millions of times all over the Internet world. It was pure torture. Thank you.”

Historically the character of Wednesday has always been one of the most popular among the members of the Addams family, attracting viewers with its dark humor and affable moods. And the Wednesday by Ortega does just that, if not more. Indeed, the young actress catapulted the character’s deadpan and sarcastic personality into modernity with an unexpected and talented ease.

The Addams Family spin-off series directed by the infallible mind of Tim Burton has reached shocking levels of popularity, becoming instantly iconic and generating a real trend with dark hues, not to mention the recreations of Jenna Ortega’s dance number that went viral on social media and also staged by celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

wednesday netflix viral dance scene

Wednesday has proved to be a global hit since its premiere in November 2022. In just one week, it broke a Netflix record, getting 341.23 million watch hours. “It holds the record for the most hours viewed in a week for an English-language TV series on Netflix,” the streaming platform said.

When the series premiered in November, the entire world was enthralled by its comedy-horror storytelling that ties the coming-of-age genre to the supernatural.

So Netflix certainly could not back down from the possibility of carrying out a project of this magnitude.

Indeed, it seems that the Streamer intended to renew Wednesday for season 2 in the new year and that’s exactly what happened. The show’s creators were “actively looking for writers to join the team” and “spotting locations for the next chapter in the series.”

Alfred Goughco-creator and executive producer of Netflix’s dark drama, has already foreshadowed the setting for the next season, revealing: “Miles [Millar] and I’m talking about it among ourselves. There’s definitely a lot more you can explore in the Addams world.” Alfred added that, just like with the first season, the plan is to introduce the rest of the family of Wednesday in some of the episodes but with the aim of remains with the focus mainly on Wednesday itself.

wednesday with parents

Also, fans are dying to know: who is the secret stalker of Wednesday Who’s sending creepy serial killer messages? Who will replace Weems as principal of Nevermore Academy? Will we finally end the story of Hyde, aka Tyler?

The actual release date of the second season of Wednesday has not yet been communicated, but waiting for an answer to these questions, all that remains is to keep an eye on the announcements on the official pages.

Put your black dress on. Wednesday Season 2 is on its way. •MVC Magazine